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10 Board Games That Help Teach World Geography

10 Board Games That Help Teach World Geography

Board games are a fun way to explore subjects and learn more about them. World geography can be an intimidating topic, but board games can help to approach it in an entertaining way.

If you are interested in learning more about world geography or in teaching it, read on to find out which board games are the best for this quest.

Where in the World?

A true classic in the realm of geography-themed board games, Where in the World? was first launched almost two decades ago. It continues to be a favorite even now, with its entertaining way of making learning easy.

Suitable for ages 8 and up, Where in the World? can be played by 2 to 6 players. Since its release, it has been kept updated with the latest world facts. Ideal for families, classrooms, and homeschooling.

BrainBox: All Around the World

This BrainBox offering is a great and fun-filled way to learn world geography facts. Designed especially for kids over 8, this card game is also very useful for adults. It includes 55 cards, a die, and a timer and can be played by 1 or more players.

Each player will choose a card and study the image and the facts on the back for 10 seconds. They will then be asked questions about their card. Answering as many as possible correctly earns the most points.

On Assignment with National Geographic

With a seamless blend of photography and world facts, this classic board game by National Geographic continues to be a hit for all generations. The visuals provide an immersive way of exploring the world and learning about it.

The game can be played by 2 to 4 players over 8 years old and usually takes around 60 minutes to complete. The objective is to earn points by completing challenges on the map board.

Flag Frenzy

The exciting Flag Frenzy will make learning about the world’s flags an easy process. This fast-paced card game is an ideal way of memorizing some of the most significant flags around the globe.

It is a great choice for kids between 8 and 14. While it is an educational game, it is also extremely fun and a wonderful way to spend time with family. It includes 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, and even a world map.

Trekking the World

One of the fan-favorite choices for family night, Trekking the World is a great way to travel around the globe without leaving your home. Perfect for travel lovers and adventurous people, this board game also provides a fun way to learn about geography.

Trekking the World is suitable for 2 to 5 followers and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. In this time, players will be taken to many beautiful international places in an immersive and educational way.

The World Game

The World Game is an educational card game that makes learning about geography cool. It is ideal for kids and adults, and it is full of world facts that will help you ace all geography trivia.

The sheer amount of content means you will be able to enjoy this game for a long period of time. It is suitable for 2 to 5 players and includes information about all 194 countries, as well as a world map.

Ticket to Ride: Europe

The European version of the hugely popular Ticket to Ride is an amazing cross-continent train adventure. It is great for 2 to 5 players over 8 years old and usually takes around 60 minutes to complete.

Players gain points by earning train cards that allow them to build routes across Europe while exploring each country. Additional point-scoring activities are available to those looking to build a railway empire while learning about world geography.

Sweep the World

The award-winning Sweep the World card game is a great way for the whole family to learn about world geography. This interactive game can be played by 2 to 10 people and can get highly competitive in entertaining ways.

Each card includes information about every country in the world, from flag colors to population statistics. This easy way to learn will make memorizing world geography facts a breeze.

Continent Race

This great kids’ game about world geography was originated by 6-year-old Byron during an extended hospital stay. That is one of the reasons that makes Continent Race such a successful method for kids to learn about the world.

This game can be enjoyed by 2 and more players and is designed for the whole family to have fun with it. The cards are color-coded for easier learning, and players can participate individually or in teams.

Passport to Culture

Passport to Culture has unique characteristics that make it an amazing way to learn about world cultures. Featuring 636 fun educational questions and 48 cultural scenarios, the game encourages players to travel around the world while educating themselves.

Suitable for all players from 10 years old onward, Passport to Culture can fit from 2 to 6 people.


Board games make learning world geography easy and fun, encouraging family competitions and entertaining activities. These immersive games are a great educational tool for all ages.