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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Croatian

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Croatian

Apart from the beautiful country that has one of the most beautiful seas in the world, Croatia is known for something else. Croats are a very specific, warm, communicative and special people. They know exactly what they want and they are ready to do what is necessary to get it. I grew up and I live in Croatia so I can tell you firsthand how things stand here. Women around the world are crazy about men from Croatia, and this also applies for women. If you are interested on how to date a Croatian Girl, you can check that HERE. I’ll give you 10 good reasons why you should date a Croatian.

1. Your Sex Life Will Thank You

As for sex, you don’t have to worry at least. Croatians are generally very satisfied with their love lives – almost three quarters said that they have a good sex life. The act of love lasts a sensual 30 minutes on average across Croatia. And Croatians are “very ready” to try out new things, the study adds. “Interestingly, two thirds of couples told us that they have watched porn together at least once,” the study authors said. Some 17 percent told the authors that they had enriched their love life with role play, 16 percent had gone in for a “jaunty threesome”, 7 percent had tried group sex, and 6 percent had tried partner swapping.

2. We Know How to Cook

The Croatians have been taught by a small saying: “Yo must learn to cook”. Everyone likes to eat a good meal, but you need to know how to prepare it. Don’t worry about it, as far as good food and wine are concerned, Croatians are the good in it. Croatia has a rich history of its traditional meals known throughout the world. The Croatians are also very good chefs. The most popular dish to cook from scratch is sausages and mash, closely followed by beans on toast and spaghetti bolognese. Over 70% of Croatians know more than nine recipes, which is much more than in the rest of the world.   

3. We Always Come on Time

Croatians are known to always come in time, because they precise your time. This virtue also refers to many other things such as arrangements, night outs, and your common times. They are pedantic in everything they do. Having integrity is another very important characteristic that makes a great man, what Croatians definitely have.  Positive attitude is also featured as one of the characteristics which they own.

4. Free Holidays

For many, the idea of a holiday is just too far fetched. Whether it’s a break for a few days or a couple of weeks away, taking a holiday is expensive.  If you choose to be with the Croatian, especially if he lives somewhere on the coast by the sea, you automatically get 2 in 1. However, you don’t need to pay anything. We all know that holidays are not cheap, and Croatia has one of the most beautiful beaches and the sea in the world, which is one of the factors that can not be so easily ignored.

5. Croatian Weddings are Awesome

As for moving to Croatia and getting citizenship, we do not have as strict measures as most European cities. When we take into account all that the Croatia has to offer, it does not make sense to start count. As far as wedding venues in Croatia are concerned, you have more than enough locations to choose from. In Croatia, people are very kind and social. One of the most important factors for planing a wedding is the weather. So a perfect marriage requires a perfect weather that Croatia certainly have. Croatia is geographically located in the heart of Europe. It is very accessible country and well connected with the rest of Europe. As for the food and the quality of wine for your wedding, with this choice you will surely not make mistake and guests will be delighted.

6. They Can Dance

Croatia is one of the smallest countries in the world, but as far as sports and activities are concerned, they are among the first. Almost every Croatian is on with some kind of sport, and dance is the most common. In almost every town you have a couple of dance clubs. Croatians simply love good time and dance. Do not worry if you do not know how to dance, they are ready to teach you if you need it. If you’re not the guy who loves to dance, it does not matter, they will not force you to do that.

7. We’re More Fun

While some people are natural humorists, being funny is a set of skills that can be learned, but the Croatians have it in it. As for spontaneous outings and partying concerned, you do not have to ask Croatians twice. They are ready for having a good time anywhere and in anytime. It can simply be said that we are an energetic people who love to do a lot of things.

8. They’re Dating Experts

Dating can be a daunting experience, but the Croatians are in that masters. On your date, they will make sure you don’t do all the talking. Croatians also on your first date, you don’t want to get into an in-depth conversation about why you don’t enjoy your job, or other issues you’ve been having. And if it doesn’t go quite so well, have no fear, there’s plenty more fish in the Mediterranean Sea. 

9. We’re passionate and love Football 

Football is loved worldwide. And the Croats are particularly passionate about football. Guys go nuts over it and girls go crazy over the guys who love watching it.  But, a Croatian who loves soccer is something special.  The songs.  The cheers.  The extreme happiness a Croat feels when their team scores a goal. It could be seen in 2018 World Cup in Russia when almost every Croat came out on the streets to support their national team. It’s the passion when we talk, when we get mad, when we’re happy.

10. Croatian Women Like an old Fashioned Gent

Most Croatian women like a man to be a gentleman and love to be treated like a woman. Forget about the rules such as “after the third date, I should be able to expect such and such from them”. That doesn’t work for most Croatians. It’s best not to expect anything at all and relax. Just listen to our signals, body language and eyes, and then you’ll understand.

How Good are Croatians in Sex?

Croatia’s enjoyment is very important and they have sexual relations on average 134 times a year. During life time, Croatians chage around 7-8 partners. For 75% of Croatians in relationship the love is most important thing. Croatians are also very loud during sex, so they are on the third highest ranking list of the loudest people during sex. More than a third of respondents (37.5%) said they were practising loud orgasms. Croats love sex, they are more passionate, but not “lovers” of using condoms for protection, and as many as 50% of sexually active Croats do not use such protection.

Croatian men are Example From Which Others Could Learn

Even 58% of Croatians pick up a woman at the cafe, while it only makes up 13% of Indians – it was written in the Indian edition of Men’s Health. Our men sneaked in the second place, just behind the British, on the list of nations that are sexually elusive. In addition, they are at first glimpses as real exhibitors because they are having sex in pools, hot baths, parks, cars, fields. However, the background of this lies in a crisis. Most people live with their parents – he wrote Men’s Health and thus disrupted some of the stereotypes about Croatians as masters of sexual games. If these results are accurate, that would mean that Croatia has functionally undifferentiated men. The real man is not the one who had sex with many women or the one who always charms him than the one who has a wife and is faithful to her. If there are many cheating men in Croatia, this means that they have had a bad relationship with their mother in childhood. This shows that their mother did not show them enough love, she was emotionally cold. At the unconscious level they are looking for their mother. Besides, that means they had a bad father. If a boy has a strong father, as a man will have a powerful superego and will not have the heart to cheat a woman.

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