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15 BEST Dating Things to Do in Zagreb

You come to Zagreb for vacation, and you want to spend it in the best possible way with your partner? Zagreb has indeed highlighted itself as a true European metropolis, which can be measured with the best World cities. The City of Zagreb, year-over-year has better and better content. New restaurants, jazz clubs, parks, museums, boutique pastries and theme clubs are open in Zagreb, and have to offer something new, different and interesting. Apart from being rich in culture and with their attractive locations, it is primarily emphasised by student content, and many young people in Croatia also consider Zagreb their new home. I’ve made a list of the best places in Zagreb by categories,and it’s up to you to visit them if you are not already.

• Parks and Squares
• Night Clubs & Bars
• Recreational and Artistic Activities

Best Parks and Squares in Zagreb

1. Lake Jarun

Lake Jarun is located close to three student campuses and represents a sports and entertainment complex. Here you can roll, bicycle, run, walk and drink coffee during the day, while at night this place turns into an ideal place for partying. Apart from the clubs that work mostly during the warmer months, you can also have fun at famous music festivals that are held right on Jarun. At the Jarun with a beautiful view of the lake, you also have a recreational complex full of exercising equipment, free fitness on the open. People also come to picnics here over the day and enjoy in the beautiful nature. Certainly one of the places you need to visit with your partner while you are in Zagreb.

2.  Botanical Garden in Zagreb

The botanical garden is one of the most beautiful Zagreb green areas, many will say the most beautiful. Whether you want to enjoy unpretentiously landscaped nature and enchanting flowers, get away from city noise and crowds or run several rounds for morning recreation, the Botanical Garden is a place that you don’t want to miss. The botanical garden is always worth a visit, whether in the early spring, or in a colourful autumn. However, we would especially recommend late spring and early summer. Then the plants in full bloom are all full of vibrant colours, and the restored fountain acts as a perfect refreshment for hot days. Also if you are tired of walking through a botanical garden that is large enough, you can always relax with a cup of coffee which is located together in this complex.

3. Park Zrinjevac and Strossmayer promenade

Park Zrinjevac is located in the center of Zagreb, more precisely, it is located halfway between the main trainstation and the main Zagreb square (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića). Despite this, this park provides a real vacation from the busy town crowd, and its special dimension is given by its fountains and the music pavilion. Zrinjevac is often the main venue for numerous events and festivals, and is especially magical during the holiday season. When it comes to winter, one of the best Christmas Adventures in Europe is taking place here. Make sure you take your partner to this place, because you will not regret it.

Strossmayer’s promenade among the inhabitants of Zagreb is also known as Stross. This place is often spoken of as one of the most romantic places in Zagreb. Also, it is important to mention how many events are held here such as “Summer on Stross”. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Zrinjevac Park. So you can walk to the Strossmayer promenade from Zrinjevac and you will arrive very soon to Stross and record special moments with your partner.

4. Park Bundek and Zagreb Fountains

Park Bundek. If you are looking for a place for recreation or a picnic vacation with your loved one, were commend the Bundek Park, which is located between the Freedom Bridge and the Bridge of Youth. An ideal place for recreation, various activities or outdoor activities. The park consists of water, grassy and sandy surfaces. Vacationing in a beautiful lake or on the meadow everyone wished. Refresh yourself in the Big or Small Lakes. Also, children can have fun in parks that are divided by age: up to 12 years, 12 years and above and children with disabilities. This is your ideal vacation spot for your family or your loved ones. While the Big Lake has a landscaped coastline and during a warmer part of the year a a place to swim, Little Lake is a habitat of many plant and animal species.

Zagreb Fountains. Zagreb fountains and waterfalls and stories about them are part of the city’s identity. Nowadays, there is an inevitable part of Zagreb’s water postcard, and smiling faces of tourists who dive, as many do not want to admit it, cause a sense of pride in the city I live in. The City of Zagreb really adorns a multitude of fountains built in public urban areas. These fountains are located on a beautiful meadow across the National and University Library, where there are plenty of opportunities to relax and take a small break from daily commitments.

5. Park Maksimir

As the last but not least park you have to visit I recommend you Park Maksimir. This is the park Maksimir -the largest and oldest park in the city of Zagreb. It is known for its greenery, preserved nature and tranquillity, and there is also a Zoo, where this place deserves the symbol of the city of Zagreb. If you plan to visit Maksimir Park, be prepared to sacrifice at least 3 hours for sightseeing. A very large park full of lakes and beautiful sights, you can rest your soul and body from the bustling life we encounter every day. Also a very large Zoo is located next to it, and you can also enjoy this beautiful complex. My recommendation is to add to your “to-do” list to visit this beautiful park.

Nightclubs & Bars:

1. Johann FRANCK

Johann Franck is a coffee shop, a bistro, and a nightclub in the center of the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Over the course of the day you can enjoy Franck’s coffee – the best coffee in the city, overlooking the main town square, and enjoy the excellent traditional Croatian meals that will prepare you the best Croatian chefs in the bistro. Entertainment is guaranteed in the evening as there is a rich night program with various DJs, live performances and parties. So if you find yourself in the center of town tonight, and you don’t want to go home, my recommendation is to go to Johann Franck and enjoy it.

2. Swanky Monkey Garden

To get to the Swanky Monkey Garden bar you have to enter the narrow yard in the center of the city in Ilica. In the cafe you have to go through the back door and the inside terrace next to the mailboxes, on the stairway where three large terraces with pool and dome of the winter garden on top. Over the summer period you also have a swimming pool where you can refresh yourself. Swanky Monkey Garden people first recognized by gin, but the trend of tequila is also joining them as well. In a beautiful large garden you will feel like as in place where you are at home. This is the only bar in Zagreb that really belongs to a genre of a garden.

3. Club Roko

Club Roko for generations is a well-known entertainment venue where many love and many friendships have come together. Their slogan is “made for fun,” and this is also the favourite destination of students who are staying nearby. Immediately across from Club Roko is the great University campus of Stjepan Radić. This club is full and when there is no singer’s performance. The club is located in the immediate vicinity of Jarun, where you can also walk if you choose to change the location during the evening.

4. Pivnica Zlatni Medo

The Zlatni Medo Restaurant and Brewery is located in the center of Zagreb, one of the largest pubs in Croatia with 350 seats and its own production of beer without preservatives and additives. The local ambience of bakeries and wood motifs completes the national culinary tradition, and with the cuisine based on fresh ingredients of Croatian origin and local beers, creates a top-notch experience for the most demanding palate. There are not so many places in the World, so if you like to have a good meal and eat, this is an ideal place for you with the finest quality.

5. Boogie

This new jazz club is located right in the center of the city, and has even three floors. On the ground floor there is a bar, on the second floor lounge, and on the third a basement club. For the program and entertainment they are in charge of the famous jazz guitarist Joe Pandur and The program is held four days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday, and guest performances of foreign performers. Zagreb has become richer for another place where all the jazz lovers will enjoy.

Recreational and Artistic Activities:

1. Sljeme

Sljeme is the peak of Medvednica- the mountain above Zagreb and is an ideal place for recreation, hiking and vacations from everyday commitments. The hiking trails are of different weight,so everyone can find something for themselves, and at the top of each trail there are the mountain lodges with the cheapest food. If you do not have your own car, do not worry, as you can reach the city bus to Sljeme. When you get to the top you will have a beautiful view that has no price.Remember that you can always use the bus to the top if you change halfway or more simply can’t continue because of bad shape. There is also the option to rent bicycles with which you can easily pedal and enjoy climbing to the top with short breaks. Also this is one of my top recommendations to go if you are in Zagreb.

2. Balon Klub Zagreb

For those of you who lack the creativity and feelings of adventure, flying balloon is a real opportunity to give you an unforgettable experience! In Balon Club Zagreb you get a handmade unique gift certificate,transport to our airfields, a flight to unexplored landscapes of Croatian Zagorje for one hour, a snack with top sparkling wine and balloon baptism, and finally an individualised flight diploma as a reminder of an unforgettable experience. Ballon club Zagreb has since its founding the leading balloon operator in Croatia. The pilots are the representatives of Croatia and are at the very top of the world’s top sports runners. Their flights are duly announced and approved according to flight regulations in Croatia so that you can safely feel safe in flying. I have tried this, and my recommendation is to try to experience this invaluable experience.

3. Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is dedicated to unsuccessful love and it is a favourite attraction for all tourists. The museum exhibits personal items donated by former lovers, accompanied by short humorous descriptions.Museum items are available in Croatian and English, and translations are available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese through QR codes and printed books. If you still have a thing on the shelf that reminds you of lost love, and has an interesting story in the background, you can donate it to the Museum of broken relationships and thus enrich the museum.The European Museum Forum at the Bremerhaven Grand Prize awarded the Kenneth Hudson Prize to the Museum of Broken Relationships as the most innovative museum in Europe. Take your girlfriend’s hand and walk freely to see what kind of love stories you have today in Museum of Broken Relationships.

4. The Illusion Museum

The Illusion Museum offers an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience in a fun adventure for all generations. Through attractive and fun boats, visitors will learn a lot about the mind, perception, human brain, science and will be able to better understand why the eyes see things that the brain does not understand. Imagine that you resist gravity in the dungeon, how the person you came with suddenly decreases or increases, how do you really see a bottomless hole, how to serve someone’s head on a tray, and use it to photograph it in an infinite room! The museum also has a smart playroom that through various didactic concepts and games transforms the toy into real fitness for the brain, while the museum shop offers 3D lighting, educational toys for all ages and souvenirs. You do not have to imagine impossible, just come to the Illusion Museum in Zagreb!

5. Vatroslav Lisinski Hall

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall is a cultural institution located in Zagreb, between the railway station and Avenija Vukovar, in the area of Trnje. The Zagreb Music Temple is exactly this concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski. If you are a fan of music and art, this is one of the places you definitely need to visit. The hall has been open since 1973.It has a great tradition. The hall has 1851 seats and a professionally equipped space. Also, there is a small hall with 320 seats, equally well equipped. The high level of production standards and cultural values in the hall of Vatroslav Lisinski is certainly not a shortage. The program is often very active in quality, with world renowned composers and guests, so take your partner to this romantic place that will surely stay in your memory.

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