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15 best romantic (weekend) getaways for couples in Croatia

15 best romantic (weekend) getaways for couples in Croatia

This small country is still not known Worldwide. Some people claim that is the most beautiful country in the World. Those who heard about Croatia, probably would not find it on the map. But Croatia is really full of magical places. Are you bored going in popular restaurants, smoked cafes, and well-known locations? In Rovinj you will fall in love with the incredible sunset, the charming Varaždin is perfect place to drink the best coffee, and in Trogir, with the scent of the sea, enjoy the impressive cultural heritage. Also, if you are planning to marry in Croatia, here is a complete article about: Reasons To Get Married in Croatia. Let me take you on a journey through this little piece of paradise on Earth. If you arrive by plane or you are just passing through, try to see at least one of these places. Here is a list of 15 most romantic towns in Croatia:

1. Zagreb

The capital of Croatia is located on the Sava river and at the foot of Medvednica mountain. Zagreb is very famous for multitude of parks and charming streets, and it attracts tourists from all over the world. Since it is the main and largest city in Croatia, I suggest you spend more than a day here. Let yourself fall in love with this historic Upper Town, the colourful lower town and relaxed culture by sitting in cafes and restaurants all over Zagreb.Renting a bicycle could be a good idea because you can go for pedal-riding for most of the city. In Zagreb you can be at the same time in the center of the city and at the same enjoy the true nature and greenery. In winter it has the most beautiful Christmas atmosphere in Europe for couple of years in a row for now. 

2. Split

The second largest city in Croatia is known for its beaches and Diocletian’s palace in the center of city, which is built by the Roman Emperor in the 4th century. Within the white stone walls there are shops, bars, cathedrals, hotels and houses. After sightseeing and relaxing on the beach – go to the caffe. If you thought people in Zagreb take long coffee breaks – get ready, you can drink coffee here for hours and enjoy the magnificent view, in one of most popular Croatian city’s. City is very suitable for couples who have a bunch of things to visit, see and enjoy the many possibilities that this city offers. I recommend this destination for couples to visit possibly more in summer than in winter. As far as nightclubs are concerned, there is a huge choice. So whatever kind of music you listen, you will find what you are interested in. 

3. Osijek

If you head east and want to explore Slavonia (eastern part of Croatia), Osijek is definitely worth visiting. The Baroque architecture, the 18th century fortress and the Zoo will take you at least one day to visit. But if you are interested in exploring the surrounding area, I suggest visiting Kopački Rit – a nature park that is one of the most preserved wetland areas in Europe. The idea for animal lovers: Did you know that you can spend Valentine’s Day at the Zoo in Osijek, which is the largest Zoo in Croatia? Also to mention Osijek Fortress which is the heart of Osijek , where are the all popular caffe shops and nightclubs are located on one place. Osijek also has interesting museums to look at. During the summer on the left side of the river there is large open swimming pool and a sandy beach on the river.


The city of love, the magical Rovinj, will make you think that fairy tales can really become a reality. One of the most attractive towns of Istria, as well as Croatia, because of its encircled space. Whoever visits this city,finds it hard to forget, and most often returns to it. The beauty of Rovinj often leaves a deep trace, so its connection extends to generations. Rovinj beaches are typical for this part of the northern Adriatic. You will usually find rocky coves and pebble bays that rhythmically repeat along the 67km of Rovinj coastline. Walking, running, cycling and swimming in a centuries-old protected park are a unique memory experience. Entrance to the park is located next to Hotel Lone and Monte Mulini, ie within the city’s beach in LoneBay.


The core of the old town of Trogir is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because it is a true example of a well-preserved Romanesque island town. The small but really impressive Trogir is ideal for endless walks and fantasies, and full of cultural and historical content that, with its rich vegetation, scent of sea and excellent Mediterranean food, is an indispensable ‘gust’ for all senses. Trogir harbour in evening is really great and it is no wonder that a great number of tourists enjoy walking. It is an ideal time to visit the sights where it is overcast in the daytime and it is a real happiness that they are open even in the evening. Restaurants, taverns and numerous cafes are crowded with tourists who enjoy the original Dalmatian cuisine.  


Varaždin is full of events that will reveal something new in each walk. In a town where you can enjoy the best coffee and eat great cakes, you realize why this destination is an ideal choice for a romantic weekend trip. When you are already in Varaždin,visit the Trakošćan Castle, which is located on the coast of Drava, only 40 km away from Varaždin or you can rest in Varaždin Spa center. Špancir festival is a famous street festival held in the city of Varaždin, his streets and squares. Špancirfest is a city festival. During the Špancirfest, you will find over 300 top programs, hundreds of performers from all over the world, presentations of old crafts, world music, street performances, theatre comedy, ethno, rock and classical music and 5 stages.

7. Zadar

When you reach the Dalmatian coast, you can’t miss Roman and Venetian ruins in Zadar. If you are not a lover of ruins like me, take a look at “Hello Sun” – a floor installation filled with multi layer glass panels that collect solar energy during the day. Hello Sun, together with the Sea Organs, which are producing sounds by sea waves, create an incredible show. If you come to Zadar with your girlfriend, there is plenty of choice for nightlife and you can enjoy the various places along the beautiful coastline and plenty of coffe shops.

 8. Nin

The oldest Croatian royal town is located 15 kilometers northwest of the city of Zadar, and is located in a shallow lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches. The city center, which was declared one of the most romantic destinations in Europe in 2015, is located on an islet of about 500 meters in diameter and is connected to the mainland by two bridges. Nin obtained the approval from the European Organization and European Best Destination (EBD) for the use of the official logo and the organization for romantic destinations, which is also one of the most romantic destinations of Europe this year.  Visitors and various teams who recorded numerous series and documentaries, Nin and most often described them as romantic, which led many of them to return to this small town with a sandy lagoon, an old town core and a pleasant place to stay and live.

9.   Opatija

In the list of ideal destinations, you must find the place for Opatija – the oldest Croatian tourist destination that is ideal for holidays in summer and winter. The Pearl of the Adriatic is located at the foot of the Učka Mountain, with views of these a and the nearby islands of Krk and Cres. It is a great choice for lovers of wellness, but also for those who love long romantic walks and views of the luxurious villas built in different styles. In Opatija there are good things, we can highlight the beautiful town setting, excellent restaurant and gastronomic offer, and free Wi-Fi throughout the city.

10. Plitvička Jezera

Plitvice Lakes are the most famous national park in Croatia and count among the most beautiful natural sights in Europe. Because of their natural diversity, UNESCO has included them in the list of World Natural Heritage. Visit the restaurants and enjoy the delicacies of this region with the noise of waterfalls and the twitter of birds. Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and the largest national park in Croatia. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers. There is no best time to visit Plitvice because the changing faces of nature are unchangeable in its beauty. The palette of autumn colours in all shades that is reflected in the lakes and for many of the falls on the Plitvice Lakes are unforgettable. Winter is fascinating. Ice has stopped the power of waterfalls, the silence of ice meadows beneath which is the lake water.

11. Makarska

The beautiful Makarska, apart from the popular Riviera that Makarska have, offers beautiful beaches and turquoise blue sea,and oasis there are many luxury villas and private resorts nearby where you can fully enjoy with your friends or family. The Makarska Riviera has for years been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia. There are many reasons: beautiful beaches that go down the coast, family facilities as well as people who want fun. With the beautiful sea on one side, Makarska can boast with a beautiful mountain Biokovo on the other side, where you can capture one of the most beautiful views out there.

12. Pula

Wonderful Pula is a city rich with beautiful restaurants, great beaches, and is best known for its beautiful Arenas, which many famous magazines put into the list of top 10 sights you must see in Croatia. Although there is a rocky coastline that invites you to jump into the Adriatic Sea, Pula should be your choice of vacation. If you want to swim on the beach, you should go to Rovinj, Poreč or neighboring Slovenia. You certainly want to film a couple of photos of the famous Pula arena. Still, you have plenty of opportunities to explore this beautiful Pula and Istra and find what you like best.

13. Jankovac

Today’s mountain hut at Jankovec is one of the most beautiful mountain huts in the Republic of Croatia. A lot of years have been invested to make Jankovac what it is today. The first mountain hut at this location was built 80 years ago. Approaching thru Jankovac are beautiful and pleasant, with lush streams and shadows of trees. To Jankovac leads the road Velika – Jankovac, and it is possible to reach many hiking trails as well. Its position, and all the features that have a high educational and tourist value of the Jankovac forest park, is certainly the center of Papuk Nature Park, which you should not miss seeing.

14.  Umag

Umag is a small town and port in the north western part of Istria. The old core of Umag lies on the peninsula, between two shallow gullies. The northern, larger bay is protected and converted to the harbour. The new part of the city is facing the open bay and joins the tourist district in the northwest. Marina Umag is in the northern part of the port. In tourist terms, Umag is rich in tourist resorts as well as numerous hotels. Each of these tourist centers abounds with sports grounds and a variety of sports facilities for diving, sailing, water-skiing, surfing, tennis, football, football,volleyball, handball and horse riding opportunities. Umag is widely known as the center of international ATP tournament, which has been successfully held in continuity since 1990.

15. Dubrovnik

The last, but definitely not the least important – the unbelievable Dubrovnik. So incredible that it is good enough even for recording the Game of Thrones! It is famous for the impressive Old Town, surrounded by massive 16th century walls. Take a stroll through the city walls, and for a breathtaking view, climb up the hill Srđ out of town and be honored by the most beautiful view possible.  Since I’ve been able to call myself a traveller, I’ve been to large number of cities in the former Yugoslavia. If you were to ask me which is the most beautiful city on the territory, my answer would be Dubrovnik. There are a couple of cities, which might be competitive, but apart from Dubrovnik, however, they lose the battle. I guarantee that you will remember Dubrovnik for the rest of your life.

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