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3 Best Places To See The Statue Of Liberty From In New Jersey

3 Best Places To See The Statue Of Liberty From In New Jersey

We understand if you wish to view the Statue Of Liberty peacefully from afar. Visiting the monument can be a hassle, especially due to the crowds. We have got you covered if you are looking for places to get the perfect view. 

The best places to see the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey are Liberty State Park, Liberty Golf Course, and the Exchange Place Plaza. Liberty State Park offers the closest views, followed by the gold course and the Plaza. 

For more information to help you with planning, please continue reading. 

The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous monument on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, United States. The monument was a gift the French government gave the United States in 1886. The gift was meant to symbolize freedom and democracy. 

It was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a renowned sculptor, and its metal framework was designed by Gustave Eiffel, who designed the Eiffel Tower. 

The statue depicts a woman holding a torch in her right hand and a tablet in her left. The tablet has an inscription of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. 

The monument has become a popular symbol worldwide and attracts millions yearly. It has also been widely used in different forms of media, including movies, shows, and documentaries. 

The statue is avidly preserved, and restoration, repair, and renovation are carried out when the need is felt. 

Liberty State Park

This huge park in Jersey City overlooks the Statue Of Liberty. The place offers spectacular views of the monument, the Manhattan Skyline, and the New York Harbor. 

Liberty State Park is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the views. There are several other activities that you can partake in, which include the following. 

  • Take a stroll on the Liberty Walkway. This offers stunning views of the Statue Of Liberty and allows a two-mile-long walk. 
  • Visit the Liberty Science Center. If you are interested in science, this museum is also a must-visit! It features exhibits and other interactive experiences for all visitors. It also has a theater. 
  • Spend time at the Liberty Landing Marina. These slips for boats and yachts make for a great view. The place also features two fantastic restaurants which overlook the movement of boats and yachts on the water. 
  • Take a self-guided tour of the Richard J. Sullivan Natural Area. This place is spread over 36 acres and is a treat for anyone interested in nature. It features a salt marsh and one of the tidal marshes of the Hudson River. 
  • Delve into history at the CRRNJ Terminal. This train station was a hub for most rail transport in the late 80s and mid-90s. The station holds immense historical value and offers insight into the immigration of Europeans to the USA. 
  • Organize a picnic at the park. The park offers huge areas to set up your picnic and have a wholesome family day. There are several rules that the park has; make sure you follow those. These are available on the park’s website as well. 
  • Take a ferry. The park has a ferry station that takes visitors from the park to two main locations: the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. If you want an even closer look, consider booking a ferry ride. 

Here is a calming park tour to convince you to visit it further: Liberty State Park, NJ

Liberty National Golf Course

Liberty National Golf Course is a state-of-the-art golf course located on the banks of the Hudson River in Jersey City. Despite being beautiful, the golf course also gives visitors spectacular views of the Hudson River, the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue Of Liberty. 

The golf course was designed by architect Bob Cupp in collaboration with legendary golfer Tom Kite and opened in 2006. Its design and greens are praised by many. 

So much so that several golf tournaments have been held here, these included Barclays and the President’s cup, making Liberty National Golf Course one of the finest in the country. 

Liberty National Golf Course has several points which look over the Statue Of Liberty. Some holes are perfect for taking in the view if you are a golfer. However, you can visit the clubhouse if you are not a golfer. The clubhouse also gives an unmatched view of the monument. 

Here are some things you can do at the Liberty National Golf Course:

  • Dine at the clubhouse – The clubhouse offers various dining options and serves excellent food. 
  • Visit the fitness center – The fitness center at the course is well-equipped with all the necessary fitness equipment. This can be a perfect place to get your workout in and then enjoy the views of the Statue Of Liberty later. 
  • Have a spa day at the spa – After hitting the gym at the fitness center, give yourself a treat and visit the spa to relax. 

Exchange Place Plaza

Named after the Exchange Place district, a major trade center in the 19th century, Exchange Place Plaza is open to the public and is a massive hub for the people of New Jersey and beyond. It is located on the banks of the Hudson River and provides views of the river and the Manhattan skyline. 

The Plaza is equipped with stores, cafes, and other recreational facilities like open spaces for sitting. Due to its unique architecture and views, the place is used for photography and sightseeing. 

Exchange Place Plaza also serves as a community center by hosting festivals, concerts, and markets. 

Apart from all of these wonderful features of the place, the Exchange Place Plaza also offers views of the Statue Of Liberty. It may be difficult to spot the monument if you are on the lower levels of the Plaza, but as you move your way up, the monument begins to appear. 

The best view of the Statue Of Liberty from Exchange Place Plaza is from its rooftops. 

For ease, here is a list of things you can do at the Exchange Place Plaza:

  • Take in the beautiful views. 
  • Try out one of the wonderful restaurants and cafes. 
  • Attend events.
  • Walk along the waterfront. 

Final Thoughts

Liberty State Park may be the best place to view the Statue Of Liberty. It is close and has a huge range of viewpoints from which you can sit. However, you may consider the other two options if a park is not your preferred place.