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3 Reasons Why Using a Controller is Better for Halo

3 Reasons Why Using a Controller is Better for Halo

The game Halo is a sensation amongst people in the gamer community. The exciting thing about this game is that Halo Infinite, the first of this series, supports both the use of controllers and a mouse and keyboard on a PC. However, some fans theorize that the game has an internal preference for controllers over the use of a mouse and keyboard. However, the company claims there is no such distinction in the gameplay. 

According to some users on Reddit, it seems there is quantifiably an advantage to playing Halo using a controller rather than using a keyboard and mouse. Evidence shows that Halo players who use the controllers can get better precision, greater aim-assist, and an edge in crossplay between the two kinds of gameplay. As gamers using the controller and the keyboard and mouse play at the same time, controllers can give a player a significant edge over other players. 

With this fact in mind, let’s explore this phenomenon throughout the rest of this article. We will also look into how the different benefits can make a significant difference in the standings of each player and how this data was even collected over time. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Controllers For Halo?

Generally, Halo’s games are designed to be played with traditional controllers on a gaming console. Despite the release of the version that is playable on a computer much later, the central design still focuses on controllers. However, with Infinite, the two games for PC and gaming console, there is an exception to this rule. 

The game for consoles and the game for PC came out at the same time. This means gamers with controllers and a mouse and keyboard get access to the game simultaneously. However, users on Reddit have studied that there is an advantage to playing with a controller. The users did a statistical analysis and figured out there were three core benefits to using controllers. 


The users on Reddit found statistics for 400 players – the top 100 using a controller or a keyboard and mouse and 100 average players using a controller or a keyboard and mouse. This information is available on the Holo Tracker website

According to the findings, the average user with a controller is actually just as precise as the top players using a mouse and keyboard. In fact, the difference in precision is just about 3.1%. On the other hand, top players using controllers have a huge lead over the top users with a keyboard and mouse, with over 16.4% more precision. 


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Aim-assist is one of the biggest reasons behind the disparity between the precision that controllers and keyboard users are experiencing. This is because Halo has a powerful and robust aim-assist system in place. The point of aim-assist is to help cover up the disadvantages that users with controllers may have when compared to people using a mouse. 

You see this happen because a mouse has a far greater technical ability to perform well compared to an analog stick like a controller. Aim-assist helps to keep your precision on your opponent without the need for exact steering to be able to fight them off. Halo Infinite is one game where this becomes increasingly and definingly important. This is because Halo Infinite comes with differing mechanics, especially when it comes to headshots. 

In this game, headshots will result in more significant damage if the shield is broken or if you use the sniper and the shock rifle. As a result, there is less incentive to fight off opponents with headshots compared to other kinds of damage. In Halo Infinite, you will want instead to focus on a move known as continuous damage. 

This is easier to do using your controller, and you have a better chance of getting more significant damage. Therefore, even though a mouse should make it easier to be precise, that is not helpful for players in the long run. The aim-assist features can make a massive difference in the way that controllers can work in this game. 


Now, why is aim-assist a big problem? You may have heard a lot of users complain about aim-assist on gaming forums, and not just for Halo. In fact, gamers across different gaming platforms are complaining about this feature. However, there is a reason why this issue is coming up so often now. The fact of the matter is that crossplay is becoming increasingly popular. 

Crossplay helps people from different gaming mediums, such as a PC or a console, play on the same server. This was not the case until recently, and people would play with other people on their medium of choice. Add to that, there are more and more games that can support the use of a mouse and keyboard, and now, some people playing on their computer can also use controllers. 

However, now that the two can interact on the same server, this raises some questions about how crossplay can affect standings. We talked above about how there is a difference in statistics because of the use of a controller or a mouse. This means that there is a significant disadvantage at play that can affect the potential sandings of a layer. 

Now, because a lot of people can play even on a PC using a controller, there is a stark difference between people who play using a mouse and their keyboard. They then can make a significant case that this is unfair and places them lower on the standings. Which, if we look at the statistics, can mean using a controller can give you an advantage. 

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We hope this article helped you understand the benefits of controllers when playing Halo! With all of this in mind, it is easy to see a specific benefit to using a controller over a mouse and keyboard. This way, you can have better standings in the game and get ahead much faster than the average mouse and keyboard user.