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3 Things To Build in Minecraft When You’re Bored!

3 Things To Build in Minecraft When You’re Bored!

Minecraft is a game that, above all else, always has something for you to do, as long as you have the creativity push yourself forward. This aspect of its appeal is why it’s remained as such a popular game for gamers of all ages. Thankfully, this also makes it the perfect game for when you’re bored.

Even though you have to play by its basic rules, your Minecraft world is essentially what you make of it. So many games make the mistake of getting bogged down by meaningless side missions or plots that don’t make sense, but Minecraft allows you to tackle things as you see fit. Read on to get some ideas for your next Minecraft project of pure fun.

Making a Minecraft Village

Your Minecraft world is the ultimate self-directed, large project, as you can start and finish whenever you like, adding new sections at your own pace. Since the world gets changed by you and your playstyle, your vision for creation will change along with how you play. This is best seen in your Minecraft village.

Having your own village in Minecraft condenses everything you’d need in the game into an enclosed space. From your bed to your mining operations, it all has to be readily accessible. Finding the right spot in your map is enough of a challenge and gives you the chance to be creative.

A good way to keep operations moving is to populate your town by breeding villagers. Just as you create buildings as a way to store your resources or designate workplaces, villagers have different jobs that helps keep your village autonomous.

Why Build a Village?

Building a village can help with boredom, as you’ll be able to occupy time with learning how different functions work, such as breeding villagers or setting up minecarts for transportation. These are also useful skills that can help if you’re every playing co-op and need to help you and your friends.

Build a Castle

Villages are very useful when you’re playing in survival mode, as it will help you take care of the basics, such as food and mining. However, if you’re playing creative, such matters don’t concern you. A goal of grandeur is more your speed in this case and a castle is about as grand as it gets.

You don’t have to be an architect to build great structures in Minecraft, although you do need some patience and a vision. Just like any other building in Minecraft, castles have no one way to do things and you are free to do as you please. However, possible designs for your castle can include:

  • Dungeons,
  • Moats,
  • Bridges between sections,
  • Flags,
  • Or throne rooms.

Why Build a Castle?

As you decide on how to build your castle, you’ll likely look to other designs online made by other people. This is a fun way to interact with the community, which you can also share your own designs with. Additionally, you can look to both fictional and non-fictional examples of your favorite castles and try to replicate or imitate them in some way or another.

Opening Your Own Amusement Park

An amusement park is another creative mode project, since you’ll need ample resources to devote to your creations. Whether you’re trying to base it around a certain theme or motif, filling up a functional park will take a lot of time.

The main difference between this and your castle is that amusement parks are more interactive, as you’ll be going on rides rather than just looking at them. As such, you’ll probably be more likely to get friends involved. Rides that go up high or through the ocean are exciting and represent the peak of what Minecraft creation has to offer.

Why Build an Amusement Park?

Designing an amusement park challenges both your capacity for visuals and ingenuity. Since your rides will be experience, you’ll have to put time into finding out how your rides can be better and more fun. Just as it is with building castles, this opens you up to more experiences with the Minecraft community and other creators.


Minecraft best exemplifies the concept of a game being an open sandbox as your erect structures from nothing and have nothing limiting you other than your own imagination. As such, it can be the best game to kill your boredom, especially when you’re new to the game. With enough time, you can surprise yourself with what you can create and engage with a community at the same time.