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3 Ways to Get an RVIA Sticker

3 Ways to Get an RVIA Sticker

Having an RVIA sticker is almost an essential part of RV travel. Many campgrounds require an RVIA sticker for anyone staying. Nothing sounds quite as bad as traveling in your RV for hours, only to get turned down at your destination campground, right?

Don’t worry! There are a few different ways you can get an RVIA sticker, as long as you’re willing to put in the extra effort. Keep reading for three ways to get an RVIA sticker.

Clever Ways to Get an RVIA Sticker

If you’re planning on doing any RV adventuring, you need to have an RVIA sticker. It’s just not worth it to test the waters without one.

Here are three ways to get an RVIA sticker:

  • Call the manufacturer.
  • Use a digital photo.
  • Find one on an old RV.

Want to know more? Up next, we’ll outline each of these ways to get an RVIA sticker with a little more detail. Just keep reading.

Call the Manufacturer of Your RV for an RVIA Sticker

Most RVs from the most popular dealerships will come equipped with an RVIA sticker to comply with certain laws and regulations. However, if you purchased your RV from a third party, you may wonder how to get a new one.

Depending on who developed your RV, you should be able to call them and explain that your vehicle does not have the sticker. In some cases, they will look up your VIN and issue another sticker, but in other cases, there is a significant charge for doing so.

If you think about it, if you were missing the owner’s manual or another part goes bad on something you purchased, you would not hesitate to contact the manufacturer or at least find the information online. 

In most cases, calling the manufacturer will result in you getting the RVIA sticker you needed by just giving them your VIN. This is because the VIN was attached to the RV during the construction process, which is also when the RVIA sticker was also attached after inspection.

Take a Digital Picture of Your Old RVIA Sticker

You may be wondering what you should do if your sticker is not completely gone but is either fading or tearing in some way. While most campgrounds and RV parks require the sticker to be present and visible, most will allow them to park there anyway.

If your new RV does not have a clear RVIA sticker on it due to it being purchased elsewhere and being faded, you may be denied entry. It may be time to take out the digital camera, take a picture of the current sticker, and then use it to create a new one.

Keep in mind that this may be unconventional, but if you are planning a trip and need to take a break along the way, having a digital print of one may be much better than not having one at all. This is especially true since some parks or campgrounds will not allow you to stay.

It may be important to note that this only works if your RV still has some of the RVIA stickers on it with the certification number visible. This is what most people look for to verify that it is a valid sticker.

If All Else Fails, Borrow an RVIA Sticker from an Old Vehicle

Although many people purchase their RVs brand new from the manufacturer, many others buy theirs second-hand. If this is the case for you, then your RV may not have come with the RVIA sticker attached to it.

If you have attempted to acquire an RVIA sticker using any of the other methods and failed, all hope may not be lost. You may want to ask around if someone has an old recreational vehicle they are not using, or a visit to the junkyard may help you locate an RV with the RVIA sticker intact.

Even though this is most likely not ethical by any standards, if you have failed in getting your RVIA sticker through other means, this may be your last chance. Keep in mind that while many places insist you have one, they do not typically verify the actual certification number.

Because of this, you can take one from an RV that is not in use anymore and place it on yours in the typical location. This will ensure that you can get into any campground or RV park with almost no trouble at all. You will also want to ensure that the owner of the RV knows that you are taking it before you do.


The bottom line is that the RVIA sticker, while required, is not something that people spend a lot of time thinking about. If you are an RVer, you may already know that not having a sticker can cause you to not get to stay where you need to be while on the road.