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5 Best Flashes For Sony A7III

5 Best Flashes For Sony A7III

Do you have a Sony A7III at home, or are you looking to purchase one soon? In that case, you might be on the lookout for flashes to help out with the camera. Choosing a flash for your camera isn’t always easy because you could need different things depending on the camera’s specifics. 

For the Sony A7III, there are five great flash options that you should consider: 

  1. Sony HVL-F45RM

To help you decide what the right flash option is for you, we’ve gone through the details of each light. We’ve explored the pros and cons of each option and given you a detailed exploration of how the flash works with your Sony A7III camera. So, to keep learning about the ideal flash for your Sony A7III, keep reading this article. 

What Is The Best Flash For My Sony A7III?

To choose the right flash for your Sony A7III, you need to consider its features and the pros and cons of using each flash. Luckily, we’ve summarized it all for you in the headings below:

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Sony HVL-F45RM

Sony’s HVL-F45RM flash is an option created by the company itself. It is extremely fast and capable, plus it is available in a compact body. This is an excellent option for the professional photographer looking for outstanding wireless functions and options such as multi-flash shooting. 

It can work alongside 15 other units in as many as five groups for larger flash setups. This flash can respond to signals about 30 minutes away and offers a natural illumination due to maintained exposure and automatic white balance adjustment. You can use this flash in all kinds of settings, whether in studios or locations outdoors. 

Photo: Sony


When it comes to getting flashes on a budget, you can’t ignore the amazing EACHSHOT GODOX TT350S. This flash is powerful and has a compact size that can work well with your Sony A7III. Flash has three main modes: flash, manual, and multi-mode. You can also set it up to sync at high speeds. 

Although it might not be as punch as the other flashes we talk about today, the power is there. This flash option also has a longer recycle time because it uses AA batteries. Aside from this, you can use this flash outside, but it will need heat protection in the summers. If you are looking for a softer flash on a budget, this is the right product for you. Plus, it has some impressive results when you look at the final photography. 

Photo: Eachshot

Sony HVL-F60RM

The SONY HVL F60RM is one of the latest products offered by the company in their line of flash accessories. It is notable because of its high-speed syncing and radio signaling purpose. It has the ability to adjust to your lighting and, at the same time, give you fantastic shutter speed even when the depth of field is shallow. 

You can even move the head freely around to up to 180 degrees on either side. This gives you a lot of flexibility as a photographer, so you can capture in the exact lighting conditions you need. 

The flash head can also zoom in, from between 20-200 mm, and you can change the intensity of the flash depending on different scenarios. It has a user-friendly menu screen and buttons. This allows it to be used in different manual or automatic settings. You can also use it in multi-shooting mode, and it can work with other cameras as well. 

Photo: Sony


The Neewer HSS TTL NW880S is another flash option for you to consider. It comes with all of the basic features any photographer would need, plus some added benefits. One of the most significant benefits of this flash is that you can use a wide aperture even with the flash switch hed on, which opens another world of possibilities.

Because this flash also uses AA batteries, it does happen to have a recycle time that can extend to around 2.6 seconds. However, these batteries also give you 230 flashes at full power. The flash itself does not come with the best quality batteries, so you may have to go down to your local shop and buy new ones. 

Photo: Neewar


Last on our list is the Godox V1-S flash, which is by no means here because it lacks features. This flash option offers you a different kind of result than the usual flashes you see in the market. It has a rounded head, which allows the light to disperse in a softer way. Its locking knob is different from the average flash and helps prevent chances of breaking. 

You can also use the built-in modeling lamp on the flash in low light conditions. You can switch it on by pressing the bulb icon on the flash. This can then be made more intense by pressing the sensor. This helps you capture great photos even with minimal light. The flash has a short recycle time, so you can take pictures in succession without worrying about losing momentum. 

Photo: Godox

What To Look Out For When Buying A Flash For Sony A7III

Using the right flash for your camera, you can make a massive difference to the quality of the picture. This is especially true if you often have to deal with lowlight conditions. However, there are certain factors you should always consider when looking for a flash for your Sony A7III.

Amount of Light

The amount of light you need when you get a flash is entirely dependent on the kind of photography you do. For example, wedding photographers typically need bright and strong lights. Therefore, the kind of flash you use can make a massive change. Always check to make sure the amount of light is right for your field of photography. 

Total Recycle Time

Recycle time is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a flash. Recycle time is the period of time that your flash needs in between bursts. This is because the capacitor in a flash needs time to charge up again before the next burst of light.

With a smaller recycle time, you can take pictures with flash in question succession. However, with a longer recycle time, you will need to wait between pictures fore the flash is ready

Cost And Affordability

Sometimes, buying a flash can have a considerable pull on your wallet. While at the lower end, you could get a flash for a couple of hundred bucks, an established flash can cost well over 500 dollars! So it’s always important to consider your budget and how the flash can be an investment in the longer run.


Getting a flash for your camera is an investment in its potential. With the right flash, you can change how you take pictures and improve the quality in unprecedented ways. It’s also essential to remember that your flash is compatible with and complements the Sony A7III.