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5 Best Swimming Beaches Near Duluth (Perfect for Families)

5 Best Swimming Beaches Near Duluth (Perfect for Families)

If you are looking for beaches to relax and swim in that are perfect for families, you may have noticed this can be difficult to do in Duluth. This is because Lake Superior is often the first choice people consider – but for a truly relaxing time with your loved ones, you may be looking for something a little different.

For those who are hunting for swimming beaches near Duluth, here are five amazing spots that you can visit with the family:

  • Park Point Beach
  • Brighton Beach
  • Lester River Park
  • Pattison State Park Beach
  • 42nd Avenue Park Beach

No matter the end goal, whether you are looking to swim, relax and get a tan, or even have a nice family outing, you can choose from a few options. So, keep reading this article for the 5 best spots in Duluth where you can go for a calming swim!

Here’s a day in Duluth if you’re looking for some visuals:

A day in Duluth, Minnesota: Lake Superior ( 4K HD )

The Best Family-Friendly Swimming Beaches Near Duluth

Are you looking for a swimming beach near Duluth? Here are some of the best choices that are great for you and your family!

Park Point Beach

Park Point is great for you to take a swim and relax when in the middle of summer. The beach is often visited by locals, making it the perfect spot if you are looking for fun activities and amenities. The beach covers an area of around 7 miles and flows into Lake Superior. 

You can take a route from the Aerial Lift Bridge to get to this place. And if you’re coming in a car, don’t worry about parking! There’s a huge space reserved for car parking, and there are several paths from the parking to the sandy beach. 

Once you are there, you can enjoy a lot of fun activities such as swimming, hiking, and even playing volleyball on the beach! There are restrooms available, along with a lifeguard, so you can make sure all of your family members can be safe while you are there. 

Brighton Beach

The Kitchi Gammi, or Brighton Beach, is another popular stone Beach in the Duluth area. This beach was initially set up in 1922 and served its role as a campground for when tourists would come and visit. Nowadays, it has been converted into a functional park!

The beach and park are perfect for a family getaway. You can have lunch at the tables and can even grill your own food while you see beautiful views! It’s a great opportunity for everyone in the family to let loose and have a great time.

Once you walk down one of the pathways to get to the beach, you can enjoy a number of activities, including swimming, relaxing, and even canoeing! The park is also filled with a number of fruit trees to get you a sweet taste of the Duluth fruits!

Lester River Park

While the Lester River and its adjoining park are beautiful, it’s not exactly a beach – but there are plenty of spots where you can stop for a calming swim in the river water. This popular spot is great because it happens to be within Duluth and offers a lot more than the average swimming spot.

This river is a great opportunity for outdoorsy and adventurous families to enjoy a fun hiking trail and cool off in some river water. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls are among the available spots, which can give you the unique chance to swim under a waterfall.

However, if you are traveling with younger children, make sure to be careful where you stop for a swim and keep them under your supervision. Because the river water can run fast, there is a chance the current may be too fast for them to keep up without supervision. 

Pattison State Park Beach

If you want to go to one spot that has everything you could ever ask for, you need to look no further than Pattison State Park. This is the spot that has some of the biggest waterfalls in the area, including Big Manitou, which stands at an impressive height of 165 feet!

If you are wondering where you can swim, don’t worry, the park also connects to a lake and has a beach where you can easily go out for a swim or spend the day enjoying nature. Even better, the park is great for camping and hiking, so if you’re a family that loves spending time outdoors, this is a great spot to visit!

Aside from the activities mentioned above, there’s a lot to do at Pattison State Park. You can take a swing at fishing, go on a family picnic, and even enjoy some hunting! There are also a number of winter activities to choose from, like skiing and snowshoeing.

42nd Avenue Park Beach

Sometimes, when you’re planning a trip to the beach, all you want is to have some peace and quiet. This can be hard to achieve when you are looking for a public beach where lots of locals and visitors come to enjoy. However, if you are in the Duluth area and want to visit a beach that won’t be as crowded, you need to try traveling to 42nd Avenue Park Beach.

This beach is more stony and rocky than others, so make sure to bring along some foot protection for the family. However, that still makes this a great spot for a swim, collecting rocks, or even relaxing and getting a tan. Keep in mind that there isn’t much parking space, as it is still a relatively smaller beach. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great spots around Duluth where you can stop by for a swim with your family. Make sure to add our suggestions to your travel itinerary for a great visit to this region!