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5 Ingenious Nerf Blaster Storage Ideas for your Kid’s Room!

5 Ingenious Nerf Blaster Storage Ideas for your Kid’s Room!
  • Nerf guns come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from about the size of your hand to the length of your arm
  • Each Nerf gun comes with anywhere between 5 to 75 Nerf darts
  • Nerf gun storage does NOT have to take up extra space in your kid’s room
  • Having a Nerf gun storage system will make battle clean up easier
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Nerf guns can be lots of fun for both kids and adults; however, when it comes to storing them it can be awkward or even difficult to find a place large enough to keep them. To make matters worse, Nerf darts are constantly getting lost and stepped on.

If you or your kid is constantly tripping over Nerf guns on their way to bed or are spending all your time looking for Nerf darts before the game can even begin, you may find yourself frequently on a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Stop the scavenger hunt for a place to store your kids Nerf guns and Nerf darts by reading these 5 ingenious storage ideas!

1. Shoe Hanger

Possibly the most untapped storage space in our children’s rooms is located behind their bedroom door.

Take advantage of that space by using a shoe storage hanger!

Before you purchase your hanging organizer count how may Nerf guns and get a good feel for the number of Nerf darts you have. You will want to make sure you choose a shoe organizer with pockets large enough not only for smaller Nerf guns but for the larger guns as well.

Also, be sure to make sure whatever hanging organizer you choose has enough pockets to fit all of your guns with enough extra pockets for dart storage.

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Need more space than just one hanging shoe organizer? Hang a couple of organizers from closet doors to utilize even more storage space in your child’s bedroom!

2. Wooden Gun Cabinet

Want to store your child’s Nerf guns away easily and in style? Set up a glass front gun case either in your kid’s room or out in the garage!

This storage technique is perfect for larger rifle type Nerf guns and often comes with drawers perfect for storing a few smaller Nerf guns and for all those loose Nerf darts.

In order to fit all of your Nerf guns into the gun case, you may need to make some personal alterations.

Don’t want your kids busting out the Nerf guns before they finish either their chores or homework? Well then altering a gun cabinet to store your kids’ Nerf guns is the perfect choice for you. Simply lock the case when you want to make sure your kids stay focused!

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The downside to using a modified gun case is that they can take up a bit more space than other storage options and can also weigh quite a bit more too. These storage options can also cost a bit more as well.

3. Hanging Peg Board

Pegboards are one of the most ingenious storage hacks you can use in your kids’ bedroom.

Pegboards are hung on the wall working not only as storage but can help you save on decorations as well!

For this storage hack, you will need a pegboard large enough to fit all of your Nerf guns, some hooks, and enough screws to securely attach the pegboard to the wall.

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Start by laying out your pegboards on the floor and try a few different layouts for your Nerf guns.

Once you have decided on the right layout, screw the pegboards securely into the wall. Make sure you don’t put it too high and that all of the Nerf guns can easily be taken down by your kids.

Once the pegboard is secured, start putting up all of your hooks and baskets. Then you can start storing both your kids Nerf guns and Nerf darts!

Pro Tip: it is better to have too big a pegboard than too small. SO be sure to add a little extra length to the pegboard you are planning to buy.

4. Laundry Basket

All of us have used a laundry basket as some form of storage even if it was only a temporary situation. However, it probably didn’t cross your mind to use a laundry basket as a storage bin for your kid’s Nerf guns.

Using a laundry basket keeps the Nerf guns (and darts) contained without taking up too much of the space in your kid’s room.

In order to make better use of the space, opt for a taller laundry basket rather than a shallower longer one.

Simply toss have your kids toss all the Nerf guns and darts into the basket when they are done using them and just as easily get them back out again for use!

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Don’t want just any ordinary basket clashing with the decor of your kid’s bedroom? Use some spray paint and vinyl stickers to personalize your storage bin.

5. Under the Bed Baskets

Another storage area that is not often utilized in ou kid’s bedrooms is the space under the bed! In fact, it is likely that there are already some Nerf darts that have found their way under the bed so why not make that their official storage space!

The size of the space under your child’s bed will vary in size so you will need to measure the space available before purchasing any storage bins.

To maximize the amount of space available to you under the bed, try getting storage bins around the same width of the bed.

Depending on the number of Nerf guns your kids have, you may need to get extra storage bins to keep them in.

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Don’t just use this idea to store Nerf guns. Use it to store other toys, seasonal clothing, or extra blankets too!

Extra Dart Storage Ideas!

Now that you know where and how you are going to be storing your Nerf guns, you also need to find a way to keep all your Nerf darts from getting lost.

While some of the Nerf gun storage ideas have their own ways to store darts for others you may need to think of some other dart storage ideas.

Here are 3 perfect ideas for storing your Nerf darts!

Cheese Ball Container

Do you have any empty cheese ball containers lying around from a few too many Netflix marathons?

Well, put those empty containers to use by storing all of your kids’ loose Nerf darts inside them.

Fill the container with steaming hot water and lay it on the side that the label is on. After a few minutes begin peeling the label of slowly from one side.

There will still be some residue left on the container. Get rid of the remaining residue by rubbing a mix of olive oil and baking soda on the container and rinse it off!

You can either leave the container clear or decorate it yourself with some paint and stickers. Let your kids have some fun by allowing them to decorate the container themselves.

Lunch Box/Tackle Box

Want to make your Nerf darts easier to transport? Store them in an easy to carry boxes such as a lunch box or even a tackle box.

While a lunch box might work for those who have smaller amounts of Nerf darts, your kids may have more Nerf darts than will fit inside of a normal sized lunch box.

If this is the case, try storing your Nerf darts in something a little larger like a tackle box.

Have several different kinds of Nerf darts you want to keep separate? Use the tackle dividers to keep them organized!

Pull String Bag

Keeping your Nerf darts in a pull string bag leads to an easy clean up and storage.

This storage method works especially well if you are choosing to use an under the bed storage bin or the laundry bin Nerf gun storage. Rather than having to dig around the bin trying to collect as many Nerf darts before the battle begins, have them already at hand in a pull string bag!

Split up the darts evenly between a few different pull string bags. Simply fill the bags back up after every battle and then grab one and begin!

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