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Complete Guide: How To Deal With Rejection From a Girl

Do you feel rejected? We were all in this situation. Some more than others, but the good thing about refusing is that there are innumerable opportunities you can take. Do not let the rejection overcome your life without a fight. Refusal is the reality that shapes a part of your life. If you want to find out how to end a relationship nicely, you can read it HERE. You will find yourself in many situations when they will reject you at work, in relationship or your idea will be rejected. Here are five ways to go back after rejection in any life situation:

1) Life Goes On

Whether it’s a hard breakup or a job you did not get, always remember that life goes on. First of all, you will have another relationship, another job, or something new instead of what failed because they refused you. Most of the successful people are successful because they have not allowed some thing to prevent them from pursuing their dreams. When we feel rejected, we find ourselves in a moment of suspicion and distress. But we must learn to look beyond the short-term period of pain and to admit that there is a higher purpose then rejection itself. Higher purpose we discover sometime over time. What is happiness? Happiness is personal development, and as long as you develop and work on yourself you will be happy and fulfilled. And you can only do that by trying new things and making mistakes. While you are making mistakes you understand some things, you change them.

People who do not dare to make mistakes are the people who pass through the worst of life. So relax and do as many mistakes as you can and enjoy this whole process. Even when everything is not the way you want it, first of all do not be afraid of risking and rejection. The last limit is this: “If God intends something, nothing will prevent it”. So, or it should not have happened, or it was not the right time.

2) Forgive

Forgiving is a big deal. And in certain situations it is very difficult. For example, if your partner rejected you because of another woman, forgiveness was surely the last thing in your mind. Nevertheless, forgiveness does not mean that you will admit to the person what he has done to you is right, but in this way you release yourself from the pain that goes with rejection. Forgive and let go of all the pain, discomfort and bad emotions that have caused you the situation. Rejection is no fun, but it’s part of life. All of us at some point in our life faced refusal, whether it was love or in some other areas in life. Let these counselings help you to face positive rejection and get rid of the pain and anger that caused it. When we finally reach the forgiveness stage, we show our humanity. No matter whether or not others appreciate it, you will feel like you’ve done the right thing,and that’s the only way to move on with your life.

3) Ask a Question

If a girl rejects you, ask her for reason why. Do the same thing if your boyfriend leaves you. Do not be angry at him, but also allow him to explain why he wants to end your relationship. This way maybe you can better understand yourself and understand how others see and perceive you. A lot of people do not look back, and just move forward with their life. So it should be, but before you do it, you have to analyze some things to better understand them. As an example, you wrote a math test and you got a negative rating. What do you do first? You will take that exam and look what was wrong, and after that you will learn from that mistakes. First of all, that’s an example how should be in life and in relationship. Consider and study things that were not good so you do not repeat them anymore. If you do this in every aspect of your life, you will be much more productive.

4) Accept It

Sometimes a rejection is the way in which the universe is directing us to right path. If a girl you like rejects you, that means she is not right girl for you. Sooner or later someone who deserves to be in your life will come. Sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that a certain relationship or situation has not been good to us from the very beginning. Being free from such relationships and situations means to open opportunities for new and better relationships. Everyone talks how you must learn from other mistakes. But I do not believe in that, for a very simple reason. If you can learn such things without experiencing, then you are a superman. We can take a simple example that I use. You hear something and you forget, you see something and you remember,and when you do something you understand. It tell us that we have to do somethings in life to understand.

5) Do Not Take Revenge

It is important to know to accept the rejection and move on with your life. This means you should not spread any passive-aggressive messages through social media or wish bad things to a person who has rejected you. As mentioned earlier, everything is happening for a reason and exactly the way it should be. Maybe you can not figure it out at this point, but after all it will be clear. You simply accept things you cannot influence and let yourself by life to lead you. Perhaps it seem stupid or odd to thank someone who rejected you but it is very important. It is especially important to do this if you have experienced rejection in the business world.Thanks to the person who gave you the opportunity for this job. That’s a matter of decency. While it is difficult to deal with a rejection in relationship,always remember that you are not meant to be with the person who left you.Bless those who go away from you. They just make the place for those who will not refuse you. A broken heart will always heal, it only takes time. Do not ever forget it.

6) Learn Something From That

From any situation, either good or bad, we can also learn something. Some of us in this way follow their own instincts while others find this the way to improve and strengthen as a person. Whatever the lesson was, study it well and do not repeat the same mistakes again. Know that rejection does not always have to do with you. A person may have had a bad day or, in the case of a woman, she may be in love with someone else. If so, accept it and move on. The woman of your life might be waiting for you behind the next corner. I’ve said earlier that all the lessons in life are learned from mistakes, so this is a very good lesson you can master. The older you are the mistakes become more expensive, so try to make mistakes while you are young, and if you’re not young just think a little bit more, but do not hesitate to take new steps in life. At the end of the day you will still learn something that will help you in a long run.

Best way to deal with rejection from a girl

The fact is that whenever we approach somebody socially, we face the risk of being rejected. Maybe someone refuses to call you for coffee, dance, emotional bond, and even marriage. Everyone is sometimes rejected. The only ones who have never experienced rejection are those who have never communicated with other people. Rejection is never a fun experience, and some people are very difficult to overcome such situations. When someone refuses you, do you say to yourself that you have been condemned to constant rejection?Do any rejection of other person feel like you are not good enough? Do you see a rejection as a sign that you will never like somebody? If the rejection triggers this type of negative trust in you – you are not the only one! Many people respond in this way, and this prevents them from establishing the social relationships they want.

But can the rejection be seen only from that angle? Even people with great self-esteem and self-confidence, who often go out and are socially active, are sometimes rejected. The difference is that socially self-confident people are not deeply affected by rejection. They do not blame themselves. They do not see the rejection as a proof of something. Topic about how to end a relationship nicely, you can read HERE.

Do we Forget the Rejection?

For most socially self-confident people, rejection is a trivial experience that is quickly forgotten. For people who are shy, rejection also can be a long-lasting, emotional traumatic experience. Rejected. It can be so ugly. One of the reasons why rejecting causes so many problems is that in our mind too often we reject the rejection with other ugly words which causes us even more trouble. Humiliated.Inadequate. Useless. Loser. Low. Poor. Lonely.

The more we look at the negative aspects of the rejection, the more unnecessary pain we will experience, and the more difficult it will be to establish communication next time. Socially successful people strive to attribute all the credits to themselves. When it happens that we are rejected, we usually attribute guilty to another person. This is also a pure contrast to the reactions of shy and lonely person. Stubborn and lonely people are trying to make all the allegations to themselves if they fail to connect with someone. It even happens to think that something else is wrong with others if they accept you! Rejection is much more serious with people who are very emotionally sensitive, have low self-esteem, or have had poor childhood experiences.

Still, everything is happening in life for a reason. If the woman refused you and you thought she is the right one for you or your partner left you, it is normal for you to feel bad. But there is an exit from every situation. Everything has its purpose and always keep that in mind. We’ll find out how to deal with rejection and how to get over it as fast and painlessly as possible.

Some of the ways how people react to the rejection:

• The fear of rejection is so far beyond then with socially self-confident people
• It is more likely that rejection will be seen as a painful and humiliating experience
• They often assume that they are entirely guilty if someone refuse them
• First of all, they often interpret social rejection as proof that they are wrong or incorrect
• They often avoid social interactions if they suspect that rejection may occur
• Often they believe that if someone refuses them, they will reject them and everyone else, until the end of their life

Still, it’s not all so black. Even though you are very emotionally sensitive or shy, even if you have not received emotional support during childhood, you can still change the ways you think about refusing. A person with a healthy self-esteem understands that taking occasional social and emotional risks is also necessary in the development of social relationships. If someone reject them, they do not take it personally.They just continue to look for someone who will be more receptive. Safe people do not have to think the reasons for rejection of their deficiencies and disadvantages. You can learn and adopt the same rejection beliefs that self-confident people have.

Brief overview of the steps you can take to overcome your fear of rejection:

• Understand also why you want to overcome fear of rejection. Make sure your goal is to have a happy social life
• Change your thoughts about the rejection you are going through. Do not connect your value solely to what people have accepted or denied to you.
• Establish many, many social interactions with other people
• Take a number of mini steps as a result to establish interactions

Perhaps you will also need a lot of effort to change your thinking about rejection. Always remember that the end result will be worth the effort. When we support interaction with other people because of the fear of rejection, not only is it causing us occasional pain and discomfort, but it also deny us the warmth, comfort, entertainment and excitement that other human beings can provide to us.

If you never put yourself in a situation where other people can say”no” to you, you will never even come to a situation where someone can say “yes”.

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