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7 Best batteries for Amazon Firestick

7 Best batteries for Amazon Firestick

Getting a Firestick for my TV has been one of the best decisions I have made. Now, I can watch all of my favorite shows in one place and don’t have to worry about the availability of TV apps. However, at the same time, there is one issue I keep running into when I use my Amazon Firestick. The primary issue isn’t with the device itself but with the remote. In fact, I have found that the remote battery dies after a short amount of time, which means I have to keep replacing it. So, what batteries should I be using to get this problem under control?

In most cases, the Amazon Firestick remote will use an AAA battery. There are many different types of AAA batteries, including non-rechargeable and rechargeable ones. Perhaps the best choice for a battery hungry remote like the Amazon Firestick is a rechargeable AAA battery. 

To understand the benefits of using different kinds of AAA batteries, let’s take a deep look into the categories available. We will go through all of the different kinds of AAA batteries, and how they work in different scenarios. So, keep reading this article if you want to find the perfect battery for your Firestick remote!

Types of AAA Batteries

There are many different types of AAA batteries available. However, in general, there are two main categories you should start off considering. This is whether you want to use rechargeable or non-rechargeable AAA batteries. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and here is an explainer of the different types of batteries allowed within each type. 

Non-Rechargeable Batteries 

Let’s start off by discussing the non-rechargeable AAA battery. When you use this battery, you can use it for one entire life cycle, after which it is customary to throw them out. There are four main groups of batteries within this category of single-use options. 

Zinc-Carbon Batteries

First off, we need to talk about one of the most common types of non-rechargeable batteries – the Zinc-Carbon battery. This is the kind of battery where charge comes about because of a continuing reaction that happens in between zinc and another compound, manganese dioxide. To make that happen, there are two electrodes, one with zinc and the other with carbon, and the electrolyte is usually ammonium. 

Using these batteries, you can achieve an average voltage of 1.5 V along with a capacity in the range of 500-600 mAh. This may not be the best choice for a Firestick, which needs a high amount of battery power. If you do end up using these batteries, you will likely have to replace them far faster than with other battery options.

Alkaline Batteries

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On a similar note to the first option, the Alkaline batteries also use the same essential components, which are zinc and manganese dioxide. However, there is a difference, and that is that instead of using ammonium as the electrolyte, these batteries use an alkaline electrolyte. In fact, the batteries get their name because they use potassium hydroxide, which is alkaline in nature, as an electrolyte. 

This may seem like a slight difference on its face, but you can see the difference when comparing the output from these batteries. In fact, these batteries give the same voltage output but have a much higher capacity that they offer, which can go all the way to 1200 mAh. That is why these batteries can last longer and are a good option for the Firestick. 

Nickel Oxyhydroxide Batteries

Another option within the range of non-rechargeable batteries is nickel oxyhydroxide batteries. These use both the chemical nickel oxyhydroxide and manganese dioxide to be the electrolyte in the mix. Therefore, there is a higher voltage output from this battery, which can get up to 1.7 V, one of the highest in all of the non-rechargeable battery options. As a result, this battery is best-suited for extremely high energy settings, which may be too expensive and extravagant for a Firestick remote. 

Lithium Iron Disulfide Batteries

The last option for the non-rechargeable battery options out there is the Lithium Iron Disulfide battery. These use an anode made of Lithium along with a cathode that is made of Iron Disulfide, giving it the name. Aside from this, there is also a Lithium compound that the battery uses as an electrolyte. 

The voltage output from these batteries is the same as other options in this category, at 1.5 V. However, there can also be a 1.8V output if there is a maximum in an open circuit. The capacity of these batteries is also relatively high and can go up to 1200 mAh. Therefore, batteries have an excellent lifespan and can last you for as long as a decade or two. However, that does contribute to the cost of these batteries. 

Rechargeable Batteries

There are also rechargeable AAA batteries available that you can look into, which means that you can use them for a far longer time if you keep charging them. Most of them are made using Lithium or Nickel compounds. 

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

One of the first options to look at that you can consider is the Nickel Cadmium AAA batteries. These use electrodes made of Oxide Hydroxide and Cadmium, and at the same time, they use Potassium Hydroxide as the chemical involved in the electrolyte. They have a voltage output that they give out at 1.2 V. 

Aside from this, and there is also a capacity of 300-500 mAh available. You can also use a Nickel Cadmium battery because it is one of the most widely accessible and oldest battery options in the rechargeable front. However, they use Cadmium, which can also be dangerous, and because there is a lot of self-discharge. There is very little use for these batteries at this time. 

Nickel Metal-Hydride Batteries

Another option you can consider when looking at rechargeable batteries is the Nickel-Metal Hydride. These batteries give you a voltage output of 1.2 V and have a much higher capacity that can go up to 1300 mAh. This change in capacity from the first option is because of the use of metal alloys. At the same time, you can reduce the danger from the toxicity of Cadmium. 

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Finally, Lithium-Ion batteries are not technically a standard battery that falls in the AAA range. They do tend to have a much higher output of 3.7 V and are an excellent choice for devices that need a lot of power output. You can also keep a capacity of 350-600 mAh. That makes Lithium-Ion batteries an excellent choice for an electronic device but not particularly for a Firestick remote. 

What Should I Use For My Amazon Firestick?

Ultimately, what battery you use depends on your choice. Non-rechargeable batteries are cheaper, but they last for less time. On the other hand, chargeable options are excellent for a Firestick remote, but at the same time, they come with a higher upfront cost. 


Taking care of your Firestick’s battery requirements is a significant part of the upkeep of this device. We hope this guide has helped to clarify the types of batteries that are available.