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7 PC Gaming Room Ideas For All Gamers

7 PC Gaming Room Ideas For All Gamers

No matter the size or location, a gaming room can be a great refuge from life where you can revel in your hobby and passion. Those that have set up a home theatre or darkroom for similar reasons can understand how important it is. As such, you should be ready to maximize the use and pleasure for your gaming room.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran gamer, making sure you have the right atmosphere and vibe for your game should be important to you. The stereotype of gamers being dull slobs is slowly being broken and presenting yourself as the opposite is a great step in the right direction. Read on for ideas on how to improve your gaming room.

Ambient Lighting

Anyone that’s tried to play a game near a window understand how badly a glare can interfere with the experience, forcing you to close the blinds and curtains. However, this doesn’t mean you have to play in the dark. LED strips and overhead lighting are great ways to spice up any room, especially a gaming room.

If you can get lights that allow you to change color, then this can enhance your experience as you change colors for each game. You can put on red while playing Red Dead Redemption, then switch to green while playing Zelda. Put some thought on how to set up your lights and how it can impact your gaming experience.

Library of Games

Rather than stuffing your games into a drawer or box, it’s better to put them on display. By setting up shelves organizing your physical copies and memorabilia, you can evoke a vintage feeling that’s sometimes lost in the digital age. Doing this is not only more organized, but allows you present yourself as a gamer, from your aesthetic choice to game preferences.

Picking The Right Desk and Chair

When spending hundreds of dollars on equipment and games, other concerns may take a back seat. However, it would be unwise to overlook your desk and chair. Make sure that your chair is comfortable and utilitarian. Pick a chair with wheels that can swivel over one stuck to the ground with a fixed position. It’ll be much more comfortable and allow you to have more freedom.

As for your desk, don’t deprive yourself. Get as large a desk as you can get and fit in your space. When you have a PC, monitor, and multiple consoles, it’s easy for wires and plugs to get messy and mixed up. Having a larger surface can help you organize and prevent these disasters of entanglement.

Soundproofing Your Room

Gaming can get pretty hectic and loud at times. Even if you have a headset, it’s certainly still possible for you to raise the volume through shouts of enjoyment and rage, especially if you have friends over. However, you don’t want this to upset any neighbors or flat mates. Again, we’re trying to uphold a positive image here and the last thing we should do is anger those close to us.

Stocking Up A Fridge

If you plan on a relaxing evening with games, you better be sure to hydrate and fuel yourself. This means enough fluids nearby, which can be best stored in a mini-fridge by your gaming set-up. While it doesn’t mean you won’t ever have to leave the room, it’ll help keep the momentum of your session going.

Expand Your Horizons

While your gaming room may be primarily for video games, it won’t hurt to have other options if you plan on having friends over. In such a situation, it would help to have a:

  • Pool table,
  • Poker table,
  • Table for board games,
  • Foosball,
  • Air hockey,
  • Or table tennis.

Include A Theme

If you know what you like, put it on display. Having your gaming room based around a certain theme or motif will allow you to express yourself in a focused and creative way. For example, Batman fans can include related movie posters or Bat decals on their consoles. Using the ambient lighting we discussed earlier can help this, as well.


Being a gamer can be tough from the get-go. Expensive prices, out-of-touch companies, and technological requirements are cause for extreme headaches. Now, this whole interior decorating aspect makes things more complicated.

Thankfully, there are already some great ideas out there, even beyond what’s in this article. Most importantly, designing your gaming room is all about how it suits your experience and preferences. As long as you stay true to yourself and how you feel, you shouldn’t hesitate to take that next step.