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8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Kamado Joe

8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Kamado Joe

Your Kamado Joe isn’t just a grill. It’s an investment. Off the showroom floor, your Kamado Joe can sear meat, grill steak, and beyond. However, by purchasing a few add-ons, you can create an all-powerful outdoor cooking machine.

Here, you can learn more about the must-haves for your Kamado Joe grill. While they are not necessary to your grill’s function, they can give your appliance the upgrade it deserves.

Kamado Joe iKamand

Kamado grills have been around for thousands of years. However, with the iKamand, you can bring your Kamado Joe into the 21st century.

First, insert the device into the side of your grill and pair it with your phone. Then, you turn on the grill, walk away, and monitor your food’s progress via the app. You don’t have to do anything. Well, except eat and clean up, that is. 

Kamado Joe Grill Cover

With proper care, your Kamado Joe will serve your family for several years. However, if exposed to the elements for long periods, it could rust, corrode, or plain stop working.

To avoid this, we recommend getting the Kamado Joe grill cover. They come in various sizes and colors, depending on your grill and personal preferences. These covers keep your grill safe from:

  • Pests. You don’t want pests calling your grill home––especially during the winter months.
  • The elements. As noted, rain, sleet, and snow can cause your Kamado Joe to rust. It can also prevent dust and dirt from building up inside the grill.
  • Bangs and clanks. If someone knocks into your Kamado Joe with the cover on, it’s less likely to sustain damage.

Kamado Joe Pizza Stone

Forget putting your frozen pizzas in the oven. With the Kamado Joe Pizza Stone, you can bring a taste of Italy right to your own backyard. Here are the perks of this accessory:

  • Instead of putting your pizza directly on the grill, putting it on the stone gets an evenly-cooked, crispy crust.
  • It’s easy to clean! Simply wipe it down after each use, and you’re ready to use it again.
  • It’s made of ceramic. You might be thinking, “Okay, so?” Ceramic is able to withstand higher temperatures than other cookware.

It’s also compatible with the Kamado Joe Pizza Peel, Pizza Cutter, and Deep-Dish Pizza Stone. They come in 18-inch and 24-inch models. 

Kamado Joe Pizza Peel

When your pizza’s ready, you don’t have to peel it off the stone with your bare hands. Instead, you can slide the Kamado Joe Pizza Peel under the bottom crust, and you’re good to go.

Kamado Joe “Joetisserie”

Now, you don’t have to race to the grocery store to pick up a rotisserie chicken. With the Joetisserie, you can make one yourself. How does it work? Well, you insert the cast aluminum ring into your Kamado Joe. Then, you slide a defrosted chicken (or turkey, it’s your choice) onto the spit’s forks, and you’re good to go!

The Joetisserie comes with a motor, so it rotates the chicken. Just like other Kamado Joe products, it’s both easy to use and clean. With this accessory, you might turn to your Kamado Joe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Kamado Joe Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket

Even if you clean your Kamado Joe after each use, there’s no getting around it; eventually, you’ll have to do a deep clean. This involves removing the ash, cleaning the ceramic insulators, and wiping down the interior.

You can turn this easy process into an even easier one with the Kamado Joe Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket. It has one goal: to collect dust, ash, and charred remains into an easy-to-remove basket.

Now, you don’t have to fumble with removing the ash by hand. Simply insert the basket, cook your meal, and then dump out the basket’s contents. It’s that easy!

Half Moon Reversible Griddle

If you told a grill enthusiast that they could use their grill for making omelets, crepes, and French toast, they’d think you were crazy. Yet, anything with the Kamado Joe grill is possible—with the right accessories, that is.

Meet the Half-Moon Reversible Griddle. It transforms your mean, lean grilling machine into a one-stop breakfast station. You simply place the half-moon plate on top of the rack, and you’re good to start cooking. It’s even reversible, so you don’t have to clean it after each use.

Kamado Joe Half-Moon Soapstone

When you’re cooking a fat slab of meat, you can toss that bad boy on the grill with no problem. However, if you’re cooking tender meat, like fish, too much heat can overcook it.

With the Kamado Joe Half-Moon Soapstone, you can cook tender meats to your heart’s desire. You insert the soapstone, power on the grill, toss on your favorite meat, and you’re cooking with fire.

A Final Word

These are just some of the accessories that can spruce up your Kamado Joe grill. For more information on accessories and add-ons, check out Kamado Joe’s website.