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9 Gaming Headphones Without Mic

9 Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Headphones without a mic are typically less expensive and can provide a theater sound experience. In addition, these types of headphones offer both dynamic and natural sound qualities. However, finding headphones with no mic that are perfect for gaming seemingly are challenging to find.  

The audio is an essential part of the experience of the game. So if you have elaborate audio set up or just want to enjoy the following three levels of the zombie apocalypse, here are our best picks for gaming headphones without a mic.

The OneOdio A70 Provides Optimal Sound Quality For Multiple Devices

The soft memory foam earmuffs just sit perfectly around the ears to transport the sound. Often providing a good seal between the ear and the muff allows sufficient noise cancelation balanced with long-term wearability.

Featuring seventy-two hours of optimal playtime from a Bluetooth device (unlimited if wired) and a solid cable, these headphones can connect two separate devices at the same time using the jack cables provided in the packages.  However, if you are going to plug this set of headphones into an electric guitar, you must use a transmitter.

 Behringer Studio Headphones For a Flat Audio Experience

The Behringer produces a flat eighty-ohm signal, which means absolutely no audio enhancements. However, these headphones are fabulous for capturing the authentic sound of the game when making edits to videos. In addition, these headphones will allow you to hear things in the audio that may have otherwise been covered up by audio enhancements for enjoyment.

The Earmuffs on these headphones are nylon cloth instead of faux leather, making them quite comfortable to wear all day. These headphones connect to the 3.5mm from a 6.3mm with an adapter included in the package.  These are great when you like to capture the raw audio for a live stream video that can plug directly into your controller.

 Planar Magnetics Are Underappreciated In the Gaming World

The drivers on the Drop Plus HIFIMAN HE4XX headphones helped Planar Magnetics win the  Editors’ Choice Award.  The open-back style allows airflow into the speakers and provides a good intake for the Bass Booster installed. As a result, these are excellent for everyday universal use. In addition, these headphones will provide the perfect audio experience for Gaming and Music from other devices.

The open back also has a disadvantage to leaking sound, which is tolerable if used in a private setting but may cause a distraction in public if turned up too loudly. The cable it comes with is less than five feet long, but that’s perfect for gaming on a laptop or mobile device.

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD280Pro Provides Dynamic Sound Quality

The headphones are meant to be used with an audio interface but can be plugged in directly to any controller with the 3.5mm jack. In addition, the Sennheiser Pros are comfortable to wear for a long time due to the synthetic leather pads installed on the headbands.  The foldable design also makes them easy to remove and put back on.

These headphones are fabulous for the elaborate system setup. Additionally, these headphones are a great addition to an already set up quality sound interface.  These headphones are studio monitoring quality in an over-ear design. These headphones also feature volume controls and noise cancelation.

The Focal Closed-Back Headphones Have Full Range Drivers

This model is built for listening and provides the full range of the audio spectrum.  The sound quality coming from the earpiece of these headphones is impeccable.  The low-frequency enhancement combined with the closed-back makes these headphones a top pick for travel.

The most popular features are:

·         Low Frequencies

·         Unmatched Tonal Balance

·         Soundproof

·         Comfortable

The LyxPro Has-15 Studio Headphones Are Great for Sound Isolation

This set is for the everyday user but has some excellent features that make gamers happy. The detachable cord will provide a long-lasting experience and allow for higher-quality cables to be used if needed. The lower bass frequencies could use a boost on this set, but the sound quality is excellent overall. In addition, the earmuffs are changeable, making them easy to accessorize. Finally, the highs and lows are pretty in tune with the mids, so you don’t get the super loud treble or bass. Overall these headphones are fabulous for campaign gaming.

The Heave Lightweight Gaming Headset comes in a Variety of Colors

This headset is a great starter or spare pair headset to have around. This headset has a simple over-ear design with some okay foam pads on the earmuffs. The headphones boast about their anti-sweat protection and how you can wear these headphones for a long time without them falling off of your head. There is some high-fidelity sound with noise reduction technology, but the quality is average.  

These headphones are great for travel as they are very durable and of decent quality for the price. It is an excellent set to have around for a visitor to use or as a headset for mobile gaming.

The Focal Open Back Headphones Have the Most Comfortable Ear Muffs

The perforated ear muffs on this set of headphones have the most comfortable suede you could possibly find on a set of headphones. The open back allows these headphones to transmit the bass input dynamically through the ear canal. The focal open backs are one of the top of the line headphones for gaming. These headphones are so good because they really capture the cinematic experience right into your ears. The set does come with two cords that allow you to plug into any 3.5mm jack. 

The Sephia SP3060  Earbuds Have a Tangle Free Cord

These earbuds are a great addition to any traveling pack. The cord is made of high-quality material, which will help the pair of headphones last longer. They are also noise isolating which makes them a perfect pair for road trips. There are six different sets of earpads that come with the headphones, so you are destined to find one set that fits you perfectly.

There is Something For Everyone

Regardless of which pair of headphones you choose, there is something in here for everyone. Whether you are looking for comfort, or hi fidelity audio you will find it in this list. Each of these pairs of headphones connect to either a console, or a PC with a 3.5mm audio jack. The open backs have improved tremendously over the years and sometimes make the better pair when compared to some of the closed back pairs.