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Applying The Art of Seduction

I will give you the 10 Best ways to learn art of seduction! I think every man must learn these rules of seduction if he wants to succeed with Women. First rule. Have Ready Answer. A trained Pick Up artist can anticipate and have a prepared answer for any common social challenge. He experimented with the entire spectrum of different responses. He found an efficient response and test it in the field (street/disco) and mastered it.

So when the challenge(girl) comes up, it goes to the surface automatically, and it is automatically carried out by an unconscious mind. Just as every behaviour that becomes trained becomes automatic.


The gaming process itself is a reward, more important than the outcome. It’s fascinating to meet new people and explore their lives. Act energetically (your job is to take care of every moment and give it energetically from one point to the other, whether it involves moving from one phase to the next). Here I will explain to you step by step guide how to do it correctly.


None of this is possible if there is no attraction. She will certainly not accept your efforts to create relaxation if there is no attraction among you. If you go too early to create relaxation, it will only make you less attractive to her. A short explanation of how this should look like:

P1: Opening;                  P2: Women-Men interest;                         P3: Men – Women interest;
O1: Conversation;      O2: Connecting;                                               O3: Intimacy;
Z1: Seduction;               Z2: Resistance at the last moment;       Z3: Sex.

P1. A man using a trained game approaches the Girls at the Bar, using indirect opening. He does not act like he needs something or is interested in a target, he acts as if he is in a hurry somewhere. It then displays a higher value in front of the group and goes beyond the social acceptance point.

P2. He continues to showcase the richness of his personality through stories, humour, games, various skills, palm, poetry, etc. This, combined with his apparent lack of interest in the subject, raises his social value in line with her, and enhances her emotional state. She will respond to the indicators of interest.

P3.- O1. As she increasingly invests in interaction, she rewards the indicators of his interest. Then he moved to the quieter part of the bar to begin with the provocation of lightness and the creation of a relaxed atmosphere.

O2.- O3. By moving to a local restaurant and time brimming to dinner on the next day, it creates relaxation, connectivity and confidence during a cumulative seven-hour period. At some point during the O2 phase, they start to make out. With a certain amount of time he will take her to her apartment.

Z1.- Z2.- Z3. Finally, he takes her to his bedroom, starts with a prediction, overcomes resistance at the last moment, and have sex with her.

2. Opening

When you start talking to a group of girls, your immediate goal is to get to the point of social acceptance. That moment comes when the group starts enjoying the conversation with you and wishes to continue it. When this happens, you have successfully opened the group and you are accepted by the group. It is easy to find out when this happens because there will be interest indicators.

Opening is a short story or statement that is used to gain the attention of the group and deserve its acceptance. This is not a good time for a man to formally present himself. It’s not good to introduce yourself “Hey, I’m Mario,” because we have to take the whole group’s attention and not only one girl. Beautiful women never go out alone, but in the group. And don’t try anything with a girl before the time comes.


ME: Congratulations!
Girl: What, when, when?
ME: You passed my first test – you look interesting that made me join you and open this conversation with you. Now I want to see if you’re funny.

This dialogue will not make a woman like a magical stick warm up for you, and you’re right. It is not even planned. Of course, it is designed to be fun and spontaneous.

3. Woman Shield

Women’s use a multitude of tactics to protect themselves from men they consider to have a small social value:

• They say they have a boyfriend
• Are surrounded by friends
• Behave like bitches, insult you
• Take a repugnant body stance
• Do not make eye contact
• Show lack of interest
• They are elusive and want to dance
• They lack the sense of humor

There are also methods that women use for their protection range from subtle and mild to tough and cruel. The opening phase is the time you need to remove the shield and reach the acceptance point. You can try to remove her shield with your perseverance,though she behaves badly to you. Never be angry, just stay in a good mood and do not allow anything to affect you. Nothing is too important. As you show your appreciation and the utter lack of desire, it will begin to open to you.

4. Prepared Material

If a special skill in displaying values is prepared and stored, this means that it is mastered and adopted, ready for use on the field (disco).

For a man who seduces the Open Mind, it is of crucial importance to exercise a spontaneous, natural conversation. I suggest you also create a standard inventory of ready-to-use materials that you can use at the beginning: opening, few trained routines, and so on. Even if certain stored routines, and even powerful lines are tried on the field, can be found on the Internet and in books, in the long run you have to collect your material. When you get to a certain story or routine of tens of times, you do not even have to think about what you are talking about. Your mind is free for other tasks, such as planning the next move. You’ve already fully explored all the conversations that might have come up with that material.

5. Body Language

When you start opening, do not turn your body towards the group or a girl. The head can be turned to the group as you address them, but this should not be the case with your body. This factor drastically affects the percentage of successfully open groups.

There are two common scenarios for opening (in disco):
1.) You will simply walk past the group as you return to your friends. Then, as you past a group of girls,stop, turn your head to them and make your own opening. If you open it successfully,you can turn your whole body towards them.
2.)You are already part of another society,located next to the group of girls. And that means you’re already socially proven. At the right moment, simply lean against your target group and, over your shoulders, make the opening. Then, as in the previous case, if your opening succeeds, you can turn your whole body to them.

The quality of your voice is extremely important.
• Speak with a deep, powerful voice coming from your diaphragm
• Be emotionally expressive with your voice
• Try to speak slowly and clearly: (eliminate “this”, “as” and”you know” ..)
• Speak with a lot of breaks: Create … a certain rhythm … a specific way… speech.
• Speak loudly: Women are programmed to respond automatically to men who speak louder.

6. Women’s Interests For Men

How to uncover that interest? Now that the group is open, it is time to develop the attraction. You have to choose one of the girl in the group so that you can twist.

A woman can deliberately discover her own interest indicators but also unconsciously. Examples of this are:

• She starts talking again when you stop talking
• Touches you.
• Trying to trigger a reaction and relax you.
• Shakes hair (to see if you will look at it).
• If eye contact occurs at a certain distance, it keeps it for a moment.
• You agree
• Break your conversation or laugh at something you said.
• Se asks you for your name
• She asks you for years. (Let her hit!)
• Give you a compliment.
• Gives you a nickname.
• She mentions your girlfriend, and she does not even know if you are single or taken
• Call you a player or a heart breaker.
• Before she goes home, she returns to tell you that she is leaving (Get her phone number!)
• When you go, she asks you where you are going. (Invite her to come with you.)

Sometimes it does not matter what she is doing, but what she isn’t doing and in this way shows you your interest.

7. Fake Indicators of Interest

Keep in mind that girls can play fake interest and match you. For example, a girl can send you fake indicators of interest and want you to pay her a drink. You’re not attractive to her but she is trying to manipulate you. And, of course, if it’s easy to manipulate, you will be less attractive to her. She could send you fake indicators of interest just so you can stay close as a free party.

Also, the girl will sometimes send you fake indicators of interest only to see if she can tell you to replay them. If you cross over to them easily, before earned them, then you’ve only become one more point on your self-reinforcement band and she will look for more challenges in the second place.

Non-Interesting Indicators:
1. Avoiding eye contact,avoiding your calls
2. She will act that she don’t hear you while you are talking to her
3. Does not participate in the conversation
4. She is impatient
5. Looks somewhere else while you are talking to her
6. Turn to the other side, turn your back or talk to someone else
7. Does not react or respond to you with “ok” instead of making a real answer

8. Intercepting Conversation

You will surely find yourself in this kind of situation. The girl could start a story about something that was boring, or to which it will be distressed. She can also talk to you about her ex boyfriend which she did not yet overcome. When this happens, simply FIND some topic and switch to the next routine.


SHE: Every time I hear this song I think about him.
ME: Let me look at your hands. (start talking story’s by looking at her palm)

In fact, not only will it work, but you will be more attractive for that as well that will show you have a stronger frame.

Role Playing:

Amusing role playing develops the appeal. Think of a funny scenario in your head and describe it to a woman. Make sure it’s fun and humorous, not tough:


You know what I want to do? … You and I are going to Paris … We will open a 101-type chocolate store, I’ll do business and you’ll be a chocolate advisor.

Sometimes small pieces of this kind of material are better than long stories. Practice normal conversations and then insert small pieces like this. 


You know what I want to do with you? Let’s get a job to keep the exotic islands safe. All you need to know is to swim, to love nature and have a passion for life in nature. And the salary? $ 100,000 / month. Are you interesting?

9. Locking

It is not wise to open a group while everyone is waiting for drinks to be served – this will only bring you a constant string of interruptions during that time. Wait until the drinks are served.

As you open a group, the girls will be facing their back to the bar. They will see the entire space behind you across your shoulder. But you will not see anything except the bar behind their back. In other words, you want to take their place on the bar. Revolutionary maneuver, adapted to help you to steal their place.

How you do it?
First I say to the girl,”Do this.” I put my hand to the height of my hips, with the palm facing up. If she follow what you are doing, take her hand and say: “And now, a little turn. ” (spin her like when you dance). This is another tolerance test. During that time, I moved away from where I was, and take the place where she was.

After that I say, “Yes! That’s your prize. And this is a reward …ooohh! ” In this example, you are facing to the club while the girl is facing you and looking at you . That is the position you wanted to end without looking at her back all the time. Now she has no choice but to turn to you.

10. Compliments

Don’t say silly things like “You’re so sexy”, “You’re my dream girl,” etc. Praise her style, her energy, her attitude, or a unique choice of clothing. Do not be the kind of guy who always makes compliments about the necklace that she wears.Learn to notice things. Try to share compliment and afterwards ask her a personal question. Do not mention her look !!!

Try to share a compliment that directs you that she behaves the way you want it and to play the role that suits you. Here’s the example: “You seem to be very related to your emotions. It seems to me that you are really listening to your female intuition.”

You can also use with these types of compliments which most often pass through women:

• “You seem to be the person who really knows what you wants. I admire it. “
• “You really care about your friends. I bet you would be a really good mother. “
• “You have good energy.”
• “I notice you are the leader of your friends. Why is that so?”
• “You are a great carpenter.”
• “You are a very cute girl. What are you doing in this place? “

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