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Are All Oral B Brush Heads Interchangeable?

Are All Oral B Brush Heads Interchangeable?

When it comes to oral hygiene, the leader in the market is undoubtedly Oral-B. The company has been creating electric toothbrushes for a while now, and people tend to love them – plus, the results on your dental health are remarkable. But, a question you may have wondered is – are the brush heads compatible and interchangeable with each other?

It turns out Oral-B’s toothbrush heads are interchangeable. And this extends to pretty much all of the electric toothbrushes, no matter how old the model is. However, there is one exception to this rule, with the Oral-B iO series. Instead of having an interchangeable brush head, they come with two head options that will only fit the iO brushes. 

So, what are the different kinds of toothbrush heads, and why is the iO series different? We dive into all of this and more with this article. Keep reading to learn more about your favorite electrical toothbrush resource!

What Oral-B Brush Heads Are Exchangeable?

Oral-B has, over the years, created seven main types of brush heads. These include the following brush head options:

  1. CrossAction brush heads
  2. Sensitive brush heads
  3. Precision Clean brush heads
  4. Floss Action brush heads
  5. 3D White brush heads
  6. TriZone brush heads
  7. iO Series brush heads

Each brush head comes with a different purpose but the same goals – improving your dental hygiene and resulting in healthy gums and teeth. So, let’s look into each of these brush heads in detail to learn more.  

CrossAction Brush Heads

The first brush head we look at today is the CrossAction brush head. The standout feature of this brush is the bristles, which Oral-B arranges in a criss-cross pattern at an angle of 16 degrees. The most significant benefit of this change from a regular brush is that the CrossAction brushes can really get into the gumline. 

This feature helps to avoid the risk of gum issues. Additionally, the brush head is exceptionally comfortable, and the rounded head won’t rattle about in your mouth. The CrossAction brush heads also boast an ability to remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush due to its superior technology.

Phot: Oral-B

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Sensitive Brush Heads

Sensitive brush heads are the best option for people who have, as the name suggests, sensitive gums and teeth. The brush includes bristles that are ultra-soft to touch, making it an excellent option for people with sensitivity issues. However, that doesn’t mean the brush heads aren’t functional. 

In fact, the sensitive brush heads stand out as an exceptional product because it balances the soft with the tough. The bristles are unlikely to irritate the gums but will be tough on plaque and other debris within the mouth. If you have recently gone through a tooth surgery or recently had some tooth work done, this might be the brush head for you.

Photo: Oral-B

Precision Clean Brush Heads

Precision Clean brush heads include a special kind of bristle, which Oral-B calls MicroPulse bristles. With these brush heads, you can reach the deepest parts of your gum and teeth, allowing you to clean out spots other brushes can’t reach. The end result will be teeth and gums that are spotless, clean, and healthy.

Dentists say the bristles move at a speed that is the healthiest and can really get into the crevices to clean out your teeth. If you feel a regular toothbrush doesn’t clean as well as you would like, this is the brush head for you.

Photo: Oral-B

FlossAction Brush Heads

Another brush head to consider if you are looking to avoid plaque issues totally is the Floss Action brush head. This product by Oral-B is perfect for people looking to prevent plaque issues before they become a severe issue requiring dental action.

Oral-B has built the brush to mimic dental tools, and even though this brush head is larger than other options, it offers far more extensive work. The delicate bristles can get into the small gaps between your teeth and prevent plaque buildup. 

Photo: Oral-B

3D White Brush Heads

If teeth whitening is your concern when using Oral-B products, this is the brush head you are looking for. The 3D white brush head by Oral-B comes with the highest quality of bristles. The bristles are arranged in both cylindrical and flat bunches, which allows it to clean and polish your teeth at the same time. 

Plus, the brush head comes with a rubber polishing cup. The benefit of having this cup available is that it gently removes surface stains on your teeth, resulting in a brighter, healthier smile, along with clean gums and teeth.

Photo: Oral-B

TriZone Brush Heads

TriZone brush heads resemble a regular toothbrush the most but don’t be fooled by their looks alone. These brushes have different zones of bristles, each accomplishing different kinds of cleaning on your teeth. A power tip is available on the brush, which can move and reach deep crevices.

On the other hand, longer stationary bristles can stay in place and clean each tooth in an ideal way. These zones help to take care of plaque buildup. The brush also specializes in cleaning black teeth that are notoriously hard to clean. 

Photo: Oral-B

iO Series Brush Heads

The newest product that Oral-B has created is the iO series brushes. These brushes are best for routine dental care. The new toothbrush series includes two brush heads, which only exclusively are compatible with just the iO series brushes.

The bristles on these brushes are called ‘Tuft-in-Tuft’ and can facilitate some excellent tooth and gum care. A Gentle Care brush head is available, which focuses on care for sensitive teeth and gums.

Photo: Oral-B

What Brush Heads Are Compatible

Now that we’ve gone over all of the brush heads, it’s time to discuss which brush heads are exchangeable. In truth, all of these are compatible with each other, except for the iO Series. The iO Series brush heads are only compatible with the new range of electrical toothbrushes.


When it comes to maintaining dental hygiene and care at home, there is no other like Oral-B. The electrical brushes from Oral-B are the perfect solution to your dental needs, so start brushing now!