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Are Bose Headphones Good for Gaming?

Are Bose Headphones Good for Gaming?

American company Bose specializes in high-quality audio equipment but has only recently started manufacturing gaming headphones. This recent foray may make you wonder if Bose has brought its trademark quality to gaming.

On average, Bose headphones are good for gaming. They tend to be on the more expensive side but provide a good bridge between traditional headphones and gaming headsets. The sound quality is great, but experienced gamers may seek a more powerful mic.

If you are interested in purchasing Bose headphones for gaming, read on to find out more about what the company can offer you.

Are Bose Headphones Good for Gaming?

Bose is a company with decades of experience in manufacturing audio equipment. Established in 1964, Bose is one of the most powerful names on the market. Recently, the company started to produce a range of gaming headsets.

With the gaming industry growing so much, Bose has seen the profitability of creating headphones specific for gaming. The company has brought its signature quality to gaming headphones, from the noise-canceling feature to the practical, lightweight build.

What Is the Compatibility of Bose Headphones?

Bose gaming headphones have been created to be as versatile as possible. They are compatible with PC, as well as the PlayStation, the Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. To facilitate this cross-compatibility, Bose gaming headphones include a detachable mic.

There is a 2.5mm jack on the headphones where the detachable mic can go, and the 3.5mm corded jack makes it easy to use with most types of devices. When using the headphones for gaming on the PC, players can use the USB-A volume dial.

What Are the Best Bose Headphones for Gaming?

The Bose offering considered the best for gaming is the Quiet Comfort 35 II headset. This is a highly comfortable option with great noise canceling. The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II gaming headset is a version of the previously-made Quiet Comfort 35 II. This new version has been designed specifically for gaming.

This 2-in-1 Bose gaming headset is great for wired and wireless use. It is a versatile choice that can be used as traditional headphones, thanks to the detachable mic. When needed for gaming, the noise-rejecting mic and the PC desktop controller make the experience even more streamlined.

This gaming headset has built-in voice assistants. It is optimized for use with the Amazon Alexa and Google assistants, which enhance the wireless experience and overall functionality.

What Are the Advantages of Bose Headphones for Gaming?

The design for the Bose gaming headphones makes them a great solution for gaming that can be used as a traditional headset too. There are various reasons why you should consider a Bose option when choosing a new gaming headset:

  • The detachable boom mic: This is a great practical feature that Bose offers with the gaming headset. It is easy to transition from traditional headphones to gaming headsets through this option. The mic is Discord certified and includes noise-rejecting functionality.
  • Great noise-canceling: The Bose gaming headphones include the company’s patented Acoustic Noise Canceling technology. This is what is behind the crisp and rich sound quality offered by the headset.
  • Comfortable wear: The Bose gaming headphones feature an ultra-lightweight design that provides a very comfortable fit. The smaller earcups included in the design make these headphones highly suitable for everyday or extended use.
  • Good battery life: Bose gaming headphones can be used for 40 hours in wired mode. When using them in wireless mode, they can hold out for around 20 hours. This makes them a great choice for long gaming sessions.

What Are the Disadvantages of Bose Headphones for Gaming?

While there are plenty of benefits to using Bose headphones for gaming, experienced gamers may notice some disadvantages.

  • The price: Gamers may find Bose’s headphones a bit pricey considering the features on offer. Retailing between $269 and $329, they are at the higher end of the budget and competing with headphones in the same range that have more to give.
  • The detachable mic isn’t sold separately: For those who already have the original version of the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, there is no way to simply add the detachable boom mic that turns it into a gaming headset. This requires buying a completely new headset, which may seem excessive.
  • The audio quality is better for non-gaming: When watching a movie with the Bose gaming headphones, the sound is very clear and rich. While this usually translates to games with a good soundtrack, it may seem less high-quality with other options.


The Bose headphones are good for gaming. They offer standard features and great sound quality, but they are expensive for what they provide. For Bose fans looking to invest in sound quality and gaming functionality, it is a good option.