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Are Dogs Allowed At Fort Robinson State Park

Are Dogs Allowed At Fort Robinson State Park

An outrageous expectation on dog owners is to travel without their dogs. That is often impossible or can be quite a hassle. If you do not wish to pay extra for babysitting or feel the pain of abandoning your dog for a few days, Fort Robinson is the most dog-friendly park to visit. 

Dogs are allowed and welcome to the park but must follow certain guidelines. Some of these include being on a 6 feet leash, being calm, not causing disturbance to other visitors, and not littering. 

For more information about what activities your dog can take part in and where you can stay with your dog, please continue reading.

Fort Robinson State Park

Fort Robinson State Park is a popular tourist destination in Nebraska, United States. It covers over 22,000 acres of natural beauty with various outdoor recreational activities, historical sites, and cultural events.

The park was originally a military fort established in 1874 as a base for the United States Army during the Indian Wars. Today, the park is a popular destination for history buffs, offering a glimpse into the past through the park’s museums and historic buildings.

For a virtual tour of the park, watch this video:

Are Dogs Allowed At Fort Robinson State Park

Yes, dogs are allowed at Fort Robinson State Park, but there are some rules and regulations that pet owners should be aware of. 

Here are some of the guidelines for bringing dogs to the park.

  • Please ensure that your dog is leashed at all times. This is to avoid inconvenience for other visitors, pets, and yourself. The leash must be at most 6 feet. 
  • Before you enter a building, please make sure that you check that the building allows dogs in. Some designated buildings in the park could be more dog-friendly, like the museums. 
  • Clean up after your dog and make sure that you dispose of the waste properly as well. 
  • Some hiking trails do not allow dogs; please be watchful of this. 
  • Please watch your dog closely when you are close to the wildlife in the park.
  • Be watchful of where your dog goes and who they interact with. Causing a scene or having a situation can be a hassle for you and the park administration.
  • Try to make the experience of your dog and others around as safe as possible. 

Are Other Pets Allowed At Fort Robinson State Park

Unfortunately, only dog owners get to have the luxury of visiting the park in the company of their babies. According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, only dogs are allowed at Fort Robinson State Park. 

Other pets, such as cats, birds, and reptiles, are not allowed in the park for safety and conservation reasons. The park is a natural habitat for various wildlife, and introducing non-native animals can disrupt the ecosystem and potentially harm wildlife. 

If you have a service animal, such as a guide dog, that is trained to assist you with a disability, they may be allowed in the park. However, you should check with the park in advance to confirm the park’s policies and any requirements for service animals.

Activities For Your Dog At Fort Robinson State Park

Before we dive into everything the park offers for your dog, we want to reiterate that all of the guidelines mentioned above must be followed when carrying out all these activities. Please be respectful of other people’s experiences and space.

Below is a list of fun activities you can participate in with your baby.


If your dog is in the habit of long walks and hikes, Fort Robinson can be the perfect place for you. The park offers a wide range of hiking trails varying in difficulty levels. If your dog is not into hiking, relatively easier trails can be a good starting point for your dog. Some widely used trails by dog owners are the Soldier Creek Trail and the Mexican Canyon Trail.


Fort Robinson offers camping for everybody, but what if we tell you that your dog can join in on the experience? Most campsites, which include cabins and RVs, are dog friendly. We recommend you check in with the administration to ensure a pleasurable experience for you and your pet.

Running And Playing

Fort Robinson Park is expansive and spreads over a massive piece of land. This allows people to run around and play sports on the grounds. You can do this with your dog. This can also be a good place to let your dog make new friends and play with them.


As mentioned earlier, the park offers expansive grounds. These make for the perfect picnic spot, which overlooks beautiful scenery. Bring your dog to your picnic, and have a fun family day!

Pet-Friendly Lodging

If you are traveling with your dog, you must find a place to stay which allows dogs. Below we discuss all the options you must consider inside and outside the Fort Robinson State Park. 

At Fort Robinson

We discussed camps earlier where you can stay in Fort Robinson. Most campsites in the park allow pets to live with their owners as long as the guidelines are followed. They also suggest dog owners manage noise and cause minimal disturbance to other visitors. 

Apart from the camps, some old officers’ quarters have now become guest houses. Some of them allow dogs to stay but charge a separate fee. The fee is minimal, though. 

Outside Fort Robinson

The closest city to Fort Robinson is Crawford; some would even argue that Fort Robinson is in Crawford. If you do not wish to stay in the park, staying in Crawford can be a wonderful idea. Some pet-friendly hotels in Crawford include:

  1. High Plains Homestead
  2. Hilltop Motel

Final Thoughts

Are you not delighted to hear this and excited to take a trip to Fort Robinson State Park? You should be. Taking your dogs on your travels makes the experience more wholesome, meaningful, and home-like. Also, your dog deserves to see the scenery that Fort Robinson offers.