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Are Nerf Blasters Waterproof?

Are Nerf Blasters Waterproof?
  • Nerf guns are not waterproof
  • Even though Nerf guns are water-resistant, they are not built for complete soaking
  • The main issue you will come across is the water tends to rust the springs and screws and cause damage to the darts
  • There is a solution to mixing Nerf and water! (I’ll share below)
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Nerf guns are fun to use during a hot summer day. While it might be tempting to push your buddy into the pool during your Nerf battle, there are some things you should consider first. The main thing you should consider is: Will the water ruin his Nerf gun?

Although Nerf guns can possibly take a few splashes of water, they are not made to be completely submerged in water.

Nerf has been around for quite some time. In fact, the first Nerf blaster was built in 1969! However, if you assumed they would’ve made their blasters waterproof by now, you’d be wrong.

Will a Gun Fire Underwater?

Nerf guns are exciting to use and you may find yourself curious as to what circumstances you can put the gun under and have it still fire. For example, you may want to push the limits and fire your Nerf gun underwater.

Although it might seem tempting to take your Nerf blaster underwater for the ultimate swimming pool battle, it’s best to keep them on dry land.

When brought underwater, the foam darts start to stick to the surface of the gun. It can end up clogging the gun with water and ultimately damaging the blaster.

Not only will this temporarily cause your gun to stop working, but it can case permanent damage to both the darts and metal pieces! The foam darts absorb the water and end up getting soft. Limp bullets aren’t half as fun to play with and do not fire as far.

Even if you are not firing your blaster under water, do your best to keep the foam darts dry. They will last for a longer duration of time, meaning more blaster battles with your friends!

Rusted Screws

The next big issue you can find yourself running into is the rusting of metal parts in your Nerf gun after they have gotten wet.

Thought the interior of your Nerf gun was completely plastic? Well, think again! Watch this video to see what really is going on inside your Nerf gun, or you can try taking the blaster apart on your own to see for yourself!

The most noticeable– and most important– metal part inside your Nerf gun is the spring. This spring is what powers your darts forward. If the spring were to get wet it could rust and eventually break. This would render your Nerf gun useless.

Another issue resulting from exposing your Nerf gun to water is rusty screws. Although rusty screws are a safety hazard and could break, they are easy to remove and replace. But who wants to spend money replacing all the rusty screws on their Nerf gun? No one! So give your wallet a break and keep the Nerf guns dry.

Power in the Pool

Since their original blaster was released, Nerf has continued to innovate its product line. In 2012 Nerf released its first electronic blaster! Since then they have continued to implement electronic features into many of their Nerf guns.

While these bring Nerf to a whole new level of epicness, it also makes it even more important to keep your Nerf guns away from water.

As we all know, electronics and water is a HUGE safety hazard. Not to mention that exposing the batteries to water could cause them to short and begin discharging. Battery acid is not something to mess around with, so once again I emphasize, KEEP THE NERF GUNS DRY!

Built for the H20

Still wanting to bring all the epicness of a Nerf battle to the pool? Ready for that solution I promised you? Well here it is!

Although normal Nerf blasters can be easily damaged near water, in 2010 Nerf released its first Super Soaker! While this blaster does not shoot individual darts, it does fire steady streams of water. It is all the fun of a water war and a Nerf battle combined!

So grab a Nerf Super Soaker and get ready for the perfect summer time pool party!

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