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Are Nerf Darts Universal? Learn the truth in this post

Are Nerf Darts Universal? Learn the truth in this post
  • Nerf produces several different kinds of foam darts compatible with their blasters
  • Nerf darts can sometimes be used in other blaster brands
  • Not all Nerf darts are compatible with all Nerf brand blasters
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When you purchase your Nerf blasters (or other brand blasters) you may have noticed that your purchase only includes enough darts to fill the blaster or it’s cartridge only one time. This means that while in battle, once you run out of ammo you will have no extra darts to reload with!

When purchasing extra darts for your blaster battles, you will need to make sure that the darts you purchase are compatible with your Nerf blaster. This can be especially difficult when ordering foam darts online.

Below you can find the truth as to which darts will be compatible with your foam dart blaster and which ones will not work! Ready to get started?

Different Types of Nerf Darts

Pack of 30 Nerf N-Strike Elite Darts; Facebook Marketplace

Currently, Nerf produces 14 different types of darts with another 21 dart version that have been discontinued! Yes that means that you might have 35 different types of Nerf darts in your ammo bin.

The Nerf Darts currently in circulation are AccuStrike, BattleCamo, Doomlands, Elite, Fortnite, Fortnite Mega, GlowStrike, Mega, Mega AccuStrike, Sonic Streamer, Star Wars, Suction, ULTRA, Zombie Strike.

For some of the darts, their only difference will be their color schemes. For others, they may be different in size, tip, and purpose.

When you purchase your Nerf gun, inside the packaging will be enough darts to fill your blaster once. These darts will be the most compatible for the design and function of your blaster. However this does not mean that in all cases these are the only darts your blaster will be able to use.

Most Nerf blasters will use all forms of Nerf darts. The exception to this rule is clip loaded blasters.

Clip blasters are only able to use streamline darts (ZombieStrike darts are simply a different colored version of Streamline darts). If you fill your clip with a different form of Nerf darts than the streamline darts, you run the risk of jamming the clip and the gun. Not only will this cause jams, but it could ruin the darts as well.

If your blaster fires using a clip load system be sure only to use the dart line created for that clip system!

Another type of Nerf dart made specifically for only one type of blaster is the Nerf Mega series. These darts are bigger and therefore cannot be used the either the front loader or clip system blasters.

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Other Foam Dart Brands

3 BoomCo Blasters and extra smart stick darts

If you have another brand of foam dart blaster or a few different brands of foam darts, you maybe curious as to which darts will fit in which blasters.

Skip the step where you ruin some of your darts and check out our list below to see what brand of foam darts work with different kinds of blasters!

Type of DartNerf Clip Blaster CompatibleNerf Front Loader CompatibleNerf Mega CompatibleBoomco Compatible
Nerf EliteXX
Nerf StreamlineXX
Nerf Zombie StrikeXX
Nerf WhistlerXX
Nerf Suction DartsXX
Nerf Elite Suction DartsXX
Buzzbee DartsXX
Buzzbee ExtremeX
Matell BOOMcoX
Primetime SuperdartX

Content courtesy of Blaster Hub.

While the majority of foam darts will work with all kinds of Nerf blasters, there are some (as listed above) that only work with their own brand of blasters.

As mentioned before Nerf MEGA can not be used in any blaster but the Nerf MEGA series blasters due to its larger size. But what about BoomCo darts?

What even is Boomco? Boomco is made by Mattel, a blaster company now owned by Nerf and Hasbro! While the Boomco brand is now owned by Nerf, the two different brands can not use each other’s darts interchangeably.

Both brands are made with foam and are about the same length. The difference between the two brands’ darts is in the tips. While Nerf produces darts with several different kinds of tips, BoomCo only makes darts with one kind of tip.

The tip of BoomCo darts uses smart stick technology and because of their thinner designs, they are only able to work with BoomCo brand blasters.

Before purchasing an off brand package of foam darts for your Nerf gun, take a look at the reviews and questions section to see if other buyers listed its compatibility with Nerf blasters.

Choosing the Right Darts

Man loading MEGA darts into a Nerf MEGA blaster

Now that you know which darts are compatible with your foam dart blaster, you are probably left wondering which darts you should use!

If you are only looking for a little bit of easy fun with your Nerf blaster, then the standard foam Nerf darts are the perfect option (or any like brand). However, if you are looking for a more advanced use for your Nerf blaster, switching to a different brand of foam darts might be just what you need to up your game.

Since each brand of dart is made slightly different, there are bound to be some performance differences.

While a heavier dart is more likely to hit the target, it is less likely to fly as far since the weight will pull it down. If you are looking to use your Nerf blaster at a shorter distance and want greater accuracy, try out the Buzzbee Extreme Darts!

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If the heavier darts did not fly as far, then the lighter darts are more likely to fly further distances. However, because the dart has a lighter weight it will not fly as steady through the air. This leads to a lower accuracy rate, but a further distance per shot!

The lightest dart for your Nerf gun is the X-shot Excel. Click this link to find a pack of your own on Amazon! Not only is the X-shot Excel the perfect long distance dart, but it is compatible with the clip loaded Nerf blasters too!

Want the best of both worlds with a dart that flies far and accurately? Test out a BoomCo blaster! The BoomCo brand smart stick darts fly over great distances and are highly accurate! Click here to order a BoomCo blaster and darts today!

If you change up the type of foam darts you are using and do not see your desired results, you may have try some more drastic measures!

In order to get a specific function out of your Nerf darts, you might consider modifying the Nerf darts you already have, or may even try to build some Nerf darts of your own.

Either way you are bound to have some fun in the process and learn something along the way!

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