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Are North Face Backpacks Waterproof?

Are North Face Backpacks Waterproof?

When you’re camping, even if you’re doing into a desert area, you want a waterproof backpack. Not only does this protect your belongings, but it also ensures a comfortable camping experience. After all, who wants to haul a wet, soggy backpack during their excursion? With that said, with North Face being a popular brand for backpacks, you may be wondering if their backpacks are waterproof.

Only North Face’s Waterproof Rolltop Backpack is actually waterproof. Its impermeable exterior will keep your stuff dry no matter what. Most of North Face’s other backpacks are not waterproof; instead, they are water-resistant, meaning that if you get caught in a light rain shower, your stuff will be fine.

If North Face’s Waterproof Rolltop Backpacks aren’t your style, there are other waterproof backpacks on today’s market. Continue reading to learn more.

Are North Face Backpacks Waterproof?

There are three types of resistance, such as:

  • Waterproof. This means you can soak your backpack underwater, and no water will seep in. This technology is made possible by exterior fabrics, chemical coating, and overall construction. Even its zippers fight off water intrusion.
  • Water-repellent. This means the backpack comes with a hydrophobic coating. While this doesn’t ward off water altogether, it protects your belongings from bursts of water. It’s considered the medium-tier of water resistance.
  • Water-resistant. Water-resistant is the lowest type of protection against water intrusion.

Most North Face backpacks are water-resistant, not waterproof.  

Most backpacks, North Face backpacks or otherwise, are water-resistant. This means that if you get hit with a sprinkler, your stuff will probably be fine. However, if your friend pushes you into a swimming pool, your stuff will get soaked.

Now consider these two scenarios, but with a waterproof backpack: If you get hit with a sprinkler, you’re fine. Friend pushes you into a swimming pool? Also fine.

Can I Make My North Face Backpack Waterproof?

You have some options when it comes to insulating your North Face backpack from water. For instance, if you’re bringing a lot of clothing, you can use a vacuum-sealed bag to prevent water from soaking your stuff.

You may also consider:

  • Spraying your backpack with waterproof spray. This won’t necessarily make your backpack truly “waterproof”; however, it will increase its water resistance. Kiki Camp Dry is a good example of something you can use.
  • Applying seam sealer. It’s all in the name: seam sealers seal seams. GEAR AID Seam Grip does the trick.
  • Getting a backpack rain cover. You can purchase North Face Fully-Waterproof Hiking Backpack Rain Cover. It comes in four different sizes. 

Are There Other Types of Waterproof Backpacks?

North Face’s Waterproof Rolltop Backpacks aren’t your onlyoption if you’re looking for a waterproof backpack. There are other products on today’s market, such as:

  • FENGDONG 40L Waterproof Lightweight Hiking. This bad boy carries 40L of stuff and is made with a high-density polyester blend. Its zippers are also treated to prevent water intrusion.
  • ZOMAKE Lightweight Hiking Backpack. This carries up to 30 liters of water. Each of its zippers is treated with chemicals and has fabric covers. It’s also made out of nylon––one of the best waterproof fabrics.
  • Matein Travel Laptop Backpack. This waterproof, security-style backpack comes with all the bells and whistles, including a USB charging port. It’s made with durable, chemically-treated polyester.

What Should I Look for in a Waterproof Backpack?

During your research, you might have encountered a lot of products that claim to be “waterproof.” But can you be sure? When evaluating a potential waterproof backpack, consider these details:

The Type of Fabric

Your backpack’s fabric is its first line of defense against water intrusion. In no particular order, these fabrics are known for their waterproof qualities:

  • Wool
  • Waxed cotton
  • Oilcloth
  • Nylon and polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Pleather
  • Plastic

Stay away from backpacks made out of fleece or cotton. These are known as “water absorbers” and will not protect your belongings.

The Zippers and Seams

Zippers are water-resistant by design. But when examining your prospective waterproof backpack, look for oversewn seams. These can compromise the zipper’s integrity can let water in.

The zippers themselves shouldn’t be exposed; they should be covered by a fabric’s fold. You might even look for a waterproof backpack that doesn’t have zippers. Roll-down tops are great at insulating your belongings from water.

The Label

While the backpack’s tags might say “waterproof,” its interior label also tells a story. When checking the backpack’s interior label, look for:

  • What materials it’s made of
  • How you should wash it
  • Where it was made
  • How much water it can resistant
  • Its make and model

You should also look for how much weight your backpack can hold. Many waterproof backpacks are extremely lightweight and can’t handle extremely heavy items.

In Conclusion

For the most part, North Face backpacks aren’t waterproof. Only one of its rolltop backpacks is. However, you have plenty of options when protecting your belongings during your next adventure.