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Are Predator Generators Loud? Noise Level Facts

Are Predator Generators Loud? Noise Level Facts

A generator can be a lifesaver when the power goes out or when you’re out on a camping trip. I have found that investing in a worthy generator can make a massive difference in how things flow with young kids and a mobile lifestyle. However, one thing young kids don’t like – is the ‘scary’ noises that can come out when a generator is on. So, how quiet can a Predator generator be?

In general, Predator generators are relatively quiet. In fact, the quietest generator available in the range makes a sound of just 57 decibels. This makes it quieter than a lively conversation between friends. You can comfortably use it without worrying about scaring the kids or annoying the neighbors

So how exactly does the sound control on a predator generator work? And what advantages are there to a low-sound generator? To answer all of these questions and more, keep reading this article to learn about your Predator generator’s noise control!

Is The Predator Generator Loud?

Because the Predator generators include generators of all shapes and sizes, there is diversity in sound level between all the different generators. However, most of the generators are pretty quiet compared to other counterparts in terms of sound. 

Of all the generators, the Predator 3500 has the best sound management system. Although it is a powerful generator, this one only makes a sound of 57 decibels at the standard workload. That is well below safety meeds and is actually a pretty manageable sound level. That makes it ideal for a neighborhood or in a busy area. 

Reducing Sound Pollution From A Generator

While the predator generator is relatively quiet, there are ways to reduce sound pollution if you need absolutely no sound. First, you need to understand what causes the sounds. In most generators, the sound comes about because the engine rattles inside the metal cover of the generator. While this is not an issue with the Predator, other generators may face this issue. 

If you are on a camping trip or if you have available space, one thing you can do is keep the generator further away from home. This helps to avoid any disturbing sounds keeping you up or scaring kids and pets. Alternatively, you can do soundproofing to dampen some of the noise. For example, soundproof mats and generator boxes help cut down on the loud noise. 

The Benefits Of A Quiet Portable Generator

So why should you opt for a quiet portable generator like the ones offered by Predator? There are some core benefits to generators like this that can really make them stand out. We’ve gone over some of the main benefits so that you can see them all for yourself.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of using a modern, portable generator from Predator is fuel efficiency. What does this mean? This means that the generator needs less fuel to create the same output. You might be wondering, how does this generator do that? 

The answer lies in the generator’s ability to stabilize the rotations per minute and hence the total output. The generator can understand the exact output needed and use fuel accordingly, so these generators tend to last you for a long time with just one fuel load. 

Smaller Sizes

Generators like the Predator come with outstanding fuel efficiency. This means that they need far less fuel to run for longer. As a result, they don’t need substantial gas tanks that are difficult to carry around or fill up. This is great for economic decisions, and it just makes it easier to move and store your Predator generator. 

This also directly contributes to the overall weight of the engine. The engine being lighter is a huge help because that makes these generators genuinely portable. That’s why it’s so easy to take them with you on your next camping trip!


The most significant pull towards these generators is that they don’t make much noise. This is because inverter generators like the Predator don’t use a typical system. In most cases, sounds emerge from the motor, usually because the components hit each other and cause friction when you switch them on. 

So why are inverter generators quieter? This quietness emerges because currents are stabilized within these generators. Instead of the everyday tug and movement in the engine, there is a stable and consistent movement, which helps to keep things quieter. Not to mention, the engines in these generators are much smaller as well. 

In fact, some of the generators have a design that lends towards being quieter because the manufacturer will design them with noise reduction materials. You may notice that there are mufflers and insulating materials around the generators to maintain noise levels at a minimum.

Accessibility And Ease Of Use

One of the reasons people like using portable generators so much is that they are just easier to use. They usually come with LED displays, which help make using a generator all that easier. Not everyone has a deep understanding of generator technology and generators like Predator help bridge that gap. The tool and buttons are easy to understand and use, and switching them on is straightforward.

Photo: Harbor Freight

You can easily see notifications, warnings, and important information with the LED display. There are control panels available through which you can adjust the settings for your generator without having to open it all up. This makes using a generator much easier for the average person.

Environmentally Friendly

Predator generators are generally environmentally friendly. This is because they use less fuel for the same output and create fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This makes them more compliant with environmental regulations. It can also help put you at ease by using a greener product to get a better outcome. 


When it comes to quietness, a Predator generator is almost unmatched. Its low-decibel noise is quiet enough that you can use it at home without worrying about upsetting the neighbors. It’s also an excellent choice for homes with young children and pets, who might find a louder generator disturbing. Aside from this, the generator is also a great find because of its various other benefits.