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Are Scientologists…

Are Scientologists…

#1 Are Scientologists Rich?

Being rich is not an outright requirement to be a member of Scientology; however, many Scientologists are well-off financially or even celebrities, such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

With numerous six-figure expenses as a requirement of the belief system, being rich is not a requirement, but it is considered advantageous to cover Scientology-related expenses. Some would argue that you absolutely must be rich to be a member of Scientology.

Scientology is centered around life on earth, connecting one with spirit through the combination of immortal worship and science. Not dwelling on matters of the afterlife, Scientologists believe in living a spiritually-rich life while on earth, which does not require one to be rich.

With many of the practices of Scientology being kept heavily under wraps, they are a private denomination that holds the secrets of their practices hidden from the public.

Leah Remini, a former Scientology member for 35-years and also a famous Actress, writes:

“There is no other religion that I know of that requires two and a half hours of your day, a quarter of a million dollars minimum, and at least 40 years of your life.”

Being that the sect of Scientology is so private, this is not information that they will publicly verify or disclose. The price of admission into the religion is not public data, and the quote of $250,000 is unverifiable.

Some of the expenses required of Scientology members include but are not limited to:

  • Audits of therapy, costing $800 per hour
  • 12 Scientology books costing $4,000
  • Hubbard’s lectures
  • Various audio CDs
  • Donations to the Church
  • A membership fee
  • Reaching the clear, an average of $128,000
  • $33,000 to reach OT II
  • $100,000-130,000 to reach OT VIII (the highest level of Clear)

Learn Religions writes in their piece, ‘How Much Does Scientology Cost?’

“Ex-Scientologist Vance Woodward is known for his lawsuit against the Church, claiming that he was psychologically manipulated and that the organization ripped him off of $600,000 from 2007-2010″

Figure 1 – Business Insider – Cost of Scientology

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#2 Are Scientologists Vegan?

There are vegan Scientologists; however, being vegan is not a requirement to be a member of the Church of Scientology. writes about the query of any special dietary laws or requirements:

There are no dietary laws whatsoever and no general prohibitions against smoking or drinking. However, Scientology does have a mandatory rule banning the consumption of any alcohol within twenty-four hours of or during an auditing session or training. The effects of alcohol would make it impossible to benefit from these religious services.

Smoking is forbidden in course rooms or during auditing sessions, since it would distract oneself and others.”

Figure 2 –

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  • “May the author of the universe enable all men to reach an understanding of their spiritual nature.” – Verse recited in meetings.

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#3 Are Scientologists Allowed to Use The Internet?

Yes, Scientologists are able to use modern devices, including the internet. In fact, the Church encourages members to share their faith in the religion across their personal social media accounts.

With many of the audiobooks, resources, and guides online or on the Scientology TV Network, members are encouraged to have access to these tools. There are no rules about the access of members to the internet, with the church advertising on sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Although there is no direct law against internet usage, the Church of Scientology does warn members to be wary and vigilant to seek out the ‘truth.’

Scientology scriptures state that mass medic enterprises are innate ‘merchants of chaos,’ and not to be trusted. Members are encouraged to use the internet for the tool it is, but not place a moralistic weight in its offerings, revering the Church’s word above all else.

Dr. Poulter, a Wikimedia leader, states via the British Broadcasting Corporation:  

“Scientology was the first organization to be officially banned from Wikipedia.”

Nonetheless, someone searches for Scientology on the internet every 6 seconds, proving that their internet presence is not only in existence, but the word of the Church is growing. 

Figure 3 –

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#4 Are Scientologists Allowed to Watch TV?

Yes, with an entire network for their teachings, Scientologist TV, they are certainly allowed to watch television. There are zero rules from the Church of Scientology that forbid the use of televisions or internet access.

Figure 4 – Scientology TV

The Scientology Network offers the service without any advertisements because they claim that the objective is not revenue-based, but outreach- and educationally-based. They do not want to preach, but rather, inform.

The Scientology network is available on:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • DirectTV
  • Roku
  • Scientology.TV

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#5 Are Scientologists Brainwashed?

Commonly accused by outsiders as ‘brainwashing people,’ the Church of Scientology has experienced its fair share of public backlash. Known as The World’s Most Controversial Religion, even the Church has gone on public record that brainwashing or misinformation through cult-like techniques is not their intention.

Cases of this public criticism and condemnation of the methodology of the religion include but are not limited to:

  • Actor and former member Leah Remini is one of the rare few that have chosen to speak out against the religion in a negative context, stating on record about devout member and leader in the Church, Tom Cruise: “Tom Cruise is brainwashed.”
  • Jenna Miscavige Hill – Wrote a book depicting how she ‘lost her childhood to Scientology,’ and explicitly writes, “I feel brainwashed – a robot of Scientology.”
  • Actor Jason Beghe, quoted as saying, “Scientology is brainwashing.” 
Figure 5 – Vanity Fair

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Scientology has received so much disapproval and unfounded information about their practices, developing their own page on – Does Scientology Engage in Brainwashing or Mind Control?:

“No. In fact, what we do is exactly the opposite. Scientology frees people and enables them to think for themselves.

Millions of Church members from all walks of life have attested to the positive benefits received from Scientology. A common theme through personal success stories is that Scientologists feel more in control of their lives than ever.”

Over the years, the Church of Scientology has exposed numerous instances of brainwashing or mind-control practices, such as those involved in so-called “deprogramming.” Such practices are diametrically opposed to Scientology, which is intended to free Man and restore his ability to control his own life.”

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#6 Are Scientology Buildings Empty?

Yes, keeping a modern aesthetic that embodies the futuristic and science-led qualities of the religion, a minimalistic approach is taken for the decoration of official Scientology buildings.

The BBC writes of their England property in Gateshead:

                “Still empty after seven years.”

Owning 185 properties covering 101 acres in Clearwater, Florida. With Tampa Bay Officials writing:

“Scientology’s survival depends on the preservation of its headquarters in Clearwater.”

Seeking to cultivate as many properties next to each other as possible, Scientology appears to be buying out the city to keep a central hub for the network. Since Scientology leader, L. Ron Hubbard, wrote about replacing governments with a reinstated society ruled by the regulations of Scientology, he sought to expand the religion’s geographic authority as far as possible. Despite working to develop thousands of world-wide properties, they are still kept unoccupied by possessions and fairly empty.

Within the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, there are restaurants, such as the Renaissance Restaurant, which includes themed chairs and décor, as well as an L. Ron Hubbard museum, proving that there is furniture in the Church of Scientology.

Figure 6 – Business Insider – Photos of Scientology Headquarters

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