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Benefits of Castor Oil | Essential Homestead

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for thousands of years for its antibacterial benefits.  It is also referred to as “Palma Christe” because the leaves are said to resemble the shape of the palms of Christ.

benefits of castor oil
What is Castor Oil? Castor oil is most used for a sluggish bowl, skin and hair benefits.  Research shows that Castor oil also contains properties to boost the immune system. Castor oil contains a rare compound called ricinoleic acid.  This ricinoleic acid is not in many other plants and has been shown to have the following benefits: Reducing acne, promoting hair health, increasing circulation, reducing the effects of infection, supports the lymphatic system, eases constipation, reduced chapped skin, reduces itching and redness of skin, induces labor.
Ways to use Castor Oil
1. Fast acting face wash: 1 tsp Castor oil 1 egg yolk. Mix and apply to the face.  Let sit for 10-15 min.  Wash and rinse.
2.  Moisturize the skin:  1/4 c Castor oil and jojoba oil. Mix and apply to skin.  Let soak overnight.  Wash and rinse.
3.  Soothe a sunburn:  Equal parts Castor oil and coconut oil. Mix and apply liberally to skin.
4. Ease constipation: take 1 tsp (adults) internally to assist with constipation.
5. Assist with joint discomfort and swelling:  1 tbsp Castor oil, 1 drop each of peppermint, basil, wintergreen, white fir essential oil. Mix and apply to effected area.  Cover with hot pack.
6. Homemade hair mask:  Massage Castor oil into wet hair.  Cover with a shower cap and let it sit overnight. Wash and rinse.
7. Cracked heals:  Massage into feet and cover with socks
8. Reduce stretch marks: 1 tbsp Castor oil, 5 drops each lavender and myrrh essential oil. Daily rub onto stretch marks to nourish and promote healing.
9. Strengthen cracked and brittle nails:  Massage daily into nails

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