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Best Accessories for the Traeger Grill (9 Must-Haves)

Best Accessories for the Traeger Grill (9 Must-Haves)

There’s no getting around it. Traeger Grills are one of the most innovative pellet grills on today’s market. Not only do some models come with Wi-Fi, but it takes all the work out of grilling. You can make your Traeger even better with a handful of accessories. These devices do more than provide state-of-the-art grilling experiences; they also create memories.  

Below is a list of some of the best accessories you can buy for your new Traeger Grill!

Traeger Insulation Blanket

Let’s get one thing straight: there’s a difference between Traeger’s Grill covers (mentioned later on this page) and the Traeger Insulation Blanket.

The insulation blanket lets you grill in freezing cold temperatures. Even in the dead of winter, your grill will reach the desired temperature without any delays. It also reduces pellet consumption—saving money and resources.

Traeger Full-Length Grill Cover

You want to protect your Traeger Grill from the elements––rain, snow, sleet—you name it. This is where the Traeger Full-Length Grill Cover comes in. It literally covers your grill from head to toe. These form-fitting covers reduce rust, cut down on corrosion, and prevent animals from hiding under the grill cover.

Traeger Drip Tray Liners

Some people might not consider Traeger’s drip tray liners accessories—but we do. Not only do these aluminum liners come in packs of five, but they also save you frustration when cleaning your grill.

Consider this. It’s time to clean your Traeger Grill. That means removing charred remains and pellets from the grill’s bottom. Of course, this means getting your hands dirty. However, if you have a Traeger Drip Tray Liner, simply remove the liner, toss it in the trash, and you’re good to go. This gives you more time for cooking and less time cleaning.

Traeger’s Line of Pellets

You need pellets to operate your Traeger Grill. That’s what gives your favorite meats that rich, smoky flavor. However, different pellets come with different flavors. Consider how these pellets can enrich your next meal:

  • Hickory wood pellets. This is perfect for brisket, chicken, turkey, pork, and vegetables.
  • Mesquite pellets. This is sure to spice up your favorite cuts of chicken, fish, and brisket.
  • Cherry BBQ pellets. These are the best pellets for lamb, ribs, beef, pork, lamb, and baked goods.
  • Traeger brisket blend pellets. It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s pellets for grilling brisket.
  • Traeger apple BBQ pellets. These are ideal for vegetables, pork, chicken, and baked goods.

Traeger Grill Mat

A Trager Grill Mat says more than, “Hey, there’s a grill here.” It creates a designated space for your grilling adventures. Made of durable PVC, it’s easy to clean and catches any flying debris––perfect if you’re grilling on a balcony or wooden deck.

Traeger Pellet Sensor

You went to the store. You got your favorite meats, veggies, seasonings––the works. Then, you get home, turn on your grill, and your worst fear is realized: you ran out of pellets.

This doesn’t happen with the Traeger Pellet Sensor. You start by mounting this device into your grill hopper. Then, by working alongside the WiFire app, you’ll get notifications when you need to get more pellets.  

Traeger Staydry Pellet Bin and Lid

Wet pellets don’t work; not only won’t wet pellets ignite, but they can actually create more smoke and add time to your food’s cooking time.

The Traeger Staydry Pellet Bin and Lid keeps your pellets dry and safe from critters. The airtight lid keeps moisture and rain from getting in, making each handful of pellets like you’re reaching into the bag for the first time.

Traeger Grill BBQ Brush

This isn’t just a grill brush; it’s a grill brush made for your Traeger Grill. It’s perfect for removing stuck-on cheese, grease, and fat. While having a grill brush might not seem like a flashy accessory, it’ll cut down on your cleaning time. It’ll also make your grill more efficient by removing gunk and other residue.

Traeger Pro Bundle

Sure, you can go through Traeger’s endless list of accessories. Of course, you can always pick up one of Traeger’s Pro Bundles. These starter kits come with everything you need to start your grilling adventure on the right foot.

Here are your options:

  • The Traeger Pro 575 Ultimate Bundle. This comes with sauces, a grill cover, hat, and Pro 780 Holiday Ornament. This is a limited-run product, so you have to act fast if you want to get your hands on one.
  • The Traeger Pro 780 Ultimate Bundle. With your purchase, you can expect a form-fitting cover, a black-and-orange hat, a holiday ornament, and a variety of sauces, including apricot, chicken, and prime rib.
  • The Traeger Ironwood 650 Ultimate Bundle. Want a grill cover for your Ironwood Grill? This bundle’s got you covered. Want sauces, a hat, and a limited-run holiday ornament? Look no further.

A Final Word

Traeger has a line of accessories available for everyone. There are so many, you might be tempted to collect them all. For a complete list of Traeger’s accessories, click here.