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Best Gamepad For Your PC (Our Top 9 Picks)

Best Gamepad For Your PC (Our Top 9 Picks)

When you take time out of your day to play a game for hours at a time, you want your hands to be comfortable. So today, we will be covering the top nine picks for the best gamepads for your PC. 

Typically, some gamers are willing to stick with just any old gaming pad that will temporarily work for their PC. However, there are other options to explore, so keep reading about our top nine picks for the best gamepads for the PC. 

Best Gamepad For Your PC (Our Top 9 Picks)

As a gamer, you must have your PC setup to your liking. Even down to your gamepad, you want to make a purchase that you know will be worthwhile and has durability that can last for years. These specific gamepads that we’ve chosen will ensure that you are comfortable with its quality and its handle. 

Voyee PC Controller

A wireless controller, the Voyee PC Controller, is one of the most rated with over 10,000 ratings on Amazon as well as one of the most affordable controllers that is under $20. . The controller is suitable for a PC, as well as a Mac, and comes in three different colors: black, white, and pink. 

As an enhanced gamepad, the joysticks are more sensitive, having the ability to respond in a less delayed fashion when it comes to player commands. There is also automatic vibration and rumble control, bettering the player’s experience while playing on their PCs. 

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller 

A very well-known name brand, the Xbox 360 controller is considered a really suitable and reliable gamepad for veteran and amateur PC users. This gamepad sits very comfortably in your hands and has a very matte plastic. A benefit is that you will be able to use the gamepad on both your Xbox 360 and PC without any additional drivers. 

Steam Controller

Steam controller has many benefits. Like the Xbox controller, you will be able to purchase one with or without a gaming pad. The gamepad has been reworked over the years to make it durable. For fans of first-person shooters, a steam controller is a right fit for you. 

An example of this controller is Steam Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate 

An Xbox controller, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a licensed Xbox One controller that provides you with optimized ergonomics even after hours of playing games. It also comes with six remappable buttons and triggers, as well as interchangeable thumb sticks and D-Pad button layout. 

An example of this controller is the Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

Another licensed Xbox One and Xbox Series X controller, the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced controller, provides you with two mappable buttons as well as three-way trigger locks. There is also a new share button, and even better, a volume dial with a one-touch mic mute. 

The controller also comes with LED lights embedded within the gamepad and the PC player can use one of two LED modes: “breathing” or “solid” modes. An example of this controller is the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, Gamepad, Wired Video Game Controller, Gaming Controller, Xbox One, Officially Licensed – Xbox Series X. 

PlayStation Dual Sense Wireless Controller

A PlayStation 5 controller, this gamepad provides you with adaptive triggers. With this, you will feel more immersed with your hands as you can feel the same intensity that is happening within the actions of the game you are playing. 

The gamepad comes with a built-in microphone and headset jack. With this feature, you will be able to converse with friends or others that you meet while playing multiplayers, using the microphone, or connecting it to a 3.5mm jack. If you would rather not use the built-in microphone, you are able to switch the voice capture off. 

Gamesir T4 Pro

Not only does this controller supports PCs, but you will also be able to utilize it with your cellphones and tablets. The controller also very transparent, being able to see the colorful LED lights that are around the standard buttons, so you will be able to see the buttons in the dark. 

This controller also comes with five different levels of speed, further immersing you into the games that you are playing in real-time, with the asymmetric vibrating motor. And when purchasing the controller, it also comes with rechargeable batteries. 

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

With the ability to support most of the games that you would want to play on your PC, the Logitech Wireless Gamepad is a primarily PC design and is not compatible with anything else. You will be able to play on your PC for hours with the comfortable ergonomics. An example of this controller is the Logitech Wireless Gamepad, 2.4GHz Wireless

Sefitopher Wireless PS4 Controller

The Sefitopher wireless controller is compatible to both the PS4 and the PC. This is a controller that can be, with no issues, and can connect within a twenty-four-foot distance. If your battery is running low, the controller will turn itself off to conserve the battery that is left. 

The ergonomics within the controller is non-slip and sweatproof, thus reducing the response time but will improve its accuracy. An example of this controller is Sefitopher Wireless PS4 Controller Compatible for PlayStation 4/Pro/Slim/PC Laptop


And these are our top nine picks for the best gamepads for your PC. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. We also hope that you’ve found a gamepad from this list that you feel is worth purchasing. Until next time!