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Best Honeycomb Mouse (Our Top 7 Picks)

Best Honeycomb Mouse (Our Top 7 Picks)

Gaming is not just about skill. It also consists of numerous quality-of-life factors such as comfort and input control. The honeycomb mouse aims to improve these factors through a sleek ergonomic design. However, not every mouse provides the same level of comfort and features. 

By reading further, you will learn how honeycomb mice can improve your gaming along with the top 7 mice on the market. Armed with this knowledge, you can create the gaming setup that will take your play to the next level.

Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O stands at the top of many best gaming mouse lists for good reasons; with its clever design, it is a highly affordable ultra-light mouse with a shiny matte finish. Available in multiple color schemes, the mouse offers a six-step, 12,000 dpi resolution with millisecond response times. It even comes with a sleek, extremely flexible “shoelace” cable and RGB lighting. 

Finalmouse Starlight-12

Coming in around 45 grams, the Finalmouse Starlight-12 is the lightest mouse on this list. Its honeycomb body features a sturdy, embossed-filigree, magnesium-alloy shell with two buttons on the left side. Well-suited for small hands, the mouse has ports for both wireless and wired operations with a polling rate of 1000Hz and good click latency. 

Cooler Master MM710

Perfect for claw-grip players, the Cooler Master MM710 offers a tall rear hump that fits comfortably into the bottom of the palm. This sturdy but light construction design also provides a unique level of control you cannot find anywhere else. However, you may experience performance issues if its resolution is not correctly set to its maximum 16,000 dpi resolution with millisecond response time. 

Cooler Master MM720

The MM720 offers the same Cooler Master honeycomb design and performance with a more ergonomic shape that works well for palm and claw grips. However, it only comes in a right-handed shape that may feel small for people with larger hands. It also has an inconsistent response that often overshoots your commands.

Still, it is an excellent mouse with RGB lighting, reprogrammable buttons, and a Combo Mode that provides extra control features while you hold the scroll wheel button.

Mountain Makalu 67

Using a two-layer mesh “ribcage” design, the Mountain Makalu 67 feels sturdier and more durable than other honeycomb mice. It also features a lower lift-off distance and a lower error rate that makes it more sensitive as well. It even features a tall center bump and side ridges for easy gripping. It is also very programmable with a unique four-LED DPI setting indicator. 

The Makalu 67 is a mouse for those with medium to large hands but is a right-handed mouse. 

Xtrfy M4

Ever since it was announced, Xtrfy’s Project 4 mouse claimed to be “light yet top-performing and durable with a right-handed, ergonomic shape.” In reality, it is a very durable, right-handed mouse that curls into the base of your thumb with an easy-to-grip honeycomb exterior. It has five color variations, RGB lighting, and a customizable resolution of up to 16,000 dpi. It even has a flexible braided cable. 

G-Wolves Hati

Available in four colors, the G-Wolves Hati uses dustproof switches to withstand up to 20 million clicks before breaking down. It also has a drag-resistant cord and rubber mouse grips for ease of use and comfort. While it only has a maximum resolution of 12,000 dpi, it has decent movement speed and acceleration.

However, it does require a special software to sync, which is an additional purchase over the already expensive mouse. 

How to Choose the Honeycomb Mouse That’s Right for You

The right mouse for you is rarely about price. It is usually a combination of factors from personal comfort, play style, and the size of your hand. 

Most of these factors are simple enough to understand. For instance, you need a mouse that best fits your handiness. That means choosing a mouse with its buttons and grips located to match the shape of your dominant hand. 

Another important factor is your hand size. The best and most comfortable mouse for you will be one that comfortably supports your hand’s size, shape, and weight. This is particularly important if you have larger or smaller than average hands, as the wrong size mouse can cause serious wrist injuries or worse. 

To determine the correct size mouse you need, you can measure your hand from the tip of your longest finger to your wrist. You should also measure the distance across your knuckles and thumb. Combined with the shape or grip, these measurements will point you towards the right mouse for your gaming needs. 


Honeycomb mice offer some of the most ergonomic designs available for gaming and related activities. These ultra-light mice let your play your games in perfect comfort. However, they cost more than traditional mice. Luckily, the above seven mice balance design, comfort, and price to enhance your gaming experience.