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Best Mouse for Small Hands (Our Top 7 Picks)

Best Mouse for Small Hands (Our Top 7 Picks)

If your hands are a bit on the smaller side, you might find a computer mouse challenging to control at times. You will want to find a mouse specially made for smaller hands, but which one is best for this purpose? It is helpful to have a list of such devices that work better for smaller hands to make a more informed purchasing decision. 

We have gone through many such computer mice to find the seven best products currently on the market for small hands. You will find that these designs allow small hands to control them more efficiently in a comfortable and precise manner. Continue reading to learn more about each of them and discover which one you would like to buy for yourself. 

7 Best Computer Mice for Small Hands

You will want to take some time to review the following list that we have put together for you. It contains what we believe to be the seven best computer mice for small hands currently on the market. Each of these will work well with your hands and provide you with a better computing and gaming experience. Consider buying one of these today. 

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor

With a length of only 4.6 inches, the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is perfect for small hands. Keep in mind that the average height of a hand is 7.44 inches, so you will find this mouse to be quite helpful if you are on the shorter end of that figure. There are also six programmable buttons contained around this tiny mouse, making it extremely convenient as well. 

Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse

With a mere 4.36 inches in length, the Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse is also perfect for small hands. There are plenty of features that add to the reasons why you may want to buy this mouse. It has an ambidextrous shape to it, making it work well with both right and left-handed users. It also has a rubber grip on the side that makes it simple for gamers to make contact with and use. 

Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G403 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse easily accommodates the smallest of hands, as it is only 4.9 inches long. Beyond that, this mouse weighs only 0.4 pounds, so it is simple to use in various settings and will not put any extra pressure on your palm. With the included six programmable buttons, you can teach this mouse to do exactly what you want it to do with ease. 

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

This mouse has a cool design, is only 4.8 inches long, and weighs a mere 0.3 pounds. All of these factors combine to make the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB mouse ideal for small hands. There are also 12 programmable buttons built into the design of this one, and you will find those located on the left side of the mouse ready to be used when you are. 

Razer DeathAdder Elite Mechanics Esports Gaming Mouse

If you really want to go small, the Razer DeathAdder Elite Mechanics Esports Gaming Mouse is the way to go. It is only 2.9 inches long and weighs less than 0.3 pounds. With this small of a mouse, you can use it even when you only have a limited amount of surface space upon which to spread out your equipment. This one is designed using seven different programmable buttons. 

BenQ Zowie ECS2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

While this is technically classified as a medium-sized gaming mouse, the BenQ Zowie ECS2-A is still perfect for small hands. It is only four inches long and has an ergonomic design that suits right-handed individuals. With its 16-step scrolling wheel and five programmable buttons, this mouse has the features that gamers need the most. 

Razer Naga Chroma Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

If you want to personalize your mouse and choose a cool color at the same time, the Razer Bang Chroma Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse allows you to do exactly that. Beyond its cool look, users benefit from an impressive 19 different programmable buttons for added convenience. Smaller hands also benefit because it is only 4.7 inches long. 


These seven computer mice will do your small hands well. When you are done with a computing or gaming session, your hands will thank you for using one of these. Each one has a design that just seems to work better with smaller hands. Be sure to review each description and decide for yourself which one of these computer mice is best for you.