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Best PS4 Controller for FPS (Our Top 5 Picks)

Best PS4 Controller for FPS (Our Top 5 Picks)

First Person Shooter (FPS) games are one of the most popular gaming genres, both for recreational and competitive gaming. One factor many PlayStation 4 gamers notice as they become more skilled and competitive with FPS games is how much of a difference their equipment can make, especially their controllers.

In this article, you’ll find a list of our top 5 PlayStation 4 gaming controllers for FPS. We’ll discuss how the designs of these controllers will undoubtedly increase your FPS and how this sets them apart from each other and the standard PS4 controllers you’ll find on the market. 

Sony DualShock 4

We wouldn’t be surprised if a number of you came here specifically to upgrade from your basic DualShock 4 controller that came with your PlayStation 4, but there’s a reason this controller is so popular, and its design hasn’t changed in years. 

While it isn’t the best controller for FPS compared to others on this list, the DualShock 4 is still a quality PS4 controller featuring a sleek design that lends itself well to FPS performance. It is ultimately the most budget-friendly controller for players who want to excel at these games without spending a fortune. 

Overall, the DualShock 4 is a reliable controller with a fairly comfortable design. Its slightly concaved triggers have substantial grip for control and mobility, and the controller fits well into most players’ hands but might be a bit small for players with larger hands. 

It lacks a lot of the bells and whistles you’ll see in other controllers on this list, such as opportunities for control customization on different paddles, bumpers, and buttons. But the basics are there, and it will serve you well in most recreational games. 

Horipad FPS Plus

If you’re dying to upgrade from our DualShock 4, we highly recommend the Horipad FPS Plus for relatively the same cost. 

If you can’t tell by the name, the Horipad FPS Plus was designed specifically for optimal FPS performance. The best feature of this controller is its asymmetrical and ergonomic thumbstick design that swaps the left thumbstick’s typical position with the D-pad, making it much more comfortable for FPS players to hold and use for longer periods. 

Another beneficial feature of this controller is the additional “target” button on the back that allows players to instantly alter their camera sensitivity settings for increased precision when shooting or alternative quick-action options.  

The Horipad FPS Plus is another solid choice for the budget gamer with a slightly more FPS layout than the DualShock 4, but the stick lacks the additional customization and control options we really want. It also is a bit lacking in the grip department, which might cause an issue from some long or intense sessions. 

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Our next controller recommendation for FPS games is the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition. This controller is a significant upgrade from the previous two options and would be a great choice for any FPS gamer trying to work excel in the FPS game of choice for online competitions or even work their way towards pro level. 

The Raiju Tournament Edition controller is one of many excellent controllers by Razer and is listed here for its exceptional design, which incorporates pro features you won’t find in any low-budget controller. With this controller, you get the improved asymmetrical thumbstick design, and you finally get to personalize your control mapping, along with sensitivity and functionality, via the Razer mobile app. 

Having the ability to alter the location of your controller settings increases an FPS gamer’s options substantially. Now, you can truly personalize your controller to suit your gaming style and allow easy control access, which will effectively be increasing your reaction time. This gives many gamers the edge they need to pull off that no-scope snipe or other skills to dominate the competition. 

Reacting time can also be increased by opting for the wired connection on this controller, but if this isn’t your style, you can stick to the wireless Bluetooth connection. 

The only drawback of this controller is that it has a significantly bulkier design than what most gamers are used to, so if you’re a younger gamer or you have smaller hands, it might be a bit challenging to comfortably hold this controller. 

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Our runner-up for the top FPS PS4 controller is the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro. Any FPS gamer ready to become an Esports pro should take a serious look at this controller and what it can offer them. 

The features on the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro lend themselves particularly well to FPS games. This high-quality controller is built with dual customizable thumbsticks with 30/38/46-degree amplitude with interchangeable concaved or domed head sticks, four configurable shortcut buttons, and an ergonomic design with rubber grips. 

In addition to these features, FPS gamers can also alter the controller’s weight balance by swapping out weights housed underneath the handgrips, and they can opt for wired or wireless gaming according to their preference. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pro-level controller without control mapping customization, which Nacon offers every player through PC/Mac software. They can even customize their controller’s LED lighting. 

Scuf Impact 

Unsurprisingly, the pinnacle of FPS gaming controllers comes from Scuf, and since their favored Vantage 2 has been discontinued, the reigning champion here is easily the Scuf Impact. 

Scuf offers all competitive gamers the most innovative and highly customizable gaming controllers on the market. With the Scuf Impact, FPS gamers reap the benefits of nearly every pro gaming control feature imaginable. 

The most significant features include Impact’s four remappable and removable paddles they can assign actions of their choice. These paddles are easily accessible along the back of the controller, and players can opt to have as few or as many as they desire. 

Additionally, they can add Electro-Magnetic Remapping (EMR) is a technology to reprogram one of eight functions (X, O, Square, Triangle, Left D-pad, Right D-pad, L3, R3) to any back paddle with the use of an EMR Mag Key.

Beyond that, gamers can customize nearly any element of their controller’s design, such as shell and button/bumper colors, trigger system design, thumbstick design and height, controller grip, and so much more. Considering its features and cost, this definitely isn’t a controller for the everyday gamer.