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Boomco Buyer’s Guide: the Best Boomco Blasters Available!

Boomco Buyer’s Guide: the Best Boomco Blasters Available!
  • Boomco and Nerf are both subsidiary companies of the giant toy company Hasbro
  • Boomco produces foam dart blasters that are comparable to those sold by Nerf
  • There are key differences between Boomco blasters and Nerf blasters one should be aware of before purchasing
  • Boomco is no longer sold by the company Hasbro but can still be ordered off of websites such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart
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Nerf and Boomco are extremely similar in both looks and function. However, there are several differences. The main reason being that while Nerf darts are made to either bounce off of or stick to any surface, Boomco darts are made only to stick to special Boomco surfaces.

Because of this feature, Boomco darts are great for kids wanting to use their blasters for target practice!

Not sure which Boomco blasters to buy for your son or daughter (or maybe even for yourself)? Look no further! Below we have found the top 4 Boomco blasters available for purchase! Let’s get started!

1. BoomCo Spinsanity 3X Blaster

BoomCo Spinsanity Blaster in box; Facebook Marketplace

To start off, we will follow the classic saying of “Go big or go home.” And we sure aren’t going home!

The Boomco Spinsanity 3x Blaster is one of the larger blasters sold by the Boomco brand and can hold up to 30 darts at a time. The blaster is built with 3 separate chambers each holding 10 darts! When one of the chambers runs out of darts, simply pump the slide of the gun and move on to the next!

Not only can this blaster hold an amazing amount of darts, but it can fire those darts up to 70 feet!

With this Boomco blaster, you are sure to come off as the champion of every single blaster battle you enter. Order your BoomCo Spinsanity 3X Blaster by clicking here!

2. BoomCo HALO UNSC M6 Blaster

Four BoomCo Halo Theme Blasters and Smart Stick Darts; Facebook Marketplace

Perhaps one of the coolest creations of the BoomCo brand is its line of Halo inspired blasters. With this one of a kind blaster, you can bring the first person shooter fun from the alien world to your own backyard!

While this blaster is only a single shooter, it packs the punch of any other BoomCo blaster. Also capable of firing up to 70 feet this blaster is the perfect size for a child or adult to use!

Watch this video to see the alien blaster in action!

Load darts from the front and store extra on the side of the gun. When you are ready to shoot simply pull back the slide located on the top of the blaster, push the trigger, and watch the darts start flying!

Use this link to find the Halo inspired BoomCo HALO UNSC M6 Blaster on Amazon!

If you are going to get a Halo inspired blaster, you had better prepare for a Halo themed battle as well! Get ready for the battle of a lifetime with this BoomCo HALO Spartan Assault Battle Armor Gear Set. Not only does it come with Halo armor but it comes with the UNSC M6 Blaster described above! Do not miss out on this amazing deal!

3. BoomCo Twisted Spinner Blaster

BoomCo Twister Spinner Blaster and Shield; Facebook Marketplace

Now this blaster is truly one of kind. The BoomCo Twisted Spinner Blaster is built with a front barrel that spins as it is fired!

Firing up to 70 feet, this blaster also comes with push button attachable Smart Stick material shields! Collect bullets on your shields while in battle to save time!

This BoomCo blaster comes with 8 Smart Stick darts and a Smart Stick target! Put up the target and challenge your friends to some target practice.

Order the BoomCo Twisted Spinner Blaster here and start blasting!

4. BoomCo Tri-Blast Blaster

Nerf Triad Elite; Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever wanted to have two different firing capabilities wrapped up into one gun? With the BoomCo Tri-Blast Blaster you can alternate between burst shot and single shot!

The burst shot feature allows you to fire three darts all at the same time; meanwhile, the single shot only fires one at a time. Alternate between the two functions with the simple flip of a switch located by the barrel of the gun.

Watch the following video to see this blaster unpackaged!

Fire confidently with the single shot and competitively with the burst shot! Your opponents are will not have seen that coming!

Get your BoomCo Tri-Blast Blaster here to test it out today!

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