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Can a Bulldog Be Left Alone?

If you recently got a bulldog, chances are you’ve been enjoying their company tremendously. Bulldogs are companions by nature, and they love being close to their owners. This sometimes creates a problem when you must leave them home alone. Their sad puppy-dog eyes can make you question if you’re doing the right thing or not.

So, can a bulldog be left alone? Yes. You can leave your bulldog home alone. However, you should only do this if the dog is adequately trained. The last thing you need is to find your home in a mess or for your dog to suffer from separation anxiety because they don’t understand what’s going on.

Bulldogs, like any other type of dog, require training before you leave them home alone. People also wonder if their dogs can live outside by themselves, which is a question I answer here.

You need to train them on how to behave around the house when you’re not there and teach them that it’s okay for them to be on their own. Read on to find out how to train your dog to be able to stay home alone and how to tell if they are ready.

Can a Bulldog Be Left Alone? How to Tell if Your Dog is Ready

When you’re planning to leave your bulldog at home alone for the first time, several things may go through your mind. You may wonder what your dog will be doing all day in your absence. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific answer for this because all dogs are different.

While some bulldogs may take being home alone as an opportunity to catch up on their naps, others see a chance to hop onto all the forbidden areas and make a mess of things. And some dogs are so attached to their owners that they get separation anxiety when their owner is away.

To determine what kind of dog your bulldog is, it may be a good idea to invest in a pet camera, like this excellent TENVIS 1080P Pet Camera. Go to a neighbor’s house or run some errands for a few hours and watch how your dog behaves in your absence. Doing so allows you to not only understand your dog’s behavior but also know what type of training they need to prepare them for days that you need them to be on their own.

Tips on How to Help Your Bulldog Cope with Being Home Alone

As we’ve mentioned, every dog is different. While some dogs may be perfectly fine being left home alone, some bulldogs may experience separation anxiety. However, you can never be sure how your dog will react to the sudden change. For this reason, it’s crucial to prepare your dog in advance. Here are some of the things that work.

1. Proper Potty Training

If your bulldog is not potty trained, it may not be a good idea to leave them home alone. Doing so will only cause you to come home to lots of messes to clean up. If you’re planning to leave your dog home alone without any supervision, it’s best to potty train them first.

Any Bulldog suggests the following techniques:

  • Stick to a routine: To succeed in your potty training, you need to stick to a routine. You can’t afford to take the dog out at any time of the day without any planning because they won’t learn a schedule. Plan to take them out first thing in the morning, after naps, after meals, and before going to bed every day.
  • Reduce their urge to go: Chances are you don’t want to wake up every other hour to take your dog out at night. To avoid this, limit their water intake at night. Empty or move their water dish somewhere they can’t access it so that they don’t need to go to often. However, you still need to set specific times during the night when you’ll take the dog out so that they stick to a routine.
  • Watch the dog’s behavior: It’s also a good idea to watch how your dog behaves around the house to determine if they want to go outside. If he or she keeps sniffing or going in circles, take them outside.
  • Reward good behavior: Every time your bulldog goes outside successfully, give them a treat afterward to encourage that behavior. And when they have accidents, don’t get too mad. Acknowledge the accident and take them outside.

Continue with the training until you’re sure your dog can be left home alone for a few hours. When you do, don’t leave them alone for too long. When you push their limits, they’re bound to have accidents. Plan for how the dog will be taken out if you won’t be able to go home to do it and ensure they stick to their routine.

One way to make sure that your dog is taken out if you are going to be gone for many hours is to hire a dog walker to come to your home and walk them.

2. Create a Safe Place

Apart from training, it’s also vital to ensure your dog feels safe and comfortable when in a big house all alone. According to Medium, setting up a room, crate, or dog bed will help the dog feel more relaxed in your absence.

The MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is a highly rated dog crate kit that comes in many sizes to accommodate just about any sized dog. An excellent dog bed to try out is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed that is made with orthopedic memory foam and is also available in multiple sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your dog.

These accessories help your bulldog create their own space because it’s something that is just for them.

3. Entertainment is Key

You wouldn’t leave a human bored and alone in a silent house. You shouldn’t leave your dog without entertainment either. To prevent your dog from getting bored, it may be a good idea to leave the radio on.

The noise distracts them and helps them feel less lonely. Entertainment is especially beneficial for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety because it makes them feel less alone.

4. Consider Getting a Dog Sitter

If you’re planning to be away for a long time or your dog is not correctly trained and you need to be away, it’s advisable to get reliable pet care. Find someone who has experience watching untrained dogs and someone who you can trust.

And when the separation anxiety kicks in for you, don’t be afraid to check in to find out how things are going occasionally. After all, that’s your fur baby!

How Long Can You Leave a Bulldog Home Alone?

Sometimes you can’t control how much time your dog spends alone. Between commutes and busy schedules, it can be many hours in a day. But how long is too long?

According to Healthy Pets, it’s not advisable to leave your dog unattended for more than 4 hours because adult dogs need to relieve themselves at least every 4 to 6 hours. If you’re planning to be away for more than 4 hours, ensure the dog has adequate food, water, and a place to relieve themselves.

Alternatively, you can hire someone to watch your dog for you when you plan to be away for many hours in a day.

Wrapping Up

If your dog is properly trained and they have food, water, a set place to relax and sleep, and a place to relieve themselves, they’ll be fine on their own. However, it’s essential to introduce these changes slowly to prevent separation anxiety instead of doing it drastically.

In addition to this, it may help to have someone to watch the dog occasionally because dogs are pack animals. No matter how many toys they have, they’ll always crave the feeling of belonging and wanting to be near someone. So, ensure they have this contact and make time to spend with them when you are home so that they don’t feel abandoned.

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