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Can Dating a Married Man Ever Work?

Can Dating a Married Man Ever Work?

What is it that men with a ring on their hand make more sympathetic, smarter, humorous, or simply more attractive to many women? Can this relationship succeed? If so, how long and what are the consequences at the end? Are all handsome and smart men taken when we decide on such a move? I decided to explore the answers to these questions.

So Can Dating a Married Man Ever Work? Dating someone means love and loyalty on both sides. If you are Dating a Married men who is not happy with his marriage and wants to get out, to be with you is one thing, but if you are consciously involved with someone who does not intend to do this sacrifice for you, the end is inevitable.

Your affair with a married men will be filled with little things that will make you feel worthless – for example, every time he cancels your plans because his wife needs something or he need to answers her to the messages in front of you (‘That he would not be suspicious of something’). Or when he online shows love for his wife and this often in the most romantic way possible. You tell yourself that this is really not so important – you can live this way, you can sacrifice for love because, after all, you know what is happening in his heart. But above all, inside – you’re dying.

You Believe That Your Affair is Not Like any Other

He’ll start talking things like, ‘I should marry someone like you’ or ‘Why did not I meet you before?’. And maybe that’s really what he thinks, or maybe not. It will tell you that he feels like he never felt before. And maybe that’s really what he thinks, or maybe not. And that will forever remain a mystery: is he the womanizer or he has a broken heart?  You will hope that broken heart is his problem.

Affair with married man will include your persuasion to yourself that it is not an affair just like any other. Yes, you are aware that you speak the same thing as every other woman; ‘Well how can this be negative if it is love?’ He really loves me. ‘Because of me, he will leave his wife.’ You are aware that your path looks identical to the way of every other woman in the history of modern affair but yet – your story must be somehow different. It’s different because you feel in your heart that it’s different. And it is imperative that when you pay attention to stereotypes related to this whole story, you describe yourself and your own situation. But what do they know? You two are in love, and you are created for each other.  Maybe you think what you two have is something special. But it isn’t!

Why Women like Married Men?

If a married men is flirting with you, writing messages, or sleeping with you, he is exposed to great risk of endangering his marriage, and you may feel flattered. This is just one of the 3 reasons why married men are desirable.

They Showed That They Were Willing to Commit

One of the most common female complaints also is that most men with whom they are dating do not show the desire for a stable marriage-related relationship. Above all, a married men have already proven that he is ready to tie so it is a plus for them. But, of course, there is one big and obvious problem here. If he’s ready to deceive her wife to be with you, he’s probably going to do the same with you.

They Look Mature

Statistics show that married men are better educated, employed, accountable and with a constant income source unlike unmarried men. When women without partners often go out, while their men who are the main hobby is playing video games and still live with their parents, then married men are more attractive to them because their achievements are great unlike the men they live with.

It makes You Feel Adventurous

Knowing that only one of your calls could ruin his marriage or even destroy the family gives the feeling of power and drama. The tensions and dramatic incidents of the whole situation are also contributing to the question “whether he will remain married or not?” So for people who like to know what a loving relationship can be exceptionally stressful.

Prepare to Deal With the Consequences For Your Actions

I hope you understand that no matter how unimaginable it is to start dating someone who already has life with someone else, at the end of the day, the only person who destroyed that life is you (because the whole story can be the other way around. A men who is related to a married women). Whether his marriage is clumsy or someone who has never been married, his actions are solely his responsibility. Just as your actions are your responsibility. Affair with a married men may really be engaging in a classic case, but you are, no matter what, a special soul, and I hope you will find true love, faithful and indivisible love – that will be in harmony with your speciality “, and that is the true truth about the lies associated with it.

Remember that you are always responsible for yourself in every selection you make in your life, no matter who it involves.Live in a way that you can be proud of who you are. That does not mean you cannot make a mistake. That means you have to allow your pain to learn something,not to determine you. I hope you will learn something from my experience and save some future pain.

Why a Relationship With a Married Man is Never a Good Idea?

Marriage, especially in our relatively conservative society, is a supreme institution that implies love and honesty on both sides, and faithfulness comes in packed with it. Still, many women find themselves in relationship with a married man they do not know, or just do not want to go out. There are 3 things that certainly show you this relationship between you will not last.

1. Hiding Tiers You

The relationship should take place in places other than in the bedroom. If he does not want her wife to caught him, your married men will not be able to lead you to the cinema. You will have to watch out for how you behave in the public, and you will have the feeling that everyone will notice your secret eyesight. If you have to hide your relationship, it means you can not enjoy it as it should.

2. Do You Want to Be With a Liar?

Every time he goes with you, he lies to his wife. Being in touch with a liar is never good because you are constantly asking yourself whether he is lying to you when you need to find yourself together. This kind of behaviour will inevitably trigger the suspiciously, and you will never know if he is honest. What’s worse, honesty you can’t expect from him, you’re just his lover.

3Your Wasting Your Time

First of all, instead of jumping around married guy who does not even know what he wants, you can spend that time with someone who is not busy and who knows how to appreciate you and your time. Why to risk all complications with a married man when you can be happy with someone else? Instead of having a married men, try to find a men who will be married to you.

Related Question:

Are you a Special Woman Who Will Reverse his Life? Think about, you would love to be that particular woman who will turn his life back. There is too much of a stake. He invested too much in his world, which he is currently living to make your secret with him an advantage. But here is where your ways are really different. Whatever path you choose, I hope you’ll start with the learned very important lesson.

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