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Can You Date Without Money?

You found a girl that you like, but you do not have the job and the money. You wonder if this relationship can work without money? If you end up together, how long will this relationship last? Can you still do something to avoid that, and make the relationship with a happy ending? I decided to find out.

Can You Date Without Money? Money and Dating definitely go together if we take it into consideration, to earn money we need a certain work and will,while for dating someone we also required work and will. If a person is unable to make money that he can take care of himself, then how can we expect to take care of another person.

Nevertheless, somehow, in the past, money brought into bondage with love and dating and set up this fateful question that often extends to the thoughts of a contemporary man. It is also interesting how people can easily decide on a discussion when they are asked whether dating someone requires money, it seems that most already have readily available answers.

Most people know that partner love can not be bought as it can be bought, for example, bread, fuel, or television. If we ask someone this question, the answer:  “Yes” or “No”, are not enough, but with the answer it is automatically going to explain why yes or why not.

To make the answer clearer to the question: “Can dating without money work?” there are a few more questions that seem to imply but are not openly set. As people have different experiences or opinions on this issue, the insight that can be extracted from the context is “on which we base our response”? Only then can we understand why someone thinks that love can or can not be bought.

How Much Money is Affecting the Relationship?

Before talking about finances or common goals and plans, man must be sure that he has a person with whom he shares a worldview and who wants to talk and is willing to agree about common things. If you can’t agree on other things in life, you will not be able to agree about money to, and you need to be aware that there are situations where you can not solve anything and maybe it is better to get out of this relationship. For example, if one partner is selfish and believe he must be the first and the last who make decisions, there will be no agreement. If a woman needs a washing machine, and the man decides that it is more important that he gets a super computer to play games, there is no solution for this problem.

That is why partners should talk not only about money but also about attitudes of raising children, and about what and how much children can they afford. Before common investment, the partners should have to agree about the amount and the model of payment, especially if it is a loan, as well as about which waiversare required. Because if we buy and arrange an apartment together and for that reason we will postpone holidaying, both partners would have to know if one of them is spending any other money on, for example, buying a fishing gear or going to a wellness weekend. On the other hand, there must be situations and costs in which a partner is entitled to independence.

Can You Buy Love With Money?

Partnership Love is not a subject,being, or energy that can be bought on a wage or trade, but it is a relationship based on feelings and behaviours between two human beings. What does a buyer buy when he is buying a love? Again, we can define partner love more closely as a relationship of two people based on feelings and behaviour. What can be purchased in love is a partner’s behaviour or his kindness. We can be kind to the people we love, but the problem is, in this context, that we can be kind to those we do not like.

What is common thing to love and money is the pleasure they bring. Money allows us to achieve some desires. The result of the realization of desire is a feeling of satisfaction, and satisfaction is felt as a pleasure. Realizing the desired or imagined partner love in our culture means great satisfaction. Money is here to help us, but on the other hand, there are people who have achieved high-quality relationships without money. Which means that for a quality bond, money is not a decisive factor.

For many people love is still more important than money. Maybe because they do not have it. Much less for those people who say their money is more important then love, perhaps because they do not know what love is, but I know those who have “love and money.” What is so valuable in love that is still a bit mysterious? Many of those questions, in fact, have no clear answer, but one thing is for sure, from the surplus of love the head does not hurt.

Dating vs Finance?

In the first place,the influence of happiness in the relationship is related to tolerance, respect and support. On the other is love, and on the third place is finance.

In as much as 80% of divorces, the main reason is finance. The first and the main advice would be that we should not get in any relationship for financial reasons and that partnership should not be based just about that. If the partners do not have similar attitudes about life, similar views on some important issues in relationship, and even about money, money will not be able to save the relationship when the problem arises. And in world research, the rule is: “What better finances, better relationships,” but only to the reference point of revenue. After that finances are again a parameter that often even damages the quality of relationship.

The more money you have, the bigger chances for divorce are. More money is not a reason for quarrel, but it creates a feeling among partners that they do not have to be together if they do not want it, so it’s easier to decide if you want a divorce. That’s why talking about finances at the beginning of a relationship is extremely important.

Does the Money kill the Relationship?

Most of us believe that true and honest love has nothing to do with money. But we forget that every relationship is actually an economic community, and it is precisely money (unfortunately) that is often a heavy weight, and ultimately a killer of a once good relationship.

Not only because we have different attitudes regarding savings or spending. The main problem with regard to finance is insincerity, the fact that the partners do not talk openly about money. Especially at the beginning of the relationship, and later it becomes harder. Indeed, as long as we feel like we are in 7th heaven, money in the game plays only a secondary role. Most of us are convinced that true and pure love has nothing to do with this “spoiled” theme.

We forget that every partnership is actually an economic community. Fighting about money then becomes a substitute for suppressed feelings and needs. Not to put the finances under the carpet so deeply into the relationship, the partners should always talk about this subject without fear of falling in the eyes of the other. Otherwise, not only you will run a finances war and be dissatisfied with them, but your love affair will not work well.

In the beginning you should create a cost diary in which both of you will enter all your expenses. So it will soon become clear how this really looks like with common finances. Men and women are equally nervous about the same ‘syndrome’: they do not want to keep track of what they’ve spent all the money. Experts see the solution in the following: We should not have a single, but separate bank accounts, so we can have our own choice how to spend money. To avoid disagreements, it is important to improve communication about finance.

Related Questions:

Is it important who earns more, man or women? Marriage is more stable where the male is paid more,according to world research. If a woman has higher incomes, the relationship is not very stable. And if they have equal incomes, the relationship is on temptation.

How often are the disputes related to money? When you fight about money, money is not always in the foreground. Perhaps this is a feeling of dereliction or fear of rejection for which a partner consumes too much. It is better when partners give both they salary and spend as agreed.

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