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Dating In High School Without a Car?

Dating In High School Without a Car?

Dating is part of high school and college life and we need to admit that it is hard especially if you do not have a car. Most high school and college girl want something that they can be proud of like dating a guy who has his own car. But how difficult it is to date someone without a car?

Can i Date in High school without a car? It all depend were you live. In many large city’s such as London, New York, Tokyo or Paris girls are not expecting you to have a car, because it takes forever to come from one end of the city to another. If you live in small city it would be desirable to have a car, but it is not crucial to date a girl.

Owning a car gives you more independence as an individual, because you no longer have to rely on anyone, especially in late night hours to take you where you need to go, or to take your girlfriend home. Of course, the girls will be more attractive to the guys who own a car. That is one of the reasons why high school and college girls are dating with older guys. But if you live in a large city, using a car to go Downtown just take forever. Also the car is hard to park and sometimes you have to walk from the parking that can be in quite distance away. A topic that is also closely related to this: “Is dating in high school a good idea” you can read HERE.

How To Go Through High School Without a Car

Getting a car is like a rite of passage into adulthood. It gives you more independence as an individual, because you no longer have to rely on anyone to take you where you need to go. Where I live, getting a license as soon as legally able followed by getting a car is a common thing. Throughout all my years of high school and collage, almost every single senior and junior at my school had a car.

The time I got my license was the first day of my senior year of high school, and I was so excited to get a car and be able to drive myself to school and to people’s houses and events. My dad told me that the next step I need to do is to buy myself a second-hand car. Thing that really got me about that was that he didn’t flat out just say I couldn’t get one, he told me that I could have a car when I could afford one. So basically, I’m waiting until I’m thirty to have a car.

5 Tips for Dating Without a Car

Dating is part of high school and college life and we need to admit that it is hard especially if you do not have a car. Most high school and college students want something that they can be proud of like dating a guy who has his own a car. It’s not your fault, do not feel sorry about yourself because you do not have a car to use on your date. Just use some creativity, there are many ideas. I’ll give you some of my ideas:

1) Use City Transportation or Uber

Most of today’s cities are well connected with City Transportation. One of the ways is to ask your date about the most interesting transportation she wants to ride. You can use bus, train, bicycle, uber or old school car. Just make sure to find ways on how you can both ride on that transportation to your date destination. She will appreciate your efforts.

2) Walk together.

If you live close, set a date near both of your places so that you do not need a transportation. That way you have a lot of time and great chance to know him/her better. It is also a good strategy to win her/his heart. Of course you will not always walk to your date destination, but this is one of the ways.

3) Borrow a Car.

This is also one of the options. If you want to impress him/her by showing some effort to find ways on how you can get a car to use, you can ask family members or friends to borrow their car if they have. Of course not everyone will agrees with it but it’s worth trying. In exchange of borrowing their car, you can pay them or be kind enough to fill the gas.

4) Rent a Car.

Today you can easily find car that you can rent, around every corner they are available. Use google, and make a research for the most affordable car in your city. Especially if you are not a good driver, remember not to choose a car because it looks good in the eyes, and try to choose car that makes you feel comfortable to drive.

5) Use Your Date’s Car

It is not shame to ask him/her for a ride, it is already 21century so not think that’s a weird thing. Just make sure that you will pay for the food or drinks.

2 Things you need to know about owning a Car in High School

The first thing that you have to realize is that it’s honestly better for the environment that you don’t have a car and that you have to share rides with others. Traveling with several people in one car to get to one destination versus every single individual person driving consumes a lot less gas and is more economical.

The second thing you have to realize is that one day, eventually, you’ll probably get a car, and because you waited longer to buy one, you’ll most likely have a nicer car. This is due to the fact that if you wait long enough, model years 2013 and above cars will decrease in value, making them easier for you to afford and buy.


When it comes to dating, never think that you cannot go out with someone because you do not have any car to use. Remember that no bridges can put a barrier, if you’re really willing to spend time to someone very specially to you.

Hopefully someone somewhere is in the same situation I was in, and learns something from this. It was really hard for me to suck it up when I was a senior, because everyone around me had a car, including people who were younger than me, and it really ground my gears. To this day, I still don’t have a car, and I have no idea when or if I’ll ever be able to get one. But it’s just life – I will get a car when the time is right, and so will anyone dealing with the same issues I am. Here’s to hoping no one reading this ever has to bum rides off of other people for the rest of their life! If you are interested about “Is Dating In High School a Good or Bad Idea?”, you can read that topic HERE.

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How to tell a girl you don’t own a Car? You need to have self-confidence. Car has nothing to do with that at all. You think that she might reject you because of that, but it isn’t true. Girls who refuse you for just that reason, they will actually do you a favor because you will see that they are not for you.

What if You Are Bad Driver?  The good thing about this is that your driving abilities can always be improve. Find a close relative or friend and ask him to help you about that. Sooner or later you will have to learn to drive.

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