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Can I Use Synthetic Oil in a Predator Generator

Can I Use Synthetic Oil in a Predator Generator

If you are wondering if you can put synthetic oil in your predator generator, you have come to the right place. We will discuss what type of oil you should use and when you should use it.

Synthetic oil can be used in the Preditor Generator. In fact, Predator recommends synthetic 10W- 30. This is the same type of motor oil used in vehicles. Other types of oil may also be used with caution.

Predator generators are great generators for a fraction of the cost of other well-known generators. Still, it is a pricy investment and you don’t want to ruin your generator by using the wrong oil. What type of oil is best for your Predator?

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What Type of Oil is Best for Your Predator Generator?

The best type of oil for the Predator generator is synthetic 10W-30, as recommended by Harbor Freight. You can use non-synthetic 10W-30 oil as well. You may want or need to adjust the oil weight as you wrack up hours on your generator.

10W-30 synthetic oil is what is recommended in the Harbor Freight Owner’s Manual. It is best to use the manufacturer’s recommended type of oil to prevent damage to your generator.

That being said, it is safe to use other weights of motor oil in certain circumstances. Most importantly you should never run your generator when it is low on oil! This will diminish its performance and life considerably. So, if you find your Predator running low on oil and all you have is 5W-30 you can use this.

There are some things to understand about engine oil and when to use certain types and weights. The numbers and letters in the oil have special meanings. Knowing what they mean can help you when deciding what oil will offer the best performance and when.

What Do the Letters and Numbers Mean On Engine Oil?

The numbers show how thick or thin the oil is at certain temperatures. This is called Viscosity. The lower the number the thinner the oil is going to be. The W represents winter and with the number(s) shows what the viscosity of the oil is in cold temperatures and hot temperatures.

SAE means Society of Automotive Engineers and shows they recommended the temperature rating.

Therefore the 10W 30 shows that the oil has a viscosity of 10 in cold temperatures and 30 in hot temperatures. Knowing the temperature range of the motor oil is important for overall performance.

The higher the number on the oil the better it will perform during hot outdoor temperatures, but this will become thick and slow during winter months, stressing the engine.

Should I Change Oil Types Seasonally In A Predator Generator?

It is acceptable to change oil types during seasonal changes. This is especially true if you live in an extreme zone. If the temperature falls below negative 13 degrees in the winter, or if temperatures commonly exceed 110 degrees in the summer, you will want to adjust the oil type in your Predator generator.

The 10W30 SAE is great for temperatures ranging from thirteen degrees below zero to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in an area that becomes considerably colder than this in the winter or much hotter in the summer you will want to adjust they type of oil you use seasonally.

For very cold temperatures use a motor oil that is rated SAE 5W-30. This oil is not going to turn into sludge as the temperature outside plummets. This will help your generator not have to work so hard. It is also rated to perform in temperature extremes from negative 30 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are running your generator in extreme heat you may want to use 10W 40 motor oil. It is designed to work with high temperatures upto 212 degrees F. It remains thicker at high temperatures ensuring that the motor is sufficiently lubricated.

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Use Synthetic Oil in Your Predator Generator

It is recommended that you use 10w-30 SAE oil in your Preditor generator. It is fine to use other motor oils with a higher or lower visocity rating for extreme temperatures, provided the chosen oil will not be too thick or thin for external operating temperature conditions.

Too keep your generator working at its best, always check the oil before starting the engine. If you run your generator for prolonged periods of time it is recommended that you turn it off periodically and check the oil as well. You should never let your generator run out of oil.