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Can I Use Synthetic Oil in My Predator Generator?

Can I Use Synthetic Oil in My Predator Generator?

When the power goes out, either due to a storm or plain bad luck, you can count on your Predator Generator. Relying on inverter technology, this baby is virtually soundless and can power your devices for up to 18 hours. However, for maximum efficiency, you don’t want to pour just any type of oil into it. With that said, you may be wondering whether you could—or should—use synthetic oil with it.

Predator recommends using synthetic oil in your Predator Generator, specifically a synthetic blend of 10W-30. You may even use other types of oil, although there are some considerations to bear in mind before doing so.

Continue reading to learn more about using synthetic oil in your Predator Generator. This guide will explain how much oil you should use, when to add more oil, and other related information.

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Predator Generator?

There are two basic types of synthetic oil: synthetic motor oil and synthetic blend motor oil. On the surface, they’re basically the same. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll find some key differences:

  • Synthetic motor oil can withstand extremely high temperatures and comes with fewer impurities.
  • Synthetic blend motor oil uses a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional oil. It works better in low-temperature settings.

You should avoid mixing pure synthetic motor oil with synthetic blend motor oil. This will create an impure substance. While this won’t break your Predator Generator, it could impede its performance.

Using a Specific Type of Synthetic Oil Is Recommended

It is recommended that you use a synthetic motor oil blend with your Predator Generator. But even then, within this category come some differences. Below is a chart that covers which type of synthetic blend oil you should use based on your area’s temperature:

Oil TypeTemperature (Fahrenheit)
5W-30-20 to 25 degrees
10W-30-10 to 105 degrees
3055 to 105 degrees

The difference between these oil types is viscosity. Some of these substances are thicker than others and, therefore, react to temperature differently. Because synthetic motor oil blend 10w-30 can accommodate a wide range of temperatures, you’re better off using this type.

How to Use Synthetic Oil in Your Predator Generator

Replacing the oil in your generator is easier than replacing the oil in your car. Before doing anything, make sure that your generator is unplugged and hasn’t been used for at least 30 minutes. The generator can get very hot during use, and you don’t want to burn yourself.

Here’s how you can change the oil in your Predator Generator:

  1. Make sure the fuel valve is closed.
  2. Place a drain pan under your device’s crankcase’s drain plug.
  3. Remove the drain plug.
  4. Lift the generator (if needed) to drain out any excess oil.
  5. Pour in 20 fluid ounces of oil.
  6. Clean the dipstick and fuel lid.
  7. Slide the dipstick back in.

How often you need to change your oil depends on how often you use the device. Some users online recommend doing an oil change after an hour of running it for the first time. However, when you need an oil change, the generator will shut itself off (for your safety), and the low oil light will turn on.

What Happens if You Don’t Replace Your Predator Generator’s Oil?

If you don’t replace your generator’s oil regularly, you could run into the following issues:

  • The machine will shut off unexpectedly. As noted, if your generator is low on oil or needs an oil change, it will stop running. It will continue doing this until you address the oil-related issue.
  • The machine’s engine may “knock.” This could be a result of poor oil or gasoline quality. Be sure to consult your user manual regarding what grade of gasoline you should use. In general, you should use fresh octane 87+ gas.
  • The generator’s interior components could wear down. By putting oil in your generator, you keep its interior parts from grinding together. The oil acts as a lubricant. Even if your generator doesn’t shut off, using low-grade or no oil at all could cause permanent damage.

You should periodically change your generator’s oil even if you haven’t used it in a while. Over time, the chemical composition of the oil could change, causing potential complications. Additionally, you don’t want the oil to “sludge,” as this could gum up your machine.

The Takeaway

You can use synthetic oil in your Predator Generator. However, be sure to use a synthetic 10W-30 blend for the best results. By checking your machine’s oil levels before each use, you can extend the lifetime of your appliance and get the best possible results.