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Can I Wear AirPods in the Shower?

Can I Wear AirPods in the Shower?

Waterproof earbuds take singing in the shower to another level––and you may be thinking, “Well what better option than Apple’s AirPods?” However, before you step in the shower, there is something you should know.

You cannot wear AirPods in the shower. These devices are water-resistant. This means that if they briefly get wet while you’re walking in the rain, they should be fine. However, if they get absolutely soaked or submerged in water, they’ll likely stop working.

Continue reading to learn more about using your Apple AirPods and what options you have for listening to music in the shower.

Why You Can’t Wear Apple AirPods in the Shower

AirPods have a rating of IPX4. What does this mean, though? This basically refers to their ability to withstand water. They generally can hold up against light rain showers and sweat.

Apple AirPods Are Water Resistant––Not Waterproof

There are three grades of water insulation––and contrary to popular belief, they do not mean the same thing. They include:

  • Water-resistant. These products can withstand a sprinkle of water, but that’s about it. If they get wet, users should dry them off immediately. As noted, AirPods fit into this category.
  • Water repellent. Usually, this means that the device offers a hydrophobic coating, offering medium-grade protection against water and other liquids.
  • Waterproof. Waterproof is exactly what you think it is; no water can get in or out. A true pair of waterproof earbuds will work regardless of how long the user swims for.

Many companies market their products as being waterproof when they’re actually water-resistant. To make sure, don’t forget to check the product’s ingress protection code. As long as an earbud is IPX8 or IPX9, you should be clear to use them in the shower.

Why Aren’t AirPods Waterproof?

In the future, Apple may release a waterproof AirPod model. However, at the time of publication, Apple did not disclose its plans for such as product.

The main reason why AirPods aren’t waterproof is because of their insulation. The plastic coating around the speakers isn’t insulated enough to protect the earbuds’ connectors, wires, and batteries from water. When these components get wet, it’s very difficult to undo any damage.

If you’re not sure whether a pair of earbuds are waterproof, you could err on the side of caution and not use them in the shower.  

What to Do If AirPods Get Wet in the Shower

You might have had a great time singing along to Queen in the shower with your AirPods. That is, until they stopped working. Here, you might wonder if there is anything you can do to reverse the damage. You should try:

  • Drying off the AirPods immediately. This will likely be your first step. You should use a microfiber cloth to remove any moisture. Make sure to get those hard-to-reach places, like around the speakers.
  • Putting the AirPods in a bowl of rice. This is a trick as old as time. Rice is a great absorber of liquid, meaning it’ll draw the water from the AirPods themselves.
  • Placing the AirPods in the charging pod. Once your AirPods are dry, put them back in the charging case. Not only will this charge the battery, but it could get your earbuds back online. Make sure they are completely dry before proceeding with this step.

If none of these measures work, you should visit an Apple Store. Here, a professional can assess the damage and explain your options.

Alternative Waterproof Earbud Options for the Shower

While Apple has a great reputation, it does not have any waterproof earbuds available. Yet, not all hope is lost. If the show must go on, consider these options:

  • TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds. These are truly waterproof headphones. They’re IPX8, which basically means they can withstand being submerged in water up to about three-and-a-half feet. Like AirPods, they also come with a charging case.
  • Tribit 100H Playtime Bluetooth. These are also waterproof and come with an IPX8 rating. They can withstand water at any angle and submersion up to a certain point.
  • Donerton Wireless Earbuds. Not only do these waterproof headphones withstand submersion, but they can last for more than 40 hours on a single charge.
  • ACREO AirBuds. These are mid-tier waterproof phones featuring an ingress protection code of IPX7. While this isn’t ideal for swimming, if you use them every once in a while in the shower, they should work with no problems.

JBL, Sony, and Anker also have their own lines of waterproof earbuds.

In Summary

You cannot wear AirPods in the shower. They are water-resistant, not waterproof––meaning that within seconds of getting wet, they’ll stop working.