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Can Ryobi Batteries be used with other Brands?

Can Ryobi Batteries be used with other Brands?

Ryobi batteries have long be revered in the home improvement world. They’re durable, long lasting, and hold their charge better than almost any other brand. This leaves many wondering if it is safe to use their Ryobi batteries in other brands of power tools.

Unfortunately, you will find it nearly impossible to use your Ryobi batteries with other products as there is little cross-brand compatibility. There are a few adaption products you can use your Ryobi batteries with to increase compatibility, but generally they will only work with Ryobi tools.

Desperate to find a way to use your Ryobi batteries with another brand power tool? Keep reading to find out which products offer cross compatibility and the solutions which may be available for you.

Can You Use Ryobi Batteries with Other Power Tools?

It is basically impossible to use Ryobi batteries with other brand of power tools. This is because, try as you might, you will find that the Ryobi battery does not fit on the other brand power tool.

This is done on purpose by the companies, as they want to force you to purchase their battery to use with their tools. If Ryobi batteries worked with every brand of power tool on the market, Ryobi would make a lot of money while the other brands would lose out on profits.

If for some reason you are able to fit your Ryobi battery on a power tool of another brand, it is not advised to use the power tool this way. Using the power tool with a battery that is not meant for it may cause a fire, damage to your tool, or you may injure yourself.

There are, however, battery adapters you can purchase which will allow you to safely use a Ryobi battery with another compatible tool. These battery adapters do not work with every brand of tool.

What Brands Can You Use Ryobi Batteries and an Adapter with?

If you have gone ahead and bought the Ryobi battery adapter, you now have more of a selection of the tools you can use your Ryobi batteries with.

The problem is, you can only use the adapter with tools that are also outfitted to use that adapter. At this time, if you have the Badapter for Ryobi batteries, you can only use it between a couple specific brands.

With the Badaptor you can use your Ryobi batteries in DeWalt products. You can also use it in the opposite direction, meaning DeWalt batteries can be put in Ryobi power tools. Currently, this is the only adapter available on the market.

Can You Build a Ryobi Battery Adaptor?

It can be hard to hear that your favorite batteries can’t be used in your favorite brand of power tool. And perhaps in the future, more adaptors than just one will be available to allow this to happen.

In the meantime, another solution is building your own battery adapter for your Ryobi batteries. Although this is possible, it is absolutely not suggested unless you are an electrician or have experience with electrical devices, as you will need to open the devices to discover the differences, and move parts around to make them function.

This is tedious work, however there are YouTube videos you can watch to see how it is done.

Can You Use Other Chargers With Your Ryobi Batteries?

When it comes to charging your Ryobi batteries, you will come into contact with the same problem you experience when trying to use them with other brands of power tools, and this is that they won’t fit chargers that aren’t meant for them.

Additionally, using a different charger with your Ryobi batteries could damage the cells and cause them to not hold that long lasting charge you love.

If you have other batteries, non-Ryobi ones, and they fit on the Ryobi charger, it is likely safe to charge them there. But you need to be careful to only put batteries on the charger they are meant for. For example an 18V lithium battery should only be put on the Ryobi 18V lithium battery charger. Batteries placed on the incorrect charger could be damaged or start a fire.

Final Thoughts

It can be sad to find out that you can’t use your Ryobi batteries with your favorite power tool of a different brand. But if you purchase an adapter, it is possible to use your Ryobi batteries with at least one other brand of tools. This way you can at least enjoy your Ryobi batteries for a little more than just their intended purpose!