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Can You Charge Bose Soundlink Mini with USB?

Can You Charge Bose Soundlink Mini with USB?

The Bose Soundlink Mini is an ultra-compact speaker capable of fitting in the palm of your hand. The Soundlink Mini can provide a full, natural sound and dramatically deeper bass than other speakers in its category, making it an ideal option for people on the go. However, when taking your Soundlink Mini out and about, you may be wondering if you can charge it with a USB cord or if a special charging cord is required?

You can charge the Bose Soundlink Mini with a USB Micro cord. However, the latest version, the Bose Soundlink Mini II, comes with a USB-C Micro cord, so some adapters will likely be needed.

Depending on the type of electronics you use most frequently, there is a chance that your Bose Soundlink Mini will be compatible with your regular USB cord. However, if you do most of your charging via a lightning port or do not have any USB-C compatible plug-ins, you may need to purchase some extra accessories. The following guide will walk you through exactly how to charge your Soundlink Mini via USB.

How to Charge Bose Soundlink Mini with USB

Older versions of the Soundlink Mini are compatible with USB micro cords. To charge the Soundlink Mini, simply plug the USB end of the cord into a regular USB port and insert the smaller (micro) end of the cord into the Soundlink Mini to begin charging.

Before assuming you are good to go, it is essential to make sure that you have the correct type of USB charging cord:

  • USB Micro: this is the basic USB charging cord compatible with many types of electronics, such as Amazon products and most other non-Apple electronics. The micro end of the cable is noted for its wide base that curves up into a narrower head for one-way insertion when charging.
  • USB Lightning: the lightning USB cord is used to charge Apple iPhones and iPads. It is notable for being able to be inserted either upside-down or right-side-up, adding an element of convenience. It also purportedly charges faster than micro ports (hence the name “lightning”).

If you typically charge most of your electronics using a lightning USB cord, then you will need an adapter to make it compatible for charging your Bose Soundlink Mini.

It is also important to note that the Bose Soundlink Mini does not come with a wall charger. So while it will come with the USB charging cable, you will not be able to charge it out of the box unless you already have the necessary wall charger for receiving USB ports.

Bose Soundlink Mini II and USB-C Compatibility

Bose has discontinued the production of the original Soundlink Mini. The most recent iteration, the Soundlink Mini II, comes with a USB-C charging cable.

The original USB cable you are used to seeing with most devices and used for insertion into computers for file saving is known as a USB-A cable. This USB cable requires a specific orientation to be inserted into a USB port.

The USB-C cable is much like a lightning cord in that it does not require a specific orientation for insertion. It has a smaller, oval-shaped end that is used in most modern technology.

In addition to the convenient shape, there are other benefits to the USB-C port, including:

  • The ability to deliver up to 100 watts of power, considerably more than a traditional USB-A cord
  • Standardization of connection across many types of devices
  • A smaller, less cumbersome port

While the latest Soundlink Mini will come with a USB-C cord, there is a chance that you do not have any ports compatible with this latest design. Therefore, you will need an adapter to be able to charge your Soundlink Mini with your old USB-A cords.

USB Power Requirements for Bose Soundlink Mini

The recommendation for charging the Soundlink Mini is to not exceed 5V of DC. If the speaker receives a charge input greater than these specifications, the electrical circuitry of the device is at risk of being irreparably damaged.

While most charging cords fall well within this range, some, such as those for the Samsung Tab S 10.2 or the Samsung S7 Edge, can conduct greater amounts of electricity. Therefore, without some kind of voltage regulation in place, you will run the risk of frying your Soundlink Mini.


The Bose Soundlink Mini provides big sound in a speaker capable of fitting in the palm of your hand. As it is likely you will be using this device to take your sound on the go, you may be wondering if it is compatible with your USB charging system.

As long as you have a lightning-to-micro adapter, the speaker will charge fine. However, be aware that the latest Soundlink Mini II comes with an upgraded USB-C cord, so you may need an additional adapter if you have yet to update to this latest design.