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Can You Download Discord on Switch or Switch Lite?

<strong>Can You Download Discord on Switch or Switch Lite?</strong>

Discord is arguably the gaming community’s favorite communication app and rightly so. Designed to make communication between gamers quicker and easier, the app lets its users communicate via video, text, and voice. A beautiful user interface and the option of joining as many servers as you want to make the application one of the best social platforms out there. 

Keeping all of the above in mind, it’s no surprise that gamers who use Nintendo Switch are more than eager to get their hands on the community-building application. This leads us to the million-dollar question – can you download discord on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite? 

Unfortunately, the answer to that right now is no. You can not, as of yet, download discord on Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. There is, however, a way around this problem, that we will discuss later in this article. To serve as an alternative, Nintendo has instead made its very own Nintendo Switch online application available. 

Why Can’t Switch Users Download Discord? 

Despite the statement by the CEO of Discord that he would love to bring Discord to Switch, there has been no actual advancement regarding the matter. The reason behind this lack of progress can be attributed to the fact that Nintendo is generally very protective of its software and web browsing tools. To make discord available, it would have to share its development tools, which Nintendo is less than keen on doing. 

Giving discord access to Switch could also lead to security issues, considering how common cyber security threats have become in today’s age. So, as far as we know, there is no chance of discord being available on Switch or Switch Lite any time soon, if ever. 

What Can You Do to Solve this Problem? 

Gli sviluppatori di Discord vorrebbero portare l'app anche su Nintendo  Switch » Parliamo Di Videogiochi

Luckily for us, like every other problem out there, there is a solution to this one too. In order to solve this issue, here’s what you can do: 

Run Discord through a separate device while you’re using your Switch or Switch Lite. While every Switch or Switch Lite user would have preferred having Discord available on their devices, running it through another device is the only available option for streaming the VoIP social platform on Switch at the moment. 

Here’s How You Can Stream Discord on Your Switch 

In order to get started you will need the following things: 

  • A video capture card
  • Your laptop or computer 
  • A video playing software like OBS Studios or VLC media player 

Once you have the above-mentioned items ready, follow the following steps and you’ll be able to stream discord in no time! 

  1. Connect your Switch or Switch Lite to the capture device

Firstly, insert your switch to your dock and connect the USB-C ports so that a connection is established. Once that’s done, connect the HDMI cable from your capture to the dock. 

Now open the video card software you had downloaded on your device earlier and turn on your Switch or Switch Lite. Connect the capture card’s USB cable to your laptop or computer. 

  1. Modify Your Switch Settings 

Go to the ‘system settings’ of your Switch and then to the ‘TV resolutions’. Choose the Full RGB Range and 1080p over there. 

  1. Stream Through Discord 

Now open Discord and join one of your servers. Join the voice channel by double-clicking on the speaker icon. Next, click the screen option and then the tab labeled applications. 

Once you find the video playing software you had earlier installed, choose it and click ‘Go Live’ and you will be able to use Discord on your Switch. Once you’re life you will also see a thumbnail of what you are sharing. To stop sharing, simply click the small ‘x’ available on the thumbnail. 

While the process of streaming Discord on Switch isn’t exactly complicated, we understand that going the extra mile might not be everyone’s choice. So, for those of you who would prefer to stick to what Switch itself is offering, you have another alternative available, which is the Nintendo Switch Online Application.

What is the Nintendo Switch Online Application? 

To cater to the rising demand for providing adept online communication between players in a game, Nintendo launched its very own online application in 2018. The app lets its users have access to online multiplayer and provides them with the voice chat option as well. 

Two modes of subscription are available on the application. The first one is an individual subscription, covering a single user, and the second one, namely a family subscription, covers up to eight users. 

How to Use the Switch Online Application 

  1. To start using the voice chat feature on the app, you will first need to buy a membership plan. You can choose either the individual or family plan, according to what suits your needs. 

Given below are the prices of different Nintendo plans: 

  • Individual Membership
1 month plan 3 months plan 12 months plan
  • Expansion Pack Individual Membership 
12 months plan
  • Family Membership
12 months plan 
  • Expansion Pack Family Membership 
12 months plan
  1. Once you have an active membership, download and install the Nintendo Switch Online App and sign in with your account 
  1. On your switch console, use the same account and start the compatible software 
  1. Start the multiplayer game mode supporting voice chat using your Switch or Switch Lite 
  1. You will then receive a prompt asking if you want the chat to start, click start and enjoy chatting with your friends while you’re playing! 

Although Nintendo has, in a way, tried to facilitate its users by introducing the online application, it is safe to say that the app is nowhere near a match for Discord. Not only is Discord easier to use but the features available on it are also vast in comparison to the Switch’s own app. 

Also, a limited number of games are compatible with the app, and the best term to describe the connections would be ‘shaky’. That being said, we can only hope that Nintendo decides to make Discord available on Switch and Switch Lite soon.