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Can You Parallel a Honda and Predator Generator?

Can You Parallel a Honda and Predator Generator?

If you have a Honda generator and a Predator generator, there may come a time when you want to use both simultaneously. This would double your generated wattage, providing you the ability to run larger appliances or more appliances.

In certain circumstances, you will be able to parallel a Honda generator with a Predator generator. These generators must have the same wattage, and produce the same voltage at startup. You may need extra add-ons to seamlessly power the two generators.

You want to parallel a Honda generator with a Predator generator and you know it can be accomplished, but what do you need to know before attempting this feat? Do you need to worry about damage to your generators? Let’s investigate together.

How Do You Parallel a Honda and Predator Generator?  

When paralleling different brands of generators, such as a Predator and a Honda, make sure that the generators are parallel capable. Parallel capable generators used in tandem with a parallel kit and the correct cable size will pair together easily.

Read over the user manuals for both generators and compare the specs.

  • The generators must have compatible engines.
  • They must have compatible alternators.
  • The generators must have load-sharing capabilities.
  • They must seamlessly interface with one another.

If both generators are comparable, you should be able to parallel them with little effort.

Here is a checklist of questions you should ask before attempting to pair your generators:

  • Are these generators the same wattage? For example, are you using the Honda 2000i EU and the Predator 2000?
  • Do the Honda and Predator generators have inverters built-in?
  • Do you have an inverter parallel kit with the correct cable size?

If your answers to the above questions are yes, your generators should parallel pair easily because they will sync up.

How Do You Connect a Parallel Kit to Your Generators?

It is important to note that any parallel kit will work on any parallel compatible generator. When connecting the parallel kit to the generators, be sure that both generators are turned off. Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines to connect the parallel kit to both generators.

If your parallel kit is a wire attachment type, such as the one mentioned above, you will want to make sure to ground the ground wires. If it is a plug-in type, ensure that your generators are turned off before connecting them.

If your generators are running and you attempt to plug in the parallel kit, the plug yet to be attached is an exposed live wire. This could also cause damage to your generators as they surge into one another.

Turn the generators on one at a time. From here, you will be able to plug in your appliances or tools to the parallel kit. Your generators should be working together seamlessly and sharing the load equally.

How Can You Synchronise Paralleled Generators?

If one generator is working harder than the other, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. If you are using generators with the same wattage, but one is pulling the load, they are not in sync.

Continuing to use the unsynced generators in parallel will result in one or both generators breaking down. So, it is crucial to fix the problem before it becomes an issue. You can synchronize the generators using a SmartGen generator controller.

On the plus side of purchasing a SmartGen, it can parallel any generators and sync them together, even if they are different wattages.

How to Troubleshoot Power Issues When Paralleling Generators

First, be sure that you are not overloading both of your generators. If you are using two 2,000 watt generators, they are not going to run your 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit. This is because the a/c unit will draw upwards of 4,000 watts at startup and overload your generators.

Running more appliances on top of your generators working at full capacity will also overload them and could cause damage to your generators and shorten the life expectancy of the generators and your appliances.

Always make sure the appliances are unplugged before starting your paralleled generators. Then plug in each appliance one at a time and power them on, allowing the generators to adjust to the initial power surge and idle draw of each appliance.

Paralleling Honda and Predator Generators

It is possible to parallel the Honda and Predator generators. However, you may need to purchase expensive equipment to have your generators sync with each other. Before you decide to parallel your Honda and Predator generators, make sure they will be able to adequately run all of your appliances or tools.