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Can You Pay for Food with a Magic Band?

Can You Pay for Food with a Magic Band?

With a Magic Band, you don’t have to bring your purse or wallet to Disney’s parks. It links to your credit card and hotel room’s account. Just hold the Magic Band up to a kiosk’s sensor, and you can make purchases, reserve Fast Passes, and even locate lost children.

You can also pay for food with your Magic Band. Simply go up to the counter, order your food (or pick up your order), and press the bracelet to the sensor.

Through the My Disney Experience app, you can track purchases, so you can manage your trip’s funds. And that’s just the beginning.Your Magic Band is an incredible device that enhances your Disney trip. Continue reading to learn more about using the bracelet and the My Disney Experience app.

How to Pay for Food Using the Magic Band

Suppose you’re at Magic Kingdom and want a soda. Simply go up to a vendor, get the soda, and hold up your Magic Band to the sensor. The sensor’s located near the card reader. It looks like Mickey’s head with a ring around it. When the ring turns green, you’ve completed the transaction. If it turns red, try again.

Order Food Through the My Disney Experience App

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you know that the lines are long, even in the off-seasons. To avoid long waits, you should order food through the My Disney Experience app, which can connect to your Magic Band. You can download it through the Google Play Store or App Store.

To place your mobile order:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Locate and tap on the “+.”
  3. Select “Order Food.”
  4. Choose your restaurant.
  5. Select your arrival time. 
  6. Make your selection.

During your arrival time, select “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.” In minutes, you’ll get a notification that your food’s ready for pickup. You can pay for your food through the app or touch your Magic Band to the restaurant’s sensor.

How Can I Check My Magic Band Food Transactions?

Magic Bands are extremely convenient. However, it nearly divorces cash transactions from your purchases. It’s easy to purchase snacks, toys, and t-shirts with your Magic Band and completely forget it’s attached to your hotel’s account.

However, you can view your transactions by:

  1. Opening the My Disney Experience app.
  2. Tapping “My Plans.”
  3. Selecting “My Plans, Reservations, and Tickets.”

Now, you’ll see how much you’ve spent during your stay. 

What Else Can My Magic Band Do?

Your Magic Band doesn’t only buy food; you can also use it to buy souvenirs. Each kiosk allows for Magic Band purchases. But you can do more than buy things. You can also:

  • Manage Fast Passes. Through the My Disney Experience app, you typically get three passes per park each day. Instead of fumbling with tickets and cards, your Fast Passes save to your Magic Band. Simply walk up to the ride during your arrival time, tap your bracelet against the sensor, and you can walk right on.
  • Locate lost children. Your Magic Band doubles as a tracking device. So, if you’re separated from your children and they’re wearing a Magic Band, a Cast Member can determine their location and return them to you.
  • Open your hotel room’s door. If you’re staying at an on-property resort, your Magic Band opens the door. There are more than 25 on-property resorts, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.
  • Use it as your ticket. You don’t have to worry about keeping tickets in your purse or wallet anymore. When you arrive at the park, you’ll first pass through security. Afterward, you’ll hold your bracelet up to the sensor and let the magic begin.
  • Get “Extra Magic Hours.” Sometimes, Disney’s parks offer different hours for resort guests. For instance, EPCOT’s regular hours might be from 9 am to 7 pm. However, resort guests might get to attend the park earlier or stay longer. Your Magic Band tells Cast Members that you’re allowed to be in the park after or before the park “closes.” 

Disney’s also rolling out a new program called “Genie.” This will streamline Fast Passes and create a brand-new system. It also offers “perks.” For instance, you can press your Magic Band at certain points and unlock augmented reality features.

How Do I Get a Magic Band to Pay for Food and More?

Getting a Magic Band depends on your accommodations. For instance, if you’re staying at an on-property resort, you can have the bands delivered to your home or pick them up from the front desk. They’re included with your hotel room at a discounted rate.

You can still get a Magic Band if you’re not staying at a Disney Resort. However, you might have to pay extra, and you’re not guaranteed Extra Magic Hours.

A Final Word

You can pay with food using your Magic Band. But that’s just the beginning. You can also manage your Fast Passes, pick up mobile orders, and open your hotel room door.

To learn more about what your Magic Band does, check out Disney’s website