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Can You Repot Click and Grow Plants

Can You Repot Click and Grow Plants

Click and Grow Smart Gardens allow you to easily grow almost any type of plant from a seed, indoors and with very little maintenance. Once your plants are fully grown, and their pod is nearing the end of its life cycle, you may want to use your Smart Garden to grow new seeds. In this case, you may be wondering if it’s possible to repot your plants and grow them elsewhere.

It is possible to repot your Click and Grow plants to keep them growing for a longer time. You may want to do this if your plants grew taller than you expected them to or if you need the space for new Plant Pods. All you need is a new pot, some potting soil, and a little water.

Below, we will discuss everything you need to know about repotting your Click and Grow plants. Keep reading to learn about the best techniques!

Can You Repot Click and Grow Plants?

Oftentimes, the plants in your Click and Grow Smart Garden will grow much taller or wider than you may have expected them to. Each Plant Pod is designed to have a lifespan between two to six months, depending on the species you choose.

You can repot Click and Grow plants. At the end of this life cycle, you might decide that you want to move your plants into a new pot so you can continue harvesting the fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers they produce for months or years to come. Or, you may decide to repot your grown-up plants so you can free up space for new Plant Pods in your Smart Garden.

Luckily, repotting your Click and Grow plants is not only possible but recommended if you’ll be keeping the plants after their life cycle ends. However, you must decide whether or not you’ll continue with a particular plant before this time comes. If you’re not sure of your plant’s lifespan, you can download the Click & Grow mobile app to check this and find more information about the plants in your garden.

How to Repot Click and Grow Plants

Perhaps your Smart Garden is your first experience working with plants, and you’re not too familiar with indoor gardening in general. If this is the case, you may be wondering: “what is the proper technique for repotting my Click and Grow plants?”

Repotting your Click and Grow plants is as easy as removing them from the smart plant system, moving them to a new pot, and adding soil. Of course, you’ll need to water and care for your repotted plant.

Below, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to repot your plants. But, before you begin, be sure you have the following items on hand:

  • A watering can or cup
  • A new pot, approximately 6” in diameter
  • Potting soil enriched with nutrients, with a pH of 6-7

Once you have everything you need, move to an outdoor area to avoid making a mess in your home during the repotting process. If you live in an apartment or somewhere else where you do not have access to an outdoor area, repotting your plants in a sink with a garbage disposal or a large drain is your next best option.

When ready, follow the steps below to repot your Click and Grow plants the right way.

  1. Carefully remove the Plant Pod from your smart garden. Each pod has a U-shaped lid on top of it, which you can remove by gently twisting it clockwise. Then, remove any plastic that remains around the pod.
  2. Remove the plant and the surrounding soil from the pod. Loosen the roots a bit to stimulate root growth in the new pot.
  3. Fill your pot with enough potting soil to plant your crop at the same depth as it was in your Smart Garden. Place the plant in the soil, then fill the rest of the pot up with more potting soil, making sure not to cover too much of the stem.
  4. Pat down the soil to help it make better contact with the plant and its roots.
  5. After you finish potting your plant, cut off approximately ⅓ of the leaves. If your plant has any fruits or flowers, cut these off as well. Doing this will reduce evaporation from the leaves until your plant is comfortably rooted in its new pot. It will also help your plant root quicker, as it won’t need to waste any energy growing flowers or fruits.
  6. Water your plant enough to keep it moist, but don’t drench it. This helps your plant settle in its new home.

If you’ll be keeping your plant for a long period of time, be sure to periodically repot it into something at least 1” larger in diameter. For most plants, repotting once per year should suffice.

The Bottom Line

Repotting your Click and Grow plants is a great way to keep them in your home, producing fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers for significantly longer than they could in the smart garden. Before you begin repotting, make sure you have the right sized pot and a high-quality, nutrient-enriched potting soil on hand.