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Can You Reset A Dewalt Battery

Can You Reset A Dewalt Battery

Dewalt is a great brand when looking for a reliable and durable power tool. Their batteries are quick to charge, and you will find that they last longer than most. They even have a chip within them that will turn off the battery if it overheats. But sometimes, this can act up.

Because of a microchip, there is a way to reset your Dewalt battery. It is quite simple, and all you need is your Dewalt battery and the charger it came with. With these two items, you will be good to go. However, there are some other steps you may need to take.

Continue reading on to learn more about resetting your battery and what could be causing your battery to need this reset.

Can You Reset A Dewalt Battery?

Yes, you can reset your Dewalt battery. You may need to do this for many reasons, but the main reason is that the microchip is storing inaccurate information. The microchip may remember that the drill overheats regularly and that stored information is used to shut off the power tool.

Your microchip needs to be wiped clean so that it doesn’t keep this faulty memory. Sometimes the microchip may be turning your power tool off just because it is glitching. A simple reset might just do the trick.

How To Reset A Dewalt Battery

You can reset your Dewalt battery in four simple steps. You will need to gather your battery and a battery charger. You won’t need anything else, and unlike other technological devices, you simply can’t press a reset button. Here is what you need to do:

  • Press the button to dislodge the battery from the power tool.
  • Plug in the battery charger.
  • Slide the battery into the battery charger.
  • Let the battery charge for at least 8 hours.

The light on the battery charger may turn green before the 8 hours are up. If you see this, leave the battery on the charger. This will not cancel the process of resetting your battery, and you will have to start the timer for 8 hours all over again.

Is Leaving The Battery On The Charger Bad?

There is a common misconception that leaving a battery on a charger can cause the battery to go bad. With Dewalt batteries, you don’t have to worry about this issue. The batteries won’t go bad when you do this.

Dewalt has created their battery chargers not to overcharge the battery or ruin it in any way. They have created a maintenance mode that protects the battery from any type of damage, and so you can be assured that your battery is perfectly fine being left on the charger for long periods.

What To Do If The Reset Did Not Work

If the reset does not work, you may want to try once more. There could be a chance that the battery was not left on the charger long enough. Just taking it off before 8 hours could result in the battery not being reset.

You may want to use another charger as well. If your charger is old or doesn’t seem to be charging, it could be bad. You can even try another battery with the charger to see if it can charge it. If it doesn’t, your charger may be bad, and you will have to get a new one.

Batteries can go bad too. Now and then, you may have gotten a faulty battery, or something happened to it that caused it to meet its end sooner. In extreme temperatures, leaving a battery, even a Dewalt battery, will cause it to go bad and be unable to hold a charge.

Signs The Battery Is Bad

Although you may not want it to be so, sometimes your battery might just be bad. If it is old or you have left it out in really cold or hot weather, there is a greater chance that the battery is dead or damaged, and a reset won’t help with that.

Here are some signs your battery is damaged or dead:

  • It doesn’t keep a charge for long periods.
  • The battery doesn’t charge at all on the charger.
  • It is smoking.
  • The battery gets hot when using it.
  • The battery is hot without using it.

It is normal for your battery to get a little hot now and then, but if your battery seems to be getting hot quickly and frequently, it could cause concern. It is very concerning if your battery is hot without even using it. It could become a fire hazard.

If you ever see your battery smoking for any reason, remove the battery from your power tool. You will want to dispose of the battery right away. This is an increased risk of it catching fire, and you don’t want that while you are using heavy power tools.

Final Thoughts

Dewalt batteries take no energy to reset. You can set them on the charger and come back the next day to finish a job with a nice, fully charged drill. Then, you can use your power tools on whatever project you need to finish.