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Can You Use Your Own Seeds with Click and Grow?

Can You Use Your Own Seeds with Click and Grow?

Click and Grow Smart Gardens are revolutionary tools that help you grow nearly any type of crop indoors, with little work required on your part, regardless of what type of environment you live in. They offer a wide range of pre-seeded Plant Pods, but some key varieties are missing from their current selection. For this reason, some people wonder if they can use their own seeds with Click and Grow.

You can use your own seeds with Click and Grow. They’ve created Plant Pods as a way to grow your own seeds with Click and Grow. This is a way to give seeds sourced outside of Click and Grow products to thrive in this environment.

Below, we will discuss more information on using your own seeds in your Click and Grow Smart Garden. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Can I Use My Own Seeds with Click and Grow?

Click and Grow Smart Gardens offers a wide variety of pre-seeded Plant Pods, ranging from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. Some of the Plant Pods you can purchase include:

  • Basil
  • Petunias
  • Wild strawberries
  • Red sweet peppers
  • Red romaine lettuce

In addition to Plant Pods that contain individual plants, they also offer mixed packs containing several different plants to give you more variety in your garden.

Despite Click and Grow’s vast selection of seeds, they do not currently offer every kind of plant. For this reason, they’ve created their Grow Anything Plant Pods. One version that truly allows you to grow any kind of plant, and another that is specifically intended for growing various fruiting plants.

The Grow Anything Pods contain three pods consisting only of Smart Soil, no seeds included. You can then add any type of seed you want to the pod, click it into your smart garden, and watch your plants grow over time.

What is Click and Grow?

Click and Grow is a revolutionary smart gardening system that takes care of your plants for you. Each garden includes a water tank that can hold enough water for up to a month and an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to add more water. All you have to do is click in your Plant Pods, add water to the tank, plug the system in, and watch as your plants grow over time!

The amount of Plant Pods a single Click and Grow Smart Garden can hold depends on which version you choose. Currently, they offer:

  • The Smart Garden 3 – Holds three Plant Pods
  • The Smart Garden 9 – Holds nine Plant Pods
  • The Smart Garden 9 Pro – Holds nine Plant Pods
  • The Click & Grow 25 – Holds 25 Plant Pods
  • The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden – Holds 51 Plant Pods
  • The Smart Garden 27 – Holds 27 Plant Pods in three Smart Gardens

The idea behind Click and Grow is to bring more sustainability into people’s lives. With much of today’s world population living in urban areas, it can be difficult for people to house indoor plants.

There’s often the concern of insufficient light and watering, and growing harvestable plants indoors is all but impossible. Click and Grow Smart Gardens offer a great way to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, 365 days per year, no matter where you live.

Can You Use Your Own Soil with Click and Grow?

While it is possible to use your own soil with Click and Grow Smart Gardens, Click and Grow does not exactly recommend it. Click and Grow’s Smart Soil is specifically designed to work with their Smart Gardens, as it creates the most life-affirming environment for your crops.

One of the main reasons why alternative potting soils are not recommended in Click and Grow gardens is because of fertilization. Smart Soil automatically releases different minerals depending on the temperature and the current moisture level of your soil, keeping nutrients at the right levels and eliminating any need for fertilization.

Alternative soils often require you to add fertilizer to your water, and it’s not easy to add the right amount of fertilizer to your water tank when you’re watering your plants over time.

Overall, Smart Soil gives your plants an optimal germinating environment that boosts their growth. This soil is optimized for Click and Grow systems, giving plants better access to the oxygen, water, and nutrients they need to thrive. It’s also a more natural form of soil, containing no pesticides, hormones, or other harmful substances that affect your crops.

The Bottom Line

While Click and Grow offers a range of pre-seeded Plant Pods for you to use in your Smart Garden, you may want to grow various fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers that are not yet available. In that case, you can opt for Click and Grow’s Grow Anything pods, which contain Smart Soil that’s ready for you to add your own seeds too.