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DIY Nature Crafts for Kids

Do you love the outdoors like we do?  Then you’ll enjoy these DIY Nature Crafts for Kids. It’s almost that time again.  Back to school with the kiddos.  My family chooses to homeschool, at least for now.  So we are starting school after Labor Day.  One of the perks to homeschooling, choosing when to start …

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Easy Scented DIY Glitter Slime

Are you looking for an easy scented DIY Glitter Slime recipe? Who remembers playing with slime as a child? I do! I do! It’s gooey, it’s colorful, and it’s kind of addicting! The best part about this Scented DIY Glitter Slime tutorial is that it’s scented.   Think orange, lavender, peppermint, lemon, spearmint, grapefruit and more. …

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DIY Hair Detangler Spray

Have you ever wondered what ingredients you are spraying on your child’s hair? Be safe and toxin free with this natural DIY Hair Detangler Spray.   There are few things worse than tangled hair–it can often lead to a tender scalp and lots of unnecessary hair stuck in your brush. Detangling Spray is a great …

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