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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 History Reading List

classical conversations cycle 1 history reading list
My kids have been in classical conversations since 2010.  I always struggle with expanding on the history sentences so I decided to get a history reading list together of books I already have and books I need to get.  I pin items to a pinterest board (see that here) but I inadvertently get distracted scrolling thru all the pins so I decided I need a list.  This will be my quick reference guide for the years to come as my preschooler goes thru cycle 1 as well.  I hope this can be of some use to others as well.

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 History Reading List

Week 1 & 2:  Ten Commandments

Week 3: Greek/Roman gods

Week 4: 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Week 5: Split of the Roman Empire

Week 6: Fall of Rome

Week 7: Hinduism

Week 8: Age of Imperialism

Week 9: Confucius

Week 10: Heian Empire

Week 11: Constantine

Week 12: Muslim Empire

Week 13: Kush

Week 14: Songhai

Week 15: Henry the Navigator

Week 16: Mesoamerica

Week 17: Aztecs

Week 18: Mound Builders

Week 19: Anasazi

Week 20: Mexican Revolution

Week 21: Exploration of Canada

Week 22: British North American Act

Week 23: Liberation of South America

Week 24: Napoleon


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Stacy Farrar

Tuesday 8th of May 2018

excited to use your reading/reference list for Cycle 1 this coming year! Thank you!!

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

You're welcome.

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