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Choosing The Perfect English Bulldog Puppy: The Complete Guide

Choosing The Perfect English Bulldog Puppy: The Complete Guide

The English bulldog puppy has become a favorite to many dog lovers. In fact, they have made their way up to the 5th most popular breed in America, according to American Kennel Club (AKC). You can see why, especially if you know how cute they can be.

Mostly known for their purpose in bull-baiting and other blood sports during England’s medieval times, English bulldogs are no longer what they used to be. They’ve undergone tremendous changes that reveal in their gentle and endearing character today.

So you want to get your own charming English bulldog puppy? Great, we’ll show you how. But firstly, exactly how much do you know about your to-be furry friend?

In this article, you’ll learn about the good and the not so pretty aspects of an English bulldog, how to get the right one for you and how to care for them from the word go. Let’s get to it then!

Understanding The Nature Of The English Bulldog

Like other breeds, English bulldogs have their universal features and personality that sets them apart. Knowing all this information is vital to caring for the English bulldog the right way.


Featuring a fairly medium size, the English bulldogs weigh up to 40 pounds in females and 50 pounds in males. They can grow to a height of 14 to 15 inches.

When you spot an English bulldog, you can’t mistake it for any other breed. It features a distinctive loose face skin, furrowed brows, small relaxed ears, and an underhung jaw with some hanging skin on both sides.

Their body shows a sturdy build with all that muscle mass, wide shoulders, a low-hanging body, and robust limbs. Their face is quite short and mostly expresses calm — their precise demeanor.


You’ve probably heard the pleasing stories about the Engish bulldog’s personality. In spite of their authoritative look, they are extremely affectionate and gentle. They are also human-oriented, so they can easily love all members of the family plus other people you seem close to.

Although they are generally gentle, English bulldogs tend to be extremely aggressive when they are being protective, and they make excellent watchdogs. Also, they can be friendly to other family pets but not so much when they meet unfamiliar dogs.

Lifestyle Compatibility

Whether you live in the countryside or the city, English bulldogs will fit right in. They don’t mind space sizes so living in a small apartment is fine for them.

Also, bulldogs thrive well in cool climates. They don’t cool down efficiently due to their small nose, so extremely hot temperatures lead to overheating. Furthermore, they can’t thrive in freezing temperatures either.

English bulldogs notoriously wheeze and snore, so generally, they are loud breathers. They also drool quite often than most other breeds. They don’t shed much hair, so they don’t require intensive grooming. All this shows that English bulldogs are quite easy to maintain.

Exercise Capabilities

Now, if you are a fitness maniac, don’t expect your English bulldog puppy to share your enthusiasm. You can brand them lazy, but generally speaking, they are quite laid back in nature. This is because of their weight and their short nose, which makes it challenging to breathe during long workouts.

However, you shouldn’t give up on mildly exercising your English bulldog puppy, or else they’ll become obese and generally unhealthy. You can indulge them in various games like flyball, playing catch, treat hunts, normal walks, and runs stopping whenever they are burnt out.


Training an English bulldog is simple, but it can also be challenging when they are stubborn. They require persistence and consistency not because they are dumb, but because they don’t do well with plain commands.

However, when positive training methods are used, they can be exceptionally cooperative.

Two things they respond best to are praises and treats. Praises could be verbal or in the form of hugs and kisses — they love it! When you train your English bulldog puppy positively, it creates a bond that prompts their attention and obedience since they are generally people pleasers.


As mentioned earlier, bulldogs are somewhat low maintenance. Their skin only needs brushing a few times a week — say thrice. However, their wrinkles need regular checking and cleaning since food, dirt, and moisture gets trapped easily. This is to prevent skin infections.

Health Needs

English bulldogs are generally a healthy dog breed. However, they are also prone to infections below more than other breeds.

  • Respiratory issues such as Brachycephalic syndrome due to their unique anatomy of the respiratory system — pushed up nose, narrow trachea, and flat face, among others.
  • Hip dysplasia due to their build and obese tendencies.
  • Obesity.
  • Allergies and skin infections.
  • Dislocation of the kneecap or the Luxating Patella.


On average, English bulldogs live for 8 to 10 years. However, some go way beyond. To ensure a long and fun life with your bulldog, take care of their diet, physical, and emotional needs appropriately. Speaking of living a good life —

How To Get The English Bulldog Puppy Of Your Dreams

If you’d like a moderately active dog who can love you to dust, a bulldog should definitely come to mind. But how can you get the right one for you? Let’s go through these steps:

1. Determine What You’d Like In Your Bulldog Puppy

If I ask you to tell me about your dream English bulldog puppy, what will be your response? You need to know what you want so that you don’t end up with a puppy who doesn’t appeal to you. If you have a family, involve them too.

Here are things to consider when looking for an English bulldog puppy:

  • Age: How old do you want your puppy to be?
  • Color: Would You like a white, brown, brindle, fallow, fawn, black, or a mixture of all these?
  • Sex: Would you like the female one who will give birth or a male one who looks grander.
  • Personality: Do you want the social type, the laid back dependable and predictable type, or the aggressive watchdog. Although all these are generally the universal traits of bulldogs, each presents a stronger version of a particular character.

2. Choose To Adopt Or Find An English Bulldog Breeder

If you don’t mind choosing a puppy from the rescue shelters, then taking a puppy who has no home might sound like a great idea. However, if you are very specific with the kind of English bulldog you want, then finding a breeder will be the best option. Let’s see what these processes entail —

Finding A Rescue English Bulldog Puppy

The American Kennel Club reveals that most owners leave the dogs at the shelter because they are changing lifestyles,  they are incompatible with the dog or that they don’t have the time to appropriately parent the dog.

Adopting an English Bulldog puppy is not always possible since the shelters might have run out of puppies at the time. However, you might get a dog that has already been neutered and undergone some expensive medical procedures that you might have had to otherwise do on your own.

Moreover, adopting a bulldog is cheaper since you might only be charged $300 that’ll cover the caring expenses during their stay at the shelter. You must be thinking, what if it doesn’t work out for you and the pet, are you allowed to return them?

It’s perfectly normal to return your rescue bulldog if they don’t match your needs. Sometimes, you might think the dog is quiet and laid back since they were behaving that way when at the shelter. So you might take them since you love such behavior.

However, when you go home, the dog might start behaving in a completely opposite manner, and no matter what you do, they fail to change. In such a case, don’t be ashamed to take them back to the shelter.

But, there are ways you can avoid pet mismatches. You can:

  • Foster instead. Especially if you are a beginner at parenting English bulldogs, you might want to go with fostering first. This way, you can create a temporary home for your furry friend and get to know if you want them to stay in the long term. You should note that not all shelters offer fostering options.
  • Get to know the bulldog deeper. Don’t just visit the dog indoors and expect that you’ll know them. Go for a walk and spend some alone time with them to see if you are a match. Do it for quite some time before choosing to adopt.

If you are extremely lucky, you might get the English bulldog puppy with all the traits that you’ve been yearning for. You can check out the Bulldog Rescue Club of America and find a way to adopt your canine companion. Or you can:

Finding A Reputable English Bulldog Breeder

This process is a delicate one since there are so many puppy factories and scams out there from inhumane people looking to make money off desperate pet seekers. That’s why you shouldn’t be hasty if you want to buy your English bulldog puppy from a trustworthy breeder.

You can ask for recommendations from veterinary centers, pet groomers, or friends you can trust. You can also check out AKC referrals and choose a breeder near you.

Even when you get a breeder you feel you can trust, don’t just let them bring the puppy if you can conveniently reach where they keep them, no. Go to the breeder’s kennels and see everything for yourself.

When you arrive where the bulldog puppies are kept:

  • Ask the breeder to let you scrutinize the kennels. A good breeder should be comfortable with that since they know that the puppies are kept in a clean environment.
  • Check to see which puppy you like. Follow your main likes since all the cuties might leave you extremely undecided.
  • Take the puppy that you like and try petting them while looking for the qualities you like.
  • Request to see the parents and, if impossible, the mother of the pup you want.
  • Check the medical records and certificates of the parent(s) and the puppy too.

Buying an English bulldog puppy is pretty expensive, and you don’t want to throw all that money away by getting a sickly, moody, or a dog with certain undesirable qualities due to careless breeding. Don’t be afraid to ask numerous questions. You have a right to.

3. Get Your English Bulldog Puppy!

See, it’s not as hard as it seems. You might get the perfect puppy on the first day you visit a shelter. Sometimes, it may take weeks. But it’s all worth the wait.

However, before inviting your furry friend to their new living space, you have to puppy-proof your home.

How To Puppy-proof Your Home

As a new dog owner, you’ll be amazed by what your puppy can do. They can be incredibly hilarious but sometimes perilous in that they might destroy valuable things or hurt themselves. Either is the reason you need to puppy-proof your home. And here’s how.

1. Put Medicine Away From Their Reach

You might be one of the many people who put their pills and other medicine all over the place. English bulldog puppies like munching on anything interesting they find. Therefore, if they find your medicine of theirs lying around, they might be tempted to chew it.

To avoid exposing your puppy to such hazardous situations, put medicine in an enclosed place that’s too high for them to reach. This could be your bathroom cabinets or high drawers in the kitchen. Also, keep them closed at all times.

2. Dog Proof The Trash Can

The trash attracts dogs easily since food smells could be coming out of them. However, when they eat the contents, they most probably will get sick, given the sensitivity of the English bulldog digestive system.

Whether you put food, scalpels, or any other things in your trash can, ensure that it is the touchless type and also tall enough to be hard to reach.

3. Move Toxic Plants

You may be a fan of house plants, but your bulldog may not be. Check whether your house plants are bulldog-friendly — you can ask your vet if you don’t trust online sources. If toxic, remove them or keep them far from reach.

4. Get Your Cords In Order

Your house is probably full of all kinds of cords like earphones and electrical cords. These long stringy things entice the chewing habit of all dogs. That means the bulldog can destroy them, or even worse, they might choke or get an electrical shock.

To avoid these nightmares, cover your wires with cord concealers or a spiral cable wrap.

5. Keep Away Cleaning Chemicals

This goes without saying. Keep away your cleaning chemicals during and after cleaning. Create a safe for them and ensure you remember from now onwards. Bulldogs don’t do well with detergents.

6. Put Away Small Objects

This could be coins, bottle caps, paper clips — anything that can enter a dog’s mouth and down the throat. These are chock hazards that might harm your English bulldog puppy. You can take one box to put them all in so you don’t struggle to find some things when you need them.

7. Secure Other Pet Loos

Ingestion of other pet’s waste is dangerous to all dogs. They might catch diseases that the other pet has or experience extreme cases of poisoning.

If you have other pets, find a way to keep each loo away from your bulldog puppy. The best way is to formulate an entrance that’s exclusive to the particular pet.

8. Shield The Bulldog From Toxic Yard Plants

Again, you might have to give up any toxic plants in your yard. Ask your vet for other options apart from elimination — they might provide you with a way to keep the plants without harming your precious furry friend.

9. Ensure Pool Safety

The English bulldog isn’t known for its swimming abilities, so a pool in your yard can be dangerous if certain precautions are taken. In fact, if they fall into the swimming pool, they’ll sink and die in a matter of seconds. To be truly safe, fence around the pool and ensure that the entrance is closed at all times.

10. Trimm Your Lawn And Fence

If you have a bushy lawn or fence, ensure that you trim it before getting your puppy. This way, you’ll be saving your bulldog from the ticks and lice, which like bushy places.

What Do I Need For My English Bulldog Puppy?

So now you know how to keep your bulldog puppy safe in their new home, but something is missing — you don’t have the supplies you need for your puppy.

Since you need the transition of your puppy to be as easy as possible, it’s best to get the supplies beforehand. This way, you can start training them the moment you reach home. So what do you need?

1. Harness, Leash And Identification Tag

Harnesses are the most recommended for bulldogs since they match their build and enable comfortable breathing. They also give you more control of your dog and make training easy. You can get the best-selling Eagloo Dog Harness, which works for bulldogs of all sizes.

If you are leaving your puppy alone for a while, consider removing the harness or get a breakaway collar so that they can be free when something traps them. Also, during your training and casual walks, you might need this Friends Forever leash.

Your English bulldog puppy needs an identification tag too, and you can get this highly rated Go Tags dog identification tag.

2. Special Food And Drink Bowls

Bulldogs need raised food and drink bowls, so they don’t strain to bend too much. They also reduce their tendency to vomit, among other issues. Even better, you might want to train your puppy to eat slowly. If so, get the Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish.

We did an entire post here about the best dry foods for English bulldog puppies, which I highly recommend checking out.

3. Food Mat

You don’t want to miss this one if you like your house sparkly clean. A food mat will hold food and drinks that spill without soiling your floor or carpet. You can get this waterproof food mat, which makes it easy to clean spills.

4. Treats

These are rewards when you are training your dog or when you simply wish to spoil them. They mostly should exude an enticing smell and be extremely tasty to dogs. You don’t have to start training the puppy when they get home, but it’s nice to have the treats at hand since you need to start training them soon.

5. Crate

A dog crate is a safe place you can teach him to stay in before familiarizing themselves with their new home. It can also be the training space where you teach them to obey particular commands. This way, you can also normalize the crate, which might come in handy during travels or a simple visit to the office.

When choosing the perfect crate for your bulldog puppy, consider the size, durability, and type of crate so you can keep them safe and also use it for a long time. Here’s a flexible crate you can use indoors, outdoors, at home, and during travel.

6. Petcam

This may seem unnecessary, but if you have a new bulldog puppy at home, you might want to know how they are faring. This way, you can learn about your puppy’s habits and find the best way to bond with them.

You can get this Furbo Dog Camera, which helps you even communicate with your dog when at work. It also lets you toss treats and enable fun times even when miles away.

7. Toys

Toys should be waiting for your puppy when they arrive home. They provide a way to familiarize themselves with the place and also connect with you — their new parent.  The first toys you can buy for your bulldog puppy include:

  • Soft toys. These are soothing to their teeth and also produce sounds that most dogs like. An example is the No Stuffing Dog Toy by Ruri’s. It’s soft but almost indestructible.
  • Chew toys. Bulldogs are tough chewers and need durable toys they can play around with. They should be tough since when they start breaking or shedding apart, they need to be thrown away to avoid choking. The Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX is one of the famous tough toys.
  • Catch toy. Playing catch is one of the best ways to bond with your English bulldog. These toys won’t be lying around for them to play with every day. You’ll only take them out on special occasions. That way, when they see it, they know that it’s an extraordinary moment for both of you. The Kong Flyer is one of the best in the market.

8. Bed

This is a must-have before your puppy comes. However, don’t buy one bed if you can buy a few. You may want your bulldog puppy to sleep where they feel comfortable. This way, you can also understand how they feel from time to time. You can buy multiple beds that you keep in various areas in your house.

But here are things you must consider when choosing an English bulldog’s bed:

  • Durability. English bulldogs are known for their love for chewing. Buy a bed that can handle the chewing for a few years.
  • Size. Although you don’t want to buy an adult-size bed yet, don’t buy one that they’ll outgrow quickly either. It should be medium-sized and comfortable for their current age and size.
  • Ease of maintenance. You’ll need to clean their sleeping area regularly. Since the Bulldogs are known for their drooling, choose a bed that can easily clean.

Since the English bulldogs’ size and shape is bulky and heavy, they are prone to orthopedic issues. So, you want a bed that’s of premium quality so that they can sleep comfortably. This Petlo Orthopaedic Pet Sofa Bed is a perfect product of comfort, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

9. Grooming Essentials

Although bulldogs don’t require regular general skin grooming, they need careful cleaning of their wrinkles. Also, grooming is a great time for you and your English bulldog puppy to bond.

Here are grooming supplies you need for your English bulldog puppy:

  • A tooth care kit
  • Brushes
  • Vaseline
  • Sterile eyewash
  • Wipes
  • Nail clippers

10. Pet Stain Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner

Before potty training sticks, your bulldog puppy might make messes on the carpet or other surfaces. However, don’t fret. Even if you don’t appreciate cleaning pet accidents with your hands, a hands-free carpet cleaner can do. This Bissell SpotBot Pet hands-free Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner has helped many pet owners skip the cleaning dread. You can use it too.

Other Things You Might Wonder About The English Bulldog

So there are many questions that people keep asking about bulldogs. Here are some of the common ones:

Why Are Bulldogs So Expensive?

Most purebred bulldogs cost around $1000 to $2000. Since most bulldog puppies are delivered through cesarean section, the high cost of the surgery leads to the high price. The surgery costs the breeders around $3000 while they have to undergo other costs like caring for pregnant mothers.

Are English Bulldogs Lazy?

Due to their heavy build and gentle nature, English bulldogs are laid back. If not subjected to regular exercise, they get lazy and obese very quickly. However, their slow nature makes them generally seem lazy.

Are Bulldogs Expensive To Own?

Due to their vulnerability to sicknesses related to respiration, orthopedics, and allergies, the bulldogs can be fairly expensive to maintain. That’s why it’s important to ensure a daily healthy life, so they don’t end up costing too much in fixing diseases.

Wrapping Up The English Bulldog Puppy Buy

Let’s be real, owning English bulldogs have some limitations that other breeds don’t have. However, the happiness they bring to people’s lives makes them lovable nonetheless.

So, if you are thinking of getting an English bulldog puppy, go for it! Just follow the essential guidelines outlined in this article, and you’ll be fine. Chances are, you’ll bond with your bulldog puppy and enjoy a whole decade of companionship. And even more!

Learn More

If you want to learn more about English Bulldogs or other types of Bulldogs, then consider checking out this Bulldog Handbook on Amazon.